July 18, 2012

How our culture was dismantled

Dana Mathewson

Looking around for some "red meat" to get the day started, I found this article on a large national magazine's site, linked from a prominent discussion site. Yes, we borrow from our colleagues. This is about how America's culture has been, as the author puts it, dismantled in a few decades. I'm old enough to have watched it happen.

The author is David Gelernter, a professor of Computer Science at Yale, who just happens to have been a target of the Unibomber -- but that's unimportant here. He is interviewed here by one of the staff at the magazine. He claims that our Cultural Revolution began just after WW II and was largely complete by the 1980's.


[Kathryn Jean] LOPEZ: Is it a bit dramatic to call what’s happened here an actual "cultural revolution”? Was there blood? Mandates?

GELERNTER: American culture had its throat slit and bled to death at our feet. Isn’t that revolutionary enough? The blood is only metaphorical, but to the 40 percent of [all] infants [who are] born to single mothers this year, the consequences will be real.

In a piddling few decades, the world’s most powerful, influential cultural establishment happened to get demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. What had been basically a Christian, patriotic, family-loving, politically moderate part of society became contemptuous of biblical religion, of patriotism, of the family, of American greatness. The American cultural elite used to resemble (more or less) the rest of America. Today it disdains the rest of America. That’s a revolution.  END QUOTE

The article, a long one -- but it's a large subject, after all -- is found here: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/309759/dismantling-culture-interview?pg=1

He points out that defeating Obama, while necessary, will not change the current culture, since Obama's election was a result of the culture. He does offer his hope for improvement. ". . . America herself will win only when we get rid of our dangerously infected schools and universities and get new ones. In the long run, I am all for Harvard and Yale and Princeton coming back strong — but only after losing the best students year after year to Internet colleges — a string of losses that will change their whole worldview. Internet colleges won’t teach right-wing history to make up for today’s ubiquitous left-wing history. They’ll just teach history.

If you read only one post today, let it be this one! It will clarify many things.

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