May 23, 2024

RNC on Lockdown

Timothy Birdnow

The RNC headquarters was recently locked down when vials of blood were found on the premesis.

RNC Headquarters near Capitol Hill is currently being evacuated. Reports of a suspicious package with hazmat teams and a large police presence on Capitol Hill.

— Global Press (@GlobalPressCorp) May 22, 2024

Would anyone be surprised at a biological attack, what with the hysteria ginned up by the Democrats and the media?

Just wait and see what happens if Trump is acquitted of all the charges he's facing and is elected President!

I suspect the FBI won't put as much effort into solving this as they did in catching the J6 Capitol tourists.

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Scott Snell

On the subject of climate change, we are told that Antarctica is rapidly melting, with the likely result that sea levels will soon rise by many feet, inundating coastal cities.

Antarctica is the planet's coldest, driest, highest, most inhospitable continent. It's difficult to stress just exactly how freakishly cold Antarctica really is. It's average annual temperature is about-45F. In winter the temperature frequently plunges below -100F. A "hot" summer day is -20F.

Antarctica's most obvious feature is that it is permanently, entirely covered with ice, but for a few square miles along the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula that lose snow cover during the brief summer. The average thickness of this ice is about 10,000 feet, or nearly two miles.

The ice is not static, but rather flows downhill, slowly, until it reaches the sea. There it forms ice shelves. These grow and retreat with the seasons, but basically never, ever go away entirely.

Here is a short video from the National Snow and Ice Data Center showing maximum ice extent from 1979 to 2022. Maximum extent typically occurs in September at the end of the Austral winter. The red line represents the statistically average value. If there is a downward trend I'm sure not seeing it.

Fact check that, you nitwits!

September Antarctic Sea Ice Extent 1979 to 2022

Tim adds:

Yep. Way too cold for the ice to be melting. The ice shelf collapse is much like a fingernail that has grown too long and breaks off. Ice shelf collapse is of no consequence (especially since the ice shelves in question float on water and thus make no real difference to sea levels.)

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Now We Know Why

Jim Church

CNN reports: the information coming out of Rafah surprises even the Israeli intelligence: "there is a tunnel under every other house in Rafah"

It’s clear now why they did all they could not to let the Israelis go into Rafah!

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Ethics Complaint Against Hush Trump Judge

Timothy Birdnow

Elise Stefanik has filed an ethics violation complaint against the "hanging judge" Juan Merchan for his conflicts of interest and his biased handling of the Trump "hush money" trial.

I just filed an official judicial complaint with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct against Acting Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan for his clear violation of the Rules of Judicial Conduct for the New York State Unified Court System due to his family…

— Elise Stefanik (@EliseStefanik) May 21, 2024

"The naked corruption on display in Judge Merchan’s courtroom isn’t only a threat to President Trump, but a threat to our justice system and democracy. It is election interference for financial gain and cannot be tolerated. Judge Merchan should have recused himself, but since he’s refused, he must be held accountable for his judicial misconduct,” she wrote.

The text of the complaint noted that Merchan’s daughter is president of Authentic Campaigns, which represents Democratic politicians and has sought to use the trial over which her father presides as a vehicle for raising money for Democrats.

"His family’s wealth is directly tied to attacking President Trump,” Stefanik alleged.

Stefanik cited court system rules that say "a judge is disqualified from a case when the judge knows that a person known by the judge to be within the sixth degree of relationship to him ‘has an interest that could be substantially affected by the proceeding.’”

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Oregon Counties Seek to Secede

Timothy Birdnow

Developing: 13 Conservative Counties in Progressive Oregon Approve Measure for Secession

I believe the Oregon state legislature would have to approve the break - and then the U.S. Congress. Not holding my breath. Illinois has been trying to partition for years. So has Colorado.

What these counties seek is not a new state but to join the more conservative, less insane Idaho.

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Double Standard

Diane M. Kimura

Trump allegedly not disclosing payments to a woman is apparently election interference.


Wiretapping a Presidential candidate is acceptable.

Raiding his home and authorizing deadly force is acceptable.

Arresting his allies for ridiculous crimes is acceptable.

Spending millions to investigate him for "collusion” is acceptable.

Arresting his personal attorney and then threatening his family with prison if he doesn’t flip is acceptable.

Changing state laws in New York so he can be sued is acceptable.

Working with the media to perpetuate a false narrative is acceptable.

Working with tech companies to silence his supporters is acceptable.

Putting him under a gag order during a campaign is acceptable.

Allowing a judge who donated to his opponent to preside over his case is acceptable.

The FBI using props to release pictures to make him look bad is acceptable.

Tim adds:

This will continue until the GOP replies in kind. Republican prosecutors are going to have to start moving against Biden and the rest of these creeps in like fashion. Nobody ever dared do what they are doing out of fear - mutual assured destruction. The Democrats launched the big one and now Republicans are cowaring in the shadows hoping not be get hit. I actually heard a Republican Congressman say "we don't want to retaliate because we don't want to escalate this" as if the Democrats haven't already crossed the Rubicon.

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May 22, 2024

What's So Bad AboutPopulism?

Richard Cronin

In a recent debate at Oxford, with Nancy Pelosi’s participation, the debate proposition was: "Is Populism a threat to Democracy ?” Former Speaker Pelosi stood on the side favoring the Proposition. That is, she holds that Populism is a threat to Democracy.

Winston Marshall stood in the Opposition describing in detail the failures of the Global Elites who have accrued great wealth through financial manipulation and favoritism (specifically, the bank bailout in 2007, under Dubya) as they also asserted abusive political powers. He cited how Donald Trump, a dedicated Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Nationalist, and Right-side Populist stood opposite from Bernie Sanders, a Left-side Populist and life-long Socialist who never held a private sector job in his life.

The Democrats will say "Ohh, no, no, no…… Bernie Sanders is on the fringe. He’s not even a Democrat. He’s an Independent who caucuses with us. He doesn’t really represent the centrist thinking of REAL Democrats. We have always worked across the aisle. We compromise and cooperate.”

So there you have it. Two Populists. One of them a consistent Socialist and crackpot vs. a Capitalist and Nationalist. Standing on the sidelines are hand wringing Democrats and old school Republicans who have been turned out by the Deplorables.

Tim adds:

What is the definition of populism? I'll bet they never defined it. Instead they simply tossed the phrase out there with dark undertones to make it sound sinister.

The Encyclopedia Brittanica describes it as:

"Populism, political program or movement that champions, or claims to champion, the common person, by contrast with a real or perceived elite"

So how is that dangerous? It is "populism" because it is, uh, popular. That is the essence of democracy, something the Democrats tout (it's even their name) and yet now they reject it as a danger to "democracy". How so? It is the very essence of democracy.

As is pointed out here, there are all flavors of populists, from socialist populists to right wing populists. The only thing they all have in common is they support and pander to the majority and not the elites in power.

Sounds to me like exactly what the Democratic Party always claimed they wanted.

Strange how Populism was good when it was Harry Truman or Jimmy Carter and now it's bad when it's Donald Trump.

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Israel Raids AP Offices

Clarice Feldman

Open Source Intel



Israeli police have raided the offices of
news and confiscated all broadcasting equipment, citing violations of a new law prohibiting Al Jazeera broadcasts from Israel. Despite a prior warning, AP ignored the directive.

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Almost Half of Americans Won't Deport

Timothy Birdnow

This is scary. almost half of Americans polled by Rasmussen want amnesty for the invading aliens or were undecided about deportation based on how they will vote.

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants or Mass Deportations?

This should not have even be close. Americans are living in a world of illusion.


The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that, if given a choice between two candidates, one of whom favored granting amnesty to illegal aliens and one of whom favored deporting all illegal aliens, 52% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the candidate who favored deportation. Thirty-six percent (36%) would vote for the candidate who favored amnesty, while 12% are undecided.

The survey of 1,072 U.S. Likely Voters was conducted on May 12-14, 2024 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research.

Hat tip: Tom Sassi

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Deadly Force Authorized at mar-a-Lago

Timothy Birdnow

They were ready to KILL Trump at Mar-a-Lago, and any Secret Service who got in the way.

FBI Authorized Deadly Force in Mar-a-Lago Raid - Todd Starnes

You don't do that unless you have something huge you want to hide.

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Kool Aid Drinkers and Hell Raisers

James Doogue

The global media were pretty anti-Israel three years ago when I wrote this. Now we are seeing it on steroids.

I was talking to a young Muslim woman yesterday whose family has been lucky enough to escape Afghanistan. She is a Shia Muslim. But she has little idea of the politics of the Middle East. Of course she said that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. She thinks they are just indiscriminately bombing Gaza with no regard for civilian lives. She had no idea that Israel building regulations require every residence built in recent years to have a blast proof room. I asked if she knew why? She said she didn't. Then I told her that HAMAS in the south and Hezbollah in the north are continuously firing rockets and missiles at Israel without regard for civilians. I said since 7 October HAMAS have fired about 12,000 rockets into Israel and Hezbollah hundreds of missiles. She didn't believe me. When I told her Iran provided much of the funding for these terrorist organisations again, she couldn't take me seriously. This is a woman who has spent most of her childhood and much of her education in Australia, including university. She had no idea that key HAMAS leaders are billionaires living in Qatar. She didn't understand how UNWRA operates and the definition of Palestinian refugees. She had no idea that 21% of Israeli citizens are Arab, and they live in Israel voluntarily. She also tried to tell me that Islam is a religion of peace so I told her how Muhammad made a habit of cosying up to tribes until he had built his power base and then he slaughtered those who refused to convert save for the young girls and boys and women who were taken as slaves.

I asked her why she wears a hijab in a country where it's not required. She said it was her personal choice. I asked what would happen if she went home and told her father she was no longer going to wear it. She said he would be very angry. So I said I don't think she wears it out of personal choice, especially in Australia's hot summers.

Of course every problem in the Middle Eastern Countries which thrived under colonial rule, is the fault of America.

So sad to know so many are so Ill informed!

James Doogue

Israel Go To Great Lengths To Avoid Civilian Casualties While Hamas Kill Civilians On Both Sides

We've all seen the image of the collapsing office tower in Gaza which held media offices of Associated Press and Al Jazeera. It's been used extensively in a propoganda campaign against Israel and shamlessly carried by the mainstream media in The West.

That very same media deliberately omit the fact they knew Hamas military operated out of the building. They knew the Israeli Defence Forces use technology to message phones in the area, and call phones in the building to advise of the IDF's impending precision attack. This gives everyone in the building and surrounding it, plenty of time to get out. They then send a loud but harmless blast over the building as a final warning. Then the IDF carry out their precision attack doing what they can to avoid civilian casualties.

It's because of these warnings that there were people ready from all angles with cameras rolling when the IDF's incredibly precise attack felled the building.

Hamas, seized power in Gaza in 2006 and have not held elections for President or their legislature since. Gaza is ruled by a military dictatorship. Hamas deliberately put their civilians in harms way by placing their military in civilian locations and launching their rockets in residential areas.

Hamas have fired over 2800 rockets indiscriminately aimed at Israeli civilians in recent days. They do nothing to try to avoid civilian casualties. Indeed some 430 Hamas rockets fell on Gaza territory causing at least 20 civilian casualties, including some children. You won't hear the mainstream media report Hamas are killing their own people with their rockets. Hamas just roll the tally of dead into the number they claim are killed by Israel.

Israelis must live within easy access of bomb shelters or have personal bomb shelters in their homes. All new apartments and home must have a bomb-proofed room with air filters in case of chemical attack. While Israelis build bunkers to shelter from Hamas rockets, Hamas dig tunnels into Israel to attack civilians.

The gullible or wilfully ignorant mainstream media, never ask the Palestinians to apologise for the war crime of deliberately targeting civilians. They criticise Israel despite their right to defend themselves from attack, and the great pains Israel goes to in minimising civilian casualties.

This video has more details. It's worth a watch.

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Ireland Joins Spain and Noway in recognizing Palestine

Phil Taylor

Ireland joins Spain and Noway in Recognizing Palestine.

The Independent, Story by Grainne Ni Aodha.

Ireland has announced that it recognises the state of Palestine in a joint move with Norway and Spain. The decision is to formally take effect on May 28. Israel recalled its ambassador in Ireland, with its foreign affairs minister Israel Katz calling it a "distorted step”.

Israel’s embassy in Ireland said that it views Ireland’s move to recognise Palestine as "undermining its sovereignty and security” and as "damaging to our bilateral relations”.

Irelands old loyalties never die from Sinn Fein, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, once the political wing of the IRA, past allies of the PLO.

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Forests Cause Forest Fires - Who Knew?

Timothy Birdnow

Winner of the Captain Obvious award!

CO2 worsens wildfires by helping plants grow | UCR News | UC Riverside

I guess the oceans are contributing to worldwide flooding too? Or the Sun to worldwide skin cancer?

How many taxpayer dollars went into this groundbreaking research?

I thought the whole point was that we wanted more forest growth and not more scrubland.

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Fake Climate News

Jim Church

The Antarctic sea ice melting story is another fictional story being pushed by the press, academia and government. The latest alarmist histrionics claims that the current state of Antarctic sea ice is a "once in 7.5 billion year event". Since the earth is only 4.8 billion years old one has to wonder what this person is an 'expert' in - science fiction?????

Powerful Climate Mathematics

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Dr. Screw

Timothy Birdnow

Dr. Who has been going woke for a decade now and it has been going broke. here is the latest:

Queer 'Doctor Who' Actor Tells Viewers To 'Turn off the TV' If They Don't Like Him; Ratings Then Drop 50%

Dr. Who is one of the longest running shows in television history; it started in 1963 with just one five year hiatus in the mid-90's. When it was rebooted it was excellent; they really upped their game for the show and the writing was superb.

But it was a BBC show and it made a hard left turn. It was always kind of liberal but they began pushing anti-male stuff during the Peter Garibaldi days, and they turned the Master, one of the best villains, into a woman (totally unnecessary as they already had a great female Time Lord villain, the Rani.) The writing was on the wall.

They turned the Doctor into a woman.

Now on the show they explain different actors as The Doctor by saying Time Lords - his people - "regenerate" and become new people when they are facing death. That way they could replace the star and the show went on. But they had never did a sex change until they killed off Garibaldi and cast Jodi Wittaker.

Wittaker never was very popular because the Doctor wasn't supposed to be a woman. People refused to warm to her. That and the show became a celebration of DEI and wokeness turned off audiences. So a change was needed.

That change came with a black African immigrant who also is openly homosexual. And his sidekick? A drag queen.

The producers tried to save the show by bringing back David Tenant and Catherine Tate. Tenant was perhaps the most popular Doctor ever. Tate was very popular as his loyal sidekick Donna Noble. But the Christmas special - always the biggest show of the year, with Tate and Tenant bombed as it was full of man-hating and white-hating tripe.

So now Dr. Who may wind up getting cancelled because they refuse to stop insulting their audience.

Leftists ruin EVERYTHING!

Hat tip. Maurizio Morabitu.

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Something A-Foot

Diane M. Kimura

Over the past two weeks:

May 7th: Assassination attempt against Saudi Crown Prince.

May 13th: Turkish President Erdoğan holds emergency meeting following warning of possible military coup.

May 15th: Assassination attempt on Slovak PM Robert Fico.

May 16th: Citizen arrested for threatening to assassinate Serbian President Vučić.

May 19th: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman hospitalised for second time in four weeks.

May 19th: Helicopter crash involving Iranian President Raisi and Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian.

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Lew Ricker

The effect means that vast amounts of news and important reference content are disappearing. Some 23 per cent of news pages include at least one broken link, and 21 per cent of government websites, it said – and 54 per cent of Wikipedia pages include a link in their references that no longer exists.

The internet is disappearing, study says

Tim adds:

It is; no question.Links I used to use when arguing - especially about climate change - are just gone and cannotbe found. Poof! Disappeared. My own articles have disappeared from the web. There is someone, some groups systematically scrubbing data from online. Just like in 1984 history is being systamatically rewritten to "reframe" the whole world.

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Mad Cow Disease

"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one...We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object, and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first."

Charles Mackay- 1841

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Full of it Science

Timothy Birdnow

Does it seem like science is full of it these days? That's because it is:

A third of scientific papers may be fraudulent | Semafor

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May 21, 2024

Just Like the Great War

Jerry S Rainforth

One view of history.

"As the lockdowns of 2020 and following consumed the globe, we all reached for historical analogies about what was happening to us. The Great War is what came to my mind. It was planned wreckage, conceived out of an optimistic desire to see how science and power can combine to force the world into a new shape. It ended in disaster for everyone.
Have you noticed how no one today is really ready or willing to defend what happened in that war? There were hearings that followed, and the war profiteers developed a bad reputation. But there never was any justice. The wreckage was never really fixed. It was the end of one world and the beginning of the new, and we’ve struggled ever since to regain what we lost.
It will be the same with our times. We are all still in shock and awe at what has happened to our societies, laws, and liberties. There is already growing regret and sadness all around, even admissions that elites went way too far. There seems to be a quiet repudiation taking place."

Jeffery Tucker

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