March 30, 2008

Floodwaters Recede at the Ozark Hilton

By Timothy Birdnow

I hadn`t been to the Ozark Hilton lately; the roads leading to my famous luxury mansion in the hills have been closed due to flooding.  Essentially, there are two routes I can take, and both were under water last week.  Go here and here for stories and pictures of the devastation.

I decided I needed to take a look at the mess myself, so hopped in the car and drove down to the infamous cabin.  Amazingly, Piedmont was clear and I would never have noticed that anything had happened had I not been looking.  They have done an amazing job of cleaning up after the high water.

But I fear more may be coming; it started pouring rain as soon as I arrived at my property, and didn`t let up until nightfall when it took a short breather.  It rained late in the night and was still raining steadily when I left for home at 8 a.m. this morning.  My land, which sits up on a ridge and never floods, was a swamp, and I accomplished nothing on my trip-I had been planning on finishing my deck yesterday, but ended up reading the whole time instead. 

There was even some snow in Centerville, down in the valley.  I was quite surprised.

One good thing; the cabin roof (which I put on, so it shouldn`t work very well) held up wonderfully, and the cabin was dry and warm.  I had a fire going, and felt wonderful the whole night as the rain poured from the sky.  The Ozark Hilton may be a tarpaper shack made from discarded debris, but it has been a terrific structure.

At any rate, I`m home safe and sound, if a bit tired.  I really enjoy those trips; the decompress me wonderfully.  No phone, no electric, no computer, no television, nothing but the sounds of nature and myselfl-paradise!

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