July 02, 2020

Entitled Black Woman Gets Comeuppance

Timothy Birdnow

There is some justice in this world.

Harvard Grad Blames Trump Supporters After 'Stab" Video Costs Her Deloitte Job

Clearly an affirmative action acceptance at Harvard. How many Harvard grads say "I'mma stab you"? Well, she got more than a papercut in the end...

From the article:

In a new video Wednesday, teary-eyed Claira Janover claims she lost a jobwith the Deloitte accounting firm after saying in a previous video –that went viral –that she would "stab” anyone who told her "all lives matter.”

"Standing upfor Black Lives Matter put me in a place online to be seen by millions of people,” Janover says in the new video. As a result, "the job that I’d worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me has called me and fired me because of everything.”

Well, don't make threats against people if you don't want to lose things. This is a prime example of "black privilege".

She said:

"Trump supporters took my job away from me,” she claims. "I have gotten death threats, rape threats, violent threats. It was OK, but now my future’s entirely compromised because Trump supporters have decided to come for my life.”

The graduate with a degree in government and psychology claims Deloitte let her go despite a company claim of standing "against systemic bias, racism and unequal treatment.”


In her original viral video, Janover had issued a warning to anyone with "the nerve, the sheer entitled Caucasity to say, ‘all lives matter.’”

"I’ma stab you,” she said. "I’ma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’ma show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters, too.’”

She later claimed the clip was "clearly” an "analogous joke.”

"For legal reasons this is a joke,” she added. "And people are like reporting me for domestic terrorism, tagging the FBI, Harvard, Cambridge police.”

This is an example of black privilege. She assumed that because she is black she can say whatever she wants without consequence. That is one of the many privileges afforded to "people of color" in America these days, along with the obvious financial promotions - like getting into Harvard when she cannot even speak proper English.

Notice how she says "for legal reasons this was a joke" meaning it was only a joke insofar as she wants to stay out of legal trouble. She actually was stupid enough to admit that.

How many white lives have been taken by black people over the years? Yeah; some paper cut.

It's sad because she clearly has learned nothing from her experience. One would hope she would have taken stock and considered that she had gone too far. But a hater's gotta hate.

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1 It's too bad about all this, because this gal is going to have a very difficult time finding a job after all this -- at any level. Who is going to take a chance on her? It used to be a person can make a stupid mistake, go live somewhere else and bury something like this. With today's social media following you everywhere, fuggedabouddit. She says now that it was a joke (of course, she didn't treat it that way), but who will believe her?

I hope she has some family who will take her in and feed her. . .

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at July 03, 2020 11:08 AM (Syz8b)

2 I don't know Dana; the social justice crowd may find her a job with the Democratic Party or whatnot.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 03, 2020 12:12 PM (OelMC)

3 You mean, like VP candidate for Joe Bite-Me?

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at July 05, 2020 02:39 PM (Syz8b)

4 That one certainly comes to mind, Dana. Or Biden could appoint her to the Federal bench if he's elected.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 06, 2020 06:56 AM (uU0YU)

5 BTW Ronnie White, who is now a Federal judge appointed by Obama, once called a defendant a "m-r f-r" IN A LEGAL OPINION which is why then Senator John Ashcroft blackballed him during the Clinton era. When Obama nominated him, the media carefully expunged that.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 06, 2020 06:57 AM (uU0YU)

Posted by: buy oxycodone pills at July 28, 2020 05:22 AM (ufGQy)

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