February 23, 2020

A Darwin for Mad Mike

This from Dr. Roy Spencer:

RIP, Mad Mike Hughes. I nominate this guy for the Darwin Award

'Mad Mike' Hughes - Homemade Rocket Daredevil 64 - Killed in Mishap

From the article:

In March 2018, Hughes, who believed the Earth is flat, propelled himself about 1,875 feet into the air before a hard landing in the Mojave Desert.

"My story really is incredible,” Hughes told the AP at the time. "It’s got a bunch of story lines — the garage-built thing. I’m an older guy. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, plus the Flat Earth. The problem is it brings out all the nuts also, people questioning everything. It’s the downside of all this.

...he claimed that he can prove the Earth is flat by flying to an altitude of 2,000 feet (I guess he's never heard of airplanes), and then laments that he attracts "nuts". Go figure.


Unless anyone knows somene who tried to box a polar bear or try to use a modified Ford Escort as a submarine I'd say we have a winner! Especially since he thinks the Earth is flat! He should have contacted that guy who parachuted from the edge of space; they sound like kindred spirits, but at least that guy knew the world was round.

That said, there is some value in this kind of crazy.

Benjamin Franklin, while not a kook by any measure, did an incredibly stupid thing in flying that kite in the storm; he should have been killed by the lightning bolt. His folly there gave us proof of concept that lightning is electricity. I imagine there were people who thought Franklin mad for flying the kite in the storm. That said, he knew a lot more about what he was doing than a guy like this, but as you say, these kind of eccentrics do indeed help drive progress in their own way. Look at Tesla; he was clearly nuts but he gave us much of our modern technology.

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February 22, 2020

More on Coronavirus as Bioweapon

Timothy Birdnow

Evidence the Coronavirus is a Chinese bioweapon is mounting.

From Conservative HQ:

Kim Hyo-sun of Arirang News, the global news agency based in Seoul, South Korea, reports that as the world struggles to contain the new virus, "a new speculation from the Chinese scientists... who believe it may have originated at a research facility not far from the Wuhan fish market.”

While they say more research needs to be done to find solid proof, such labs are known to contain disease-ridden animals, including hundreds of bats, reported Ms. Kim.

Ms. Kim further reports that, "Amid the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus... there's rising speculation the virus could have originated from a government laboratory in Wuhan rather than the widely-held belief that it emerged from the city's Huanan seafood markets.”

Citing a report published by Chinese scientists, a Chinese-language newspaper published in Hong Kong, Ming Pao, and the British daily, The Mirror, Ms. Kim explained Sunday that the Wuhan Center for Disease Control, or WHCDC, could have spawned the contagion in Hubei Province.

According to the report penned by Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao of the South China University of Technology, the research lab, which is only 280 meters away from the Huanan seafood market, kept disease-ridden animals including more than 600 bats.

The report also raised the possibility that the Wuhan Institute of Virology could have leaked the virus while it was carrying out tests involving Chinese horseshoe bats. Ms. Kim’s report stated that while it's plausible the virus was leaked from the lab and contaminated initial patients in this epidemic, more solid evidence is required through future study.

Against such a background, reported Ms. Kim, an article published by The Washington Timeslate last month is garnering attention, as it raised the possibility that the disastrous outbreak could be the accidental result of biological weapons research. This comes as a renowned law professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Xu Zhangrun, is now known to be missing after publicly condemning Chinese President Xi Jinping for failing to contain the spread of the virus at an early stage.

Prof. Xu even added the condemnation could be the last message of his life.

It's far from certain this is the case, but it is interesting speculation, no?

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Pence to Promote Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Timothy Birdnow

I've always had some misgivings about Mike Pence. I remember when he caved and didn't sign a bill to protect Christian businesses from lawsuits by homosexuals and the like because there was some internet pushback. I've always feared Mr. Pence was at heart a coward, or at least weak willed.

But I didn't know he was an open borders guy.

Conservative HQ has an article about the so-called Farm Modernization Act, a piece of legislation moving through the Senate that would backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens and is supported by Lindsay Graham, Thom Tillis, and other Big Donor Republican types.

Turns out Pence is going to make a big push for this.

From the article;

This is the bill we told you about in our article "GOP Joining Democrat Illegal Alien Amnesty Through New Farm Bill.” Democrats and open borders establishment Republicans keep repackaging it and renaming and rebranding it, but it is the same bill and a backdoor amnesty no matter what you call it.

Our sources on Capitol Hill tell us that there is growing interest among some GOP Senators to pass this monstrosity. The latest information is that Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and James Lankford (R-OK) are also on board. Tillis is expected to be the lead in introducing the Senate version. What’s even more amazing and disheartening is that Vice President Pence’s PAC organization is rumored to be prepared to spend $30 million on an ad campaign to promote this despicable attack on American workers.

There is no longer wisdom in Thaeman, as Jeremiah prophecied against the Edomites. There is no wisdom in Washington, and the Republicans look very much like the ancient Edomites, paying lip service to Yahweh but worshipping whom they pleased.

Now here we have the Vice President of the United States, whose boss was elected to shut down the flow of illegal aliens and stop any amnesty, promoting the very thing the American People rebelled against in the first place. It is shockingly, monstrously fatuous.

And just plain wrong. 

Why can't we find any leaders who will give their loyalty to America first rather than the money grubbers and internationalists?

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Russian Collusion - with Sanders

Timothy Birdnow

Looks like the Russians are trying to help Comrade Bernie win the Presidency.


Sanders has known about this for at least a month. Question; why did the FBI tell him when they apparently made it their policy not to tell candidate Trump last time? And have they infiltrated a spy into the campaign?

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Claim: Climate Change "Denial" Driven by Bots

Timothy Birdnow

They are the ones who have been caught manipulating temperature data to make it appear there is global warming. They are the ones who have been caught strategizing how to circumvent peer review. They are the ones who have been caught bullying journal editors and boycotting journals that publish "denier" science. They are the ones who have called for the death penalty for "deniers" or "Nuremberg trials". And now we are expected to believe it is our side that is pulling this kind of dirty trick? Ri-ight...

[linkhttps://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/feb/21/climate-tweets-twitter-bots-analysis?fbclid=IwAR2olgqobQXYBx48DC38wD75GcIVHIlItYKp4HUXQGimTIWvElb92ssheHc]Revealed: Quarter of All Tweets about Climate Crisis Produced by Bots

From the Guardian article:

An analysis of millions of tweets from around the period when Donald Trump announced the US would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement found that bots tended to applaud the president for his actions and spread misinformation about the science.

The study of Twitter bots and climate was undertaken by Brown University and has yet to be published. Bots are a type of software that can be directed to autonomously tweet, retweet, like or direct message on Twitter, under the guise of a human-fronted account.

"These findings suggest a substantial impact of mechanized bots in amplifying denialist messages about climate change, including support for Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement,” states the draft study, seen by the Guardian.

On an average day during the period studied, 25% of all tweets about the climate crisis came from bots. This proportion was higher in certain topics – bots were responsible for 38% of tweets about "fake science” and 28% of all tweets about the petroleum giant Exxon.

Conversely, tweets that could be categorized as online activism to support action on the climate crisis featured very few bots, at about 5% prevalence. The findings "suggest that bots are not just prevalent, but disproportionately so in topics that were supportive of Trump’s announcement or skeptical of climate science and action”, the analysis states.

Notice how they worded that;

"bots were responsible for 38% of tweets about "fake science” and 28% of all tweets about the petroleum giant Exxon."

Well, what does that mean?  The Global Warming crowd is always talking about "fake science" whenever research is mentioned that contradicts the climate meme, and the Gang Green are the ones who hate Exxon Mobile.

It sounds to me like pretty much all of the tweets manufactured by bots are on the side of the Climate Change crowd. This sounds like academic sleight-of-hand.

The researcher tips his hand:

Thomas Marlow, a PhD candidate at Brown who led the study, said the research came about as he and his colleagues are "always kind of wondering why there’s persistent levels of denial about something that the science is more or less settled on”.

The science is NOT more or less settled. That has been the latest mantra from these people. I encounter it every day with alarmists saying things like "wow! Nobody doubts this anymore" when in fact there are plenty of people who doubt it - including many top scientists in the field (Roy Spencer, John Christy, William Happer, Joseph D'Aleo, Roger Pielke Sr. and Jr., etc. etc. etc.)

This shows that this researcher is approaching this with an agenda.

Here's where we learn this study is crap:

John Cook, an Australian cognitive scientist and co-author with Lewandowsky, said that bots are "dangerous and potentially influential”, with evidence showing that when people are exposed to facts and misinformation they are often left misled.

John Cook is the climate activist and head of the Center for Climate Change Communications at George Mason University who runs the alarmist talking points website Skeptical Science and who was the author of the endlessly cited "95% agreement" study. He's a partisan hack.

This was a nice try but in the end it fails.

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A Behind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Timothy Birdnow

I've heard of butt chugs, but butt tokes?

Hemp Toilet Paper Could Save the World

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Democrat Closed McCabe Case

Timothy Birdnow

Well...seems Eric Holder, Obama's former "wing man" and Attorney General, had some connections to the non-prosecution of Andrew McCabe.

From Western Journalism:

"Molly Gaston, the asst US Attorney who signed letter to McCabe’s lawyer informing McCabe she was closing criminal case against him,” Sperry reported, "is Democrat who’s given thousands to Dems including Obama & who once worked for Dem side of House Oversight & whose mother worked for [The Washington Post].”

BREAKING: Molly Gaston, the asst US Attorney who signed letter to McCabe’s lawyer informing McCabe she was closing criminal case against him, is Democrat who’s given thousands to Dems including Obama & who once worked for Dem side of House Oversight & whose mother worked for WaPo

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) February 18, 2020

McCabe, who allegedly lied to investigators, was told that no charges would be brought against him thanks to "underlying” facts in a related DOJ inspector general’s report.


Thanks to work by journalists like Sperry however, this entire situation is beginning to look like a partisan mockery of justice.

This line of investigative journalism went too far for Holder, who reacted to Sperry’s news with hatred and vitriol.


Why don’t you shut the hell up. Your bias is showing. I bet you’ve never been a prosecutor or have any idea how DOJ works. People like you-who want to use the justice system for political reasons-are both dangerous and ignorant. The case was-like you-an obvious loser. https://t.co/MdOq8u78Yy

— Eric Holder (@EricHolder) February 19, 2020


Of course, this personal insult appears to have only fired Sperry up, who quickly discovered Holder is more connected to McCabe’s case than the public realizes.

"The father of the Obama Democrat-donating prosecutor who let admitted perjurer Andrew McCabe off the hook happens to be partners with Eric Holder at the DC law firm of Covington & Burling,” Sperry wrote. "Did the former AG have something to do with McCabe getting off?”

When Trump called it a swamp he wasn't kidding. This is really more of a viper's den.

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Britain to Ban Wood Stoves

Timothy Birdnow

Environmentalism is essentially anti-human. They claim they are not, but environmentalists essentially want a world free of people - and of those who remain they want them corralled and controlled. Most environmentalists have bought into Malthus, that old churchman from the late eighteenth century who predicted an apocalypse caused by too many people. (Funny, most of these types are atheists or pagans, but they do celebrate Malthus.)

Doubt that?  May I enter exhibit A into the evidence?

From our friends at the U.K. Telegraph:

Domestic coal and certain types of wood are to be banned from sale from next year in a bid to cut air pollution, ministers will announce on Friday.

The Environment Secretary said the move was necessary as wood-burning stoves and open fires were now considered "the most harmful pollutant" affecting people in this country.

The announcement comes just weeks after a ban on the sale of new diesel, petrol and hybrid cars from 2035 was announced. It is also expected that the 10-year freeze on fuel duty will end next year under plans that could be set out as soon as next month's budget.

The government is keen to be seen at the forefront of global efforts to tackle climate change and air pollution.


The ban also includes wet wood, and could pave the way for the end of all indoor stoves.

Wood burning stoves and coal fires are the biggest single source of small particle pollutants PM2.5, which have been linked to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and cancer, emitting three times as much as road transport.

A quarter of all sales of wood for domestic use are from wet wood, which is usually available in small amounts and can be more convenient than dry wood, but creates twice as many pollutants.

The ban will mostly affect households in rural areas, as most cities are in smoke control areas where the use of coal is already restricted.


Wood stoves are a way for the poor to heat their homes inexpensively. It makes them independent of oil and gas companies, or the electric grid. If they want to ban wood stoves they want to force people to live under their thumbs on the grid.

How often have we been told that we need renewable energy? Wood is the ultimate in renewable energy; trees and shrubs grow every year, and a plentiful supply is always at hand - at least in Britain and in the eastern half of the U.S.

When I stay at the Ozark Hilton I heat with wood. I had a kerosene heater but the evil thing almost killed me; I woke up one morning with a spike in my head and was about to vomit. I went outside and immediately felt better. Went back in and WHAM!  I've never used that thing again (which is a pity; it cost me a hundred bucks.)

Wood stoves are a blessing to country folk, and even of some value to city people. So why don't the environmentalists like them?

They used to. That was when people didn't seriously consider using them as a primary heat source, back when they were first getting this global warming thing going. Now they realize the wood stove offers independence from their control, and that is unacceptable.

So now Britain is trying to ban them. Barack Obama tried to regulate them out of existence, with the EPA banning the older, cheaper models and forcing people to buy expensive high tech stoves that complied with EPA regulations. They aren't going to stop folks. Energy is one of the tools the Left has been using to control the populace. It is exactly what ancient China or Egypt did with water; control the water and you had complete control of the public. Now we are doing it with energy as well as water.

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Son of Collusion; it's Bigger, it's Better, it's in Sensaround!

Timothy Birdnow

So now we're back to the "Russian Collusion" narrative to explain why Trump wins the next election. Like a bad Dracula movie, the Russia hoax rises from the grave to menace pretty young girls and to damage the eyeballs of moviegoers as they roll them violently at the cheesy plot.

But not even the media is on board this time.

For instance, CNN is backtracking on the claim.

This story goes back to claims made by the Washington Post and the New York Times, both bitter enemies of President Trump.

WaPo claimed the President sacked Joseph MaGuire as DNI for letting his deputy give a secret briefing to Adam Schiff . The reality was MaGuire briefed the entire Intel Committee, including Republicans. The WaPo story did not say what the briefing was about.

But the NY Times did, claiming it was about more "collusion" between Russia and Donald Trump. Those rascally Russians are at it again, the Times claims, trying to get Trump re-elected. Naturally, Trump wants to keep his dirty dealings quiet.

Now, the Russians have gained absolutely nothing from their alleged support of Trump. He has been tough on them, and there have been sanctions imposed for the last "meddling". Trump has promoted hydraulic fracturing, seriously injuring the Russian oil and gas industry. He wiped out ISIS. He is rebuilding the U.S. military. None of these are things the Russians can be the least bit happy about.

A Democrat would be far better from their viewpoint, especially a good socialist like Bernie Sanders, the man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union and who wants to lead America down the path of European-style democratic socialism. That would be wonderful from their perspective; we would go into economic and military decline. The Russians aren't stupid; they know it destroyed THEM.

Enter Jake Tapper. Tapper's sources pointed out that national security apparatus may have evidence the Russians are going to tamper with the upcoming election, but not necessarily in favor of Trump.

So why did Trump fire Maguire?  He had to learn about all this from House Republicans; his own acting Director of National Intelligence didn't bother to brief him first.

The article concludes that Trump is in a pickle because the woman who actually briefed the House Intel Committee appeared to exaggerate, meaning she is probably part of the cabal out to get the President BUT if Trump fires her it will be used as evidence of "obstruction" and tampering with a whistleblower.

I disagree with Allahpundit's conclusion that the Russians may prefer Trump to Bloomberg or Buttigiege; his reasoning is that they may try to punish the Russians, and they would be more hawkish. Really?  Any Democrat is going to have to appease the internationalists and the anti-war wing of their party. As for punishing the Russians, we've already done that. Right now the Russians know Trump won't take things lying down. Booteycall probably would, and Bloomberg has the spine of a Portuguese Man-O-War.

No, the Russians want Bernie or Giggabutt or Cherokee Lizzy Warren.

THEY will try to stop fracking, will kill what is left of our coal industry, will impose new taxes on energy and manufacturing. They may spread American troops around, but will never dream of actually using them. They will renew the Iran deal allowing the Iranians to get atomic weapons and do business all over the world -- and spread terrorism. They will let the Russians control the Arctic.

The only downside the Russians would have would be the Democrats would increase support for the Ukrainian government. Other than that, they have everything to lose by supporting Trump.

At any rate, reinvigorating the moth-eaten "Russian collusion" narrative shows how desperate they have become.  They forget Saul Alinsky "a tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag". This is really getting to be a drag.

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February 21, 2020

Polar Bare

This from Stephen Heins:

Here is a great short video about the The Polar Bear Scare.

Full Closure for All: I suggest that all scientists/ futurists/ businesses/ universities/ federal agencies/NGO's/ forecasters/ analysts/energy predictors/ environmental activists, should have to disclose "all material facts," relating to specific funding for the individual study or report, publish sources of research used, disclose conflicts of interest, all reviews of each study or report and who is organizational sponsor.

Polar Bear Scare Unmasked; The Saga of a a Toppled Global Warming Icon

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Some are More Equal than Others

Timothy Birdnow

In America some are more equal than others, and freedom of speech is limited by certain taboos established by the Left.

What do I mean? Well, this is an example.

Apparently the FCC rejected the license renewal of radio station KQQZ in Belleville, Illinois because they are home to a shock jock named Bob Romank. Now, I've never heard of Romanik and definitely never heard his show. He sounds like a braying jackass, frankly, the kind of shock jock that has become prevalant in modern times (like Howard Stern.) So what makes this guy different?

He dared to use the so-called N-word on air.

According to an earlier story at BND:

In January, Romanik used the N-word to denigrate rapper Waka Flocka Flame. The rapper had used a Trump supporter T-shirt to wipe his buttocks on stage. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an editorialThursday lambasting Romanik for "hate speech” and calling on the Federal Communications Commission and "Illinois electoral authorities to give Romanik a serious second look for his abuse of the airwaves.”

The Post-Dispatch editorial says Romanik wrongly used the airwaves to campaign for the 114th House District seat in 2016, a contest he lost to Democrat LaToya Greenwood of East St. Louis. Romanik did not list the free radio time on his campaign finance report, the newspaper reported.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay took to Twitter on Monday to call for "sanctions” to Romanik’s show for using the N-word on the air.

Bob Romanik's hate speech on public airwaves deserves sanction. https://t.co/QTowTZmNFL #fgs

— MayorSlay.com (@MayorSlay) February 6, 2017
So, three years ago this Romanik fellow called a guy who wiped his filthy bottom with Donald Trump a N****r on air and that was considered unacceptable but the rapper's actions were not?

And if using his own show to promote his political campaign is wrong, then so too is every single "news" show on the air, as they are all free advertising for Democrats.

This is all arguable and debatable, and the case can be made for sacking old Romanik, but it just rubs me the wrong way that the governmental regulatory agency is pulling the license of the station for not firing this guy.

I don't know if this is a word that is formally banned on air or if it is just done by agreement. But the retribution is so immense for the use of one word.

I've heard rappers use that with impugnity.

Had this been a leftist activist I doubt any of this would have happened.

There is clearly a double standard in our society.

After all, Andrew Cuomo used that word live without serious repercussions. So did Gary Landrieu of Louisiana. So too did a Democrat state legislator in Providence named Anastasia Williams while on the House floor. And of course everyone remembers America's favorite Klansman, Robert Byrde, used it on several occasions quite publicly. Nothing ever stuck to any of these individuals, largely because they are/were Democrats.

Shoot, even President Barack Obama said it.

Now, I'm opposed to the endless degrading of social standards, especially on broadcast radio and television. But I don't like the fact that these rules are not applied across the board. Some are more equal than others.

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Wind Turbines Poison Candian Water

Timothy Birdnow

Those ugly bird blenders are poisoning Canada's drinking water and polluting their precious bodily fluids.

From the Toronto Sun

Industrial strength wind turbines are making a lot of people worried.

Installing those turbines means pile-driving massive steel beams into the bedrock.

The problem is that the bedrock is made of Kettle Point black shale and is known to contain uranium and arsenic. Vibration from the pile-driving breaks up this toxic shale below the groundwater and contaminates it. Area residents can’t drink, bathe, or wash their clothes because of this. Water wells are being poisoned as the government continues to allow the pile driving.

The law of unintended consequences is a bitch.

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The Martyring of Saints

Timothy Birdnow

Another silent mass murder of Christians by Muslims.

From the article:

Feb 18, 2020 - Burkina Faso: Terrorists murder 24 Christians in attack on church worship service.
Islamist gunmen interrupted a weekly worship service at a Protestant church in northern Burkina Faso, killing 24 people, authorities confirmed late Monday, February 17. Another 18 people were wounded in Sunday’s attack rocking Pansy town in Yagha province, the regional governor said.
What's happening to Christians in Africa and Asia is one of the most appalling human rights abuses happening in the world right now.
The Islamic persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa has become genocide.

Not genocide; that is an attempt to exterminate a race of people. But it is every bit as bad.

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Bloomberg was the One who Wouldn't Leave

Willis Eschenbach had this to say on claims Trump won't leave office after the expiration of his second term:

I keep reading folks claiming that Trump will insist on running for a third term, or will refuse to leave the White House after his second term.

That will never happen, President Trump's not like that. But care to know who actually did that? Our favorite farmer, Mini Mike Bloomberg. As the Wall Street Journal noted, when Bloomberg was Mayor of New York City:

"Perhaps Mr. Bloomberg’s most controversial move was running for a third term in 2009 by engineering the repeal of a law passed twice by voter referendum limiting city elected officials to two terms. That decision colored his final years in office, as his approval ratings fell from the high 60s and never again cracked 50% in his third term, according to Marist. Voters reinstated term limits in 2010."

The law was passed by voters not once but twice, but Mike is too elite to be held in check by mere voters ...

And the sting in the tail of this tale? After leaving the Mayor's job, he voted in favor of the law being changed back again to the two-term limit, saying that the special exemption from the law for him alone was an "extraordinary one-time thing".

According to Farmer Mike, laws are for the little people, not for the ultra-rich folks like him.

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Happerly Ever After

Timothy Birdnow

Physicist William Happer (who acted as a science adviser to Trump) made the following comments:

"To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is really Orwellian. You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. Where does that lead us eventually?”
"There’s a whole area of climate so-called science that is really more like a cult. It’s like Hare Krishna or something like that. They’re glassy-eyed and they chant. It will potentially harm the image of all science.”
"There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.”
"I believe that more CO2 is good for the world, that the world has been in a CO2 famine for many tens of millions of years and that one or two thousand ppm would be ideal for the biosphere. I am baffled at hysterical attempts to drive CO2 levels below 350 ppm [parts per million], or some other value, apparently chosen by Kabbalah numerology, not science.”
"What warming occurs will be mostly in temperate and polar regions, and at night. This will extend the agricultural growing season in many countries like Canada, Scandinavia, and Russia. More CO2 greatly increases the efficiency of photosynthesis in plants and makes land plants more drought-resista

nt. So, the net result of more CO2 will be strongly beneficial for humanity.”
"There is no problem from CO2. The world has lots and lots of problems, but increasing CO2 is not one of the problems. So [the Paris Climate Accords] dignifies it by getting all these yahoos who don’t know a damn thing about climate saying, ‘This is a problem, and we’re going to solve it.’ All this virtue signaling. You can read about it in the Bible: Pharisees and hypocrites and phonies.”

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Wacking ze Wee!

Timothy Birdnow

Sort of a "chompin le membre viril" as it were. Or biting le bite. Or owing the ou la la, no?

Wacking ze wee was clearly a dick move, as Warner Todd Huston observes.

French Soccer Player Gets 5-Year Ban for Biting Opponent’s Penis[\link]

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February 20, 2020

Washington Bought by China

Timothy Birdnow

Tucker Carlson delineates how China has bought Washington in a recent Fox News editorial.

From the article:

Our leadership class actively helped them do it, and they got rich in return. We've given you many examples of this on the show over the years. Here's another.

The New York Times once described the publication as "a newspaper on a mission to promote China's soft power." The South China Morning Postis owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. That's a company run by a Communist Party member. Like all Chinese companies, Alibaba is required by the country's 2017 National Intelligence Law to "support and assist and cooperate with China's government spy agencies."

Yes, spy agencies. That's Politico's partner -- and it shows.

What sort of content has Politico's partnership produced? Well, last October pro-democracy protests broke out in Hong Kong. Here's The LA Times headline from that day: "Hong Kong protesters defy police, set up roadblocks." The Washington Post: used this headline: "Police blast mosque with water cannon as hundreds of thousands protestin Hong Kong."

Politico is a blog based outside Washington, D.C. Conventional people read it for a conventional view on politics. Politico is one of the reasons everyone on television sounds the same and is usually wrong. It's also one of the reasons sucking up to China seems normal in Washington.

A few years ago, Politico entered into a so-called content partnership with the South China Morning Post.That's an English language newspaper based in Hong Kong that is widely understood to be a mouthpiece for the Communist Chinese government.

Now here, by contrast, is how The South China Morning Postdescribed it: "Rampaging mob stage an arson spree in Hong Kong." The Morning Poststory went on to describe how a group of criminals was marauding and looting and vandalizing and burning, as they conducted what the paper repeatedly described as"an illegal march."

Read the entire article.

China is becoming a superpower because our leaders sold us out in favor of the Chinese.

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Cloaking Devices for Aircraft

Timothy Birdnow

Veddy EEEnterestink!

Apparently they are developing cloaking devices for aircraft.

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Spiielberg Daughter Does Dallas

Timothy Birdnow

Steven Schlemeilberg Spielberg's daughter does Dallas.

Director Steven Spielberg’s Daughter Mikaela Announces Porn Career

"I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body, and frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body,”

Well, she's going to REALLY get tired of taking AZT for AIDS when she catches it! What a spoiled little brat, and a stupid one at that!

 And if Spielberg is o.k. with his daughter debasing herself and catching parasites and venereal diseases he shows himself to be a dirtbag who should never have had a child given to him.

I wonder if the girl is going to do a remake of "Shaving Ryan's Privates"?

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