August 09, 2020

Global Warming Heresy

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook a question was asked of Willis Eschenbach and an answer given. Willis nails it.

Q. Willis... do you consider yourself a denialist?

A. Mmmm ... an excellent question which likely won't go the way you think.

First, the term "denier" was specifically chosen for its overtones of Holocaust denial. It is used as a pejorative term for anyone who disagrees with any aspect of climate science, usually without any attempt to say what the person is "denying".

The link with Holocaust denial is in what is being denied. The clear implication in both cases that you are DENYING THE TRUTH.

This pre-empts entirely the discussion of what might or might not be true about the climate. It subtly but strongly is saying that THE TRUTH about the climate is already established.

Not only is THE TRUTH established, but the further claim in calling someone a "climate denier" is that YOU know the truth and further that you know that I am "denying" THE TRUTH that is already established.

And the further claim is that THE TRUTH is not just established, but it is as solidly established as the undeniable fact that the Holocaust occurred.

So when you call someone a "climate denier" or a "denialist", you are implicitly asserting that the following are true:

• THE TRUTH about the climate has been established.
• THE TRUTH about the climate is as solid and fact-based as THE TRUTH about the existence of the Holocaust, i.e. 100% true.
• You know THE TRUTH about the climate.
• You know that the person you are calling a "denier" doesn't just disagree about a scientific idea, they deny something that is obviously and demonstrably true.

All of that makes the use of "denier" an underhanded attempt to get people to believe that climate science is settled ... and that is absolutely not THE TRUTH ...

The proper term for folks that disagree with various aspects of the mainstream climate scientists' claims about the climate is "skeptic". They are properly skeptical of the unproven idea that the temperature of the earth is greatly affected by the CO2 going from three-hundredth

s of one percent to four-hundredths of one percent of the atmosphere.

It might be true, but it is assuredly unproven.

However, me, I don't consider myself a skeptic. I consider myself a heretic, meaning that I do not agree with the current underlying fundamental assumption of how the climate works.

That underlying assumption is that if you increase the amount of "downwelling" radiation, meaning the sum of solar radiation and thermal radiation from the atmosphere and clouds, the surface temperature has to rise. Not only that, but the rise

Now, intuitively you'd think that would be true, that the more radiation hits some surface the warmer it would get. We're told that it's just "simple physics".

However, the climate is an immensely complex system, with important phenomena on a time scale from nanoseconds to millennia and physical scales from nanometres to planet-wide.

Not only that, but according to the Constructal Law the climate actively responds to the changing conditions.

So as an example of the thermal response to increased radiation of another complex system, consider how much your core body temperature rises when you walk from the shade into the sun. Thermal input has gone up by hundreds of watts per square metre and the core body temperature has ... done nothing ...

So I do NOT believe what almost everyone in the field believes, which is that global temperature is a linear function of the amount of incoming radiation. I say that the climate responds to changing radiation input just as the body responds to changing radiation, by shifting and evolving in such a fashion as to negate the increase in radiation.

The climate is best modeled as a heat engine. Like all heat engines, it has a hot end (the tropics) and a cold end (the poles). Like all heat engines, it turns energy into the mechanical motion. The climate heat engine turns solar energy into the mechanical motion of the various circulations of the atmosphere and the oceans. The frictional resistance to these mechanical motions of ocean and air is equivalent to a brake on a heat engine. And here's the interesting part.

Over the last century, the average temperature of the planet-sized heat engine that we call the "climate" varied by only about one-tenth of one percent ...

So I study not what most all climate scientists study, which is why the global average temperature varies so much.

I study why it varies so little ... which is why I describe myself as a heretic rather than a sceptic.

Good question,

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With Friends Like These...

Timothy Birdnow

France, ever the snail-eating surrender monkeys, have promised to protect Hezbollah from punishment for murdering former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

According to the article:

France has reportedly conveyed "assurances” that the ruling in the murder trial of ex-PM Rafik Hariri will not be followed by international procedures against Hizbullah, and that France has played a major role to make that possible, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Monday.

Quoting diplomatic sources, the daily said: "Paris has assured Hizbullah that ruling in the assassination case of Hariri will not be followed by an international course or effects against the party, and that Paris has played a fundamental role in this field.”

The sources added that France has in return asked Hizbullah to show "lenient” positions and stop media campaigns against the Gulf States, reported al-Joumhouria.

According to the sources, Paris will also work to control the behaviour of Bahaa Hariri, the son of the slain ex-PM, so that anti-Hizbullah regional powers do not invest that in their own interest.

The French were once a brave people. Now they are the epitome of sniveling cowards hiding under their beds. They are helping Hezbollah in order to avoid being their target. And to keep Iranian oil and gas flowing.

It amazes me; if history has taught us anything it is that appeasing an aggressor does not work. The French and British appeased the Pirates of Tripoli, for instance, and their demands grew and grew and grew until they messed with a fledgeling republic across the Atlantic - and got their turbans handed to them.

America showed how you must deal with pirates. Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, etc. are little more than pirates. They have a stated political and religious objective, but so too did the Barbary pirates. It doesn't matter; it's the tactics and methodology that matters.

France, though, has allowed itself to be colonized by Muslims and fears trouble inside their own country now.

With friends like these...

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China Colonizes American Universities

Warner Todd Huston

Here is another reason why our system of higher education has become an enemy to the United States. Nearly all our foreign students are from China -- meaning our schools are funded by and constituted for the Chinese communist party.

Image may contain: text that says 'Top ten places origin, academic year 2018-19 Where America's international students are from Ofthe roughly million international students in the US, most (52%) are from China and India. Canada 1. China 370K Mexico 3. South Korea 52K Saudi Arabia 37K Japan Taiwan 6. Vietnam India 24K 202K 9. Brazil 16K CNN Source: Institute International Education ettersson Departmento Burauo Educationa Cultural Affairs'

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More Climate Porn

This from Richard Cronin:

More fear porn from USA Toady.

Indeed, the Arctic is warming a bit faster because the Earth is a globe and the crust is thinnest at the North Pole. The Gakkel Ridge and Laptev Rift as well as numerous other regions where heat wells up.

"It's Disintegrating" Canada's Last Intact Arctic Ice Shelf has Collapsed

Tim observes:

And of course little has been said about under ice volcanism, both in Greenland and in Antarctica. I guess an active volcanoe does nothing to melt ice?

In the Bay of Fundie 38.386 cubic miles  of seawater moves into the bay no less than four times a day. Gee, what does that do? Changes in ocean currents has a buge impact on Arctic sea ice.

And NASA says 292 gigatons of ice was lost from the Greenland icecap in 2018 - but they failed to mention that that cap is 2.6 MILLION gigatons! Like spitting in the ocean.

(Hat tip: Guy Beebe.)

Greenland has considerable undersea volcanism. So does Antarctica. I guess volcanoes don't melt ice, though, but slightly warmer air higher in the atmosphere does?

The sad thing is this fish tale will be swallowed by the average person.

There are volcanoes under both the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps. But we are supposed to ignore that and believe a warming of a degree or less in the atmosphere is causing these ice sheets to collapse? I mean, we're talking about places that rarely reach the freezing point of water. See here and here for more on Arctic volcanism. Aso and abd

BTW, Richard Cronin was a chemical engineer working for the American Geophysical Union.

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Everything Old is New Again

Mark Musser

In the early to mid 1930’s, National Socialism tried to implement into German universities across the board its very pointed Social Darwinian racist biology, eugenics, health and hygiene, presumed to be at the vanguard of the progressive sciences of the day (which also included a nature based environmentalism as well), that was called "gleichschaltung,” which means "coordination” or "bringing into line” consistent with their holistic fascist ideals as it specifically targeted the dualistic character of the western academy previously rooted in Judeo-Christian ideals that presumed man was made in God's image, and thus had a special role place in the knowledge creation.

Racism, racism, racism was all the rage of the day that further demanded social justice as well, particularly at the expense of the Jews who, even though not being of dark skin, were still considered to be the worst of all the races, then followed by the blacks - but not far behind were the white Slavs who suffered greatly on the Eastern Front during the heights of World War II.

Although the Japanese and Muslim populations were still considered beneath the presumed Nordic or northern superiority of true Aryanism, they were accepted as allies throughout World War II. In other words, contrary to popular leftist clichés and because of its Social Darwinian roots presumed to be based upon the evolutionary sciences of the day, the racism of National Socialism was far more nuanced than many appreciate or care to understand.

Nonetheless, National Socialism was only partially successful in bringing into line German universities its much more pointed racist ideology. Martin Heidegger, who led the charge and later became the very father of what is otherwise known today as Postmodernism, failed in accomplishing this National Socialist goal. However, most of the German academy still went along with the new regime - and tragically - Jewish professors were still removed from their posts with little consideration.

While the present BLM and Antifa movements think they are the epitome of anti-fascist protests, nothing could be farther from the truth. Perhaps ground zero of the harbinger of things to come of what we have witnessed over the last few months in allegedly super progressivist cities, took place at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington in the spring of 2017 when a racist anti-white day was proclaimed at the college – an event in which Jewish progressivist biology professor, Bret Weinstein, protested sharply against, but later wound up being under great danger and wound up eventually losing his job over it all – a college he served for many years. The campus saw riots explode, and police were told to stand down to quell the dangerous situation that erupted much like what was later witnessed on more than a few American cities after the madness of the lockdowns and the tragic death and/or negligent killing of George Floyd.

Lest people think the Bret Weinstein is an unworthy exception to the rule, consider also what just recently happened to Cliff Mass, University of Washington professor and a weatherman of distinction for many years in the Pacific Northwest, someone who takes seriously the global warming/climate change mantra – yet he is also Jewish like Weinstein. After witnessing what the Chopistani people did to downtown Seattle, Cliff Mass disconcertingly wrote up a blog on the awful aftermath (see link below). He then concluded that Seattle, thanks to the more radical rioters of the BLM and/or Antifa movement, has now had its very own 1938 Kristallnacht of broken glass. For this comparison, his regular weather programming time slot was quickly cancelled by a local radio show as he now suffers backlash for making such allegedly careless statements – notwithstanding that his blog post proves his case with glaring empirical evidence how bad some places in downtown Seattle have become.

Americans need to ponder this much more seriously than they are. How is that on a racist anti-white day, left leaning Jewish professors are getting slammed big time in Washington State over the BLM and Antifa movements? Have the lessons of the National Socialist past, even in universities, truly been learned at a time when leftist socialist ideology completely dominates the media and the academy so that it can act with fascist impunity against people they do not agree with - which seemingly has no consequences – at least superficially speaking. Furthermore, not far down the road in Portland, Oregon was witnessed the book burning of Bibles. Wonderful.

Somewhat suprisingly, local news KOMO TV put out a popular video last year describing how "Seattle was dying.” How prophetic this show is/was. People have often asked how it was that such a progressive state like Germany could have descended into the madness of National Socialism. Well, for starters, it is largely because the progressivism of Germany so-called was largely a charade, a myth of their prideful imagination which distorted reality based on an evolutionary progressivist logic that was anything but in real life.

We are in much the same position today as Solomon warns us time and time again in Ecclesiastes "there is nothing new under the sun.” Progressivism, particularly when it is viewed through a racist lens, no matter how inverse the postmodern version of it may be today, is a false doctrine and a false eschatology which in the end delivers everything but progress. It is now reaping misery, depression, psychological abuse, fear, lawlessness, violence, racism, and economic destruction.

Here is Cliff Masses' blog post showing the destruction of Seattle done by radical Leftists - a city that was already leftist and has been very leftist for decades so that it becomes strange indeed what exactly was trying to be accomplished.

Here is the KOMO TV local news documentary called "Seattle is Dying"

Here is my own article on the initial uprising of the BLM movement at the Evergreen State College, my alma mater, back in 2017 -
I then followed up with this article related to Evergreen's antics at the time.

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August 08, 2020

Hidin' Biden

Timothy Birdnow

He can run but he can't hide! Or can he?

Biden Won't Go to Milwaukee to Accept Democratic Nomination

It looks like he won't do the debates, either.

Shoot; Captain Peachfuzz couldn't FIND Milwaukee!

Actually, at the best of times Trump would have bounced Biden like a rubber ball. But now that he's getting dementia Trump would have absolutely annihilated him. Hidin' Biden simply cannot afford to have Trump show himself, or show his own face for that matter.

I would point out that Biden is hoping to use a strategy vaguely similar to the one Obama used. Obama, you may remember, did not talk substance, but merely used this sweeping rhetoric. He was a cypher; everyone read into Obama what they wanted him to be.

I think the hope is that the same will hold for Biden. But Biden is a known entity, having been hanging around for decades. And Obama showed up, even while avoiding specifics (using his Greek god temple and the like) while Biden is running an absentee campaign. Hillary failed at that.

Of course, Trump is being kept away from rallies and speeches and the like too, though. That is, of course, his biggest strength.

I want Biden out there; the more he speaks the crazier he appears. Let him hang himself.

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No Surprise Here: Biden's eventual VP pick will be guarded against criticism

Dana Mathewson

Not only is it considered poor taste (or something like that) to criticize Brain-Dead Joe, but once he announces his (or the DNC's) pick for VP, she'll be off-limits for criticism too.

Group called 'We Have Her Back' warns media against 'sexist' or 'racist' coverage of Biden VP pick

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Bien is expected to select a female running mate and a new group called "We Have Her Back” promises to make sure she receives fair coverage from the media.

Former Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson are among the group of influential women who sent a letter to media industry leaders on Friday urging them to avoid stereotypes when covering Biden’s female running mate, according to Axios.

"We are reaching out now because we are about to embark on a historic moment - once again - having a woman on a Presidential Campaign ticket. While you have already done significant reporting on the process, we know you are actively preparing for coverage about the specific Democratic Vice Presidential nominee,” began the letter addressed to news division heads, editors in chiefs, bureau chiefs, political directors, editors, producers, reporters and anchors.

Oh, sure. They say they just don't want "racist" or "sexist" coverage, but you can bet your boots that they actually mean "no criticism of any kind will be tolerated." For example, if Tucker Carlson is correct and Susan Rice is chosen, as soon as somebody on the right brings up mention of the day she went out and said, erroneously, that Benghazi was in retaliation for a YouTube video, you know darn well that the, er, fertilizer will immediately hit the impeller. Truth will not be permitted.

"Given how few women have reached this point, the sometimes disappointing coverage of the process to date and the double standards we’ve seen in the public and media expectations of women leaders over the years - and even more so for Black and Brown women leaders - we wanted to respectfully share some thoughts with you about the media’s role in the scrutiny and coverage of women and women of color candidates in general, and the vice-presidential candidate in particular,” the letter continued.

The letter then emphasized changes that newsrooms have made in the wake of George Floyd’s Memorial Day death in police custody, such as "including more Black people and people of color on the front lines of reporting and behind the scenes producing and editing” and urged media industry leaders to do the same thing when covering Biden’s running mate.

Oh, sure. The thing is, there is not a single Female of Color with a D after her name, with national name recognition, who doesn't carry a significant amount of baggage one way or another. Now, as far as being a Democrat candidate, some may see that as a resume'-enhancer...

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Astroturfing Transgenderims

Timothy Birdnow

Nothing on the national stage is spontaneous, or very little anyway. Almost all the "movements" we see in modernity have been carefully crafted and ginned up first at the university level then promoted by a compliant media. Gay marriage, transgenderism,

Black Lives Matter, #Metoo, etc. all are products of careful planning and long-range social engineering concepts. The media makes it look like spontaneous grass-roots outbursts but the reality is it was carefully planned, orchestrated, and financed.Think tanks and activist groups financed by billionaries like George Soros or the Ford Foundation pay for it, and community organizers (like Barack Obama) provide the street muscle to promote it. But it's all astroturfed.

Here is a prime example:

Problematic Women: Transgenderism Seduces Teenage Girls

Now why would that be? Decades of radical feminism has promoted a hatred for femininity and a self-loathing that borders on psychosis. Feminism was always a fundamental urge, the urge shown by Eve in the Garden of Eden when she usurped Adam's role as head of the family.

The Bible has TWO curses in Genesis, the first being a woman would have to bear children "in sorrow". But the second is largely forgotten. It says "and your desire will be towards your husband and he will rule over you with a rod of iron". What does that mean? I once read the word translated as "desire" was not about sexual desire but rather jealousy. She wanted to BE Adam, to have Adam's role.

In other words, Eve was the first feminist.

And THAT is about a lust for power. Feminism has promoted that ever since it was founded by women who wanted to dominate society. It is a doctrine of supremacism. It rejects traditional feminine rolls as subservient and demands women be not just allowed to compete with men (which drives a wedge between the sexes) but to have a leg up (pardon the pun) whereby women can do whatever men do BUT they are protected by the older chivalrous codes.

But if women are being told to be men anyway, why not just say they are men? In for a penny...

Male to female transsexualism is spurred by the opposite; society keeps telling boys to be more like girls, that they are dirtbags and oppressors and they should take a sharp knife to their danglies. So a lot of young boys learn early that being girly is surely the way to gain approval from the women in their lives - single mothers, teachers, old maid feminist aunts, etc. So they decide they hate that Y chromosome and the extra appendages that go with it.

Both are propelled by feminism.

But we wouldn't be having this discussion if feminism hadn't been so ascendant and if there were not artificial social pressures astroturfing a lot of this.

If society still disapproved of these things far fewer would even think of doing it. But there are powerful people who have been promoting this sort of wierdness for some time now.

Why?  Well, for one thing, sexuality is a core characteristic of a person. If you destroy one's sense of sexual identity you destroy a core sense of self. Someone without a core sense of self is amenable to manipulation; nature abhors a vacuum. How many gay people see themselves not as people who like are attracted to the same sex as as GAY PEOPLE? They join the gay culture because they seek something to fill the hole in their spirit. They need to belong, to have a place. So they get into the whole culture, adopting the leftist platform, joining in the aggrieved spirit of the subculture. They become eternally loyal foot soldiers in the campaign to fundamentally transform the human condition.

Make no mistake; this is an attack on God Himself. The effort to tear out the moral core of human beings through these things is an attempt to hollow the people out from within. With a hollow spirit one does not have a place for God. The individual must find another god to cling to, and that usually is government and the liberal movement. He clings to government like a drowning man clings to a life preserver. That's because in his soul there is a gaping hole, what Nietzche called the abyss. Nietzche went mad staring into that abyss, I might add.

The abyss is like the Gorgon Medusa; it is an evil that may not be looked upon. And it is present in any soul that has had the core stripped out.

The Left may not think in such spiritual terms but they understand the psychology of this - or at least the inner core does. That's why they promote these soul-stealing insane ideas. They are trying to essentially drive us all insane so we accept their guiding hand.

So again I say very little we see on the national stage is spontaneous. Most of these schemes have been in the works for decades. The "sexual revolution" for instance was the child of the Free Love Movement of the 19th century. Homosexual acceptance was in the works at least as long. Marx wanted the family to disappear, and there has been a concerted effort to accomplish this, through easy divorce, through sex outside of marriage, through an increasing role for government in child care and rearing. Multiculturalism and "non-judgmentalism" was created to make it impossible to apply traditional moral standards and thus discourage people from staring into the abyss.

Now we have people who want to dress like babies and poop in their diapers or people who want to amputate their limbs, or "bug chasers" who seek to be infected with HIV and that is perfectly normal, or we are supposed to pretend it is. That is what the Left calls love. Letting someone twist themselves into total insanity and then pretending it's just an alternative lifestyle is what we consider good these days. But who wouldn't stop a child from walking out in front of a car, or from swallowing a razor blade or whatnot? Letting a guy wear a dress and pretend he's a woman is little different. Maybe he isn't hurting anyone else, but he is hurting himself psychologically if nothing else.

Until we call this out as an immoral and vile act of psychological abuse this will continue - and countless lives will be ruined and even lost from suicide or murder.

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Unable to Determine Number of Illegal Aliens?

Timothy Birdnow

Bureaucratic stuffed shirts say they can't determine how many illegal aliens are part of the total census and so they don't think they should bother enforcing Trump's order to remove them from the final tally so as to get an accurate count for representation.

From the Washington Times:

The man who designed the method Homeland Security uses to estimate the number of illegal immigrants says there’s just too much margin for error to use it to carry out President Trump’s new executive order to strip illegal immigrants out of the census count used to apportion congressional seats.

The man who designed the method Homeland Security uses to estimate the number of illegal immigrants says there’s just too much margin for error to use it to carry out President Trump’s new executive order to strip illegal immigrants out of the census count used to apportion congressional seats.

Most of the public debate over Mr. Trump’s order centers on whether it’s legal.

But Robert Warren, a demographer who used to work for the government and is now at the Center for Migration Studies in New York, told The Washington Times whatever the legality — which he very much doubts — it’s also unworkable.

Most of the public debate over Mr. Trump’s order centers on whether it’s legal.

But Robert Warren, a demographer who used to work for the government and is now at the Center for Migration Studies in New York, told The Washington Times whatever the legality — which he very much doubts — it’s also unworkable.

Given the tools the government has right now, he can’t see how they could come up with a number accurate enough to rely on for something as important as doling out seats in the U.S. House for the next decade.

"It’s not possible to do it accurately,” Mr. Warren says. "The problem is that the estimates are not precise enough.”

Mr. Trump’s order does not affect who’s counted by the census. Illegal immigrants will be tallied like everyone else.

But when the administration produces the count to be used to assign the 435 seats in the House of Representatives to the various states, Mr. Trumpwants to delete the number of illegal immigrants as much as practicable, arguing they distort political power by unfairly boosting the populations of some states.

That's why you ask up front. This isn't rocket science; you simply ask who is a citizen and who is a registered resident alien and subtract that number from the final count.

It's only difficult because one party and their benefactors aka the mainsteam media and liberal think tanks want to steal Congressional seats.

It's pure theft. And we are letting them do it.

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Portland Mayor Cracks Down Because Riots Help Trump

Timothy Birdnow

The mayor of Portland now says rioters are trying to help Trump win in November!

How stupid does he think we are?

These are communists, anarchists, black supremacists, and revolutionaries. They are Black Lives Matter and Antifa. So these groups want Trump?

And he did not want the Feds to help stop the chaos. IF they are Trump supporters wouldn't it be logical to let the Feds stop this then steal the credit?

These people have no sense of cognitive dissonance.

So, after weeks of riots, Mayor Wheeler finally unleashes the jack-booted thugs.

Mr. Wheeler, who is also the city’s police commissioner, said he’s authorized officers to "do whatever is necessary” to gain control after another night of rioting against officers.

And he used a base political appeal to try to get the riots to stop, saying they’re inadvertently helping Mr. Trump.

"Don’t think for a moment that if you are participating in this activity that you are not being a prop for the reelection campaign for Donald Trump, because you absolutely are,” he said in a press conference conducted online. "You are creating the b-roll film that will be used in ads nationally to help Donald Trump during his campaign. You don’t want to be part of that, then don’t show up.”

Police say a crowd barricaded and tried to set fire to a precinct with officers still inside it Wednesday night. Protesters also aimed green lasers at officers, threw shot put-sized rocks at them and fired commercial grade fireworks at them. At one point a demonstrator attempted to run over officers using a truck, police said.

So now we get to the nub; they are unwittingly helping Orange Man. If that were not so he would love for them to continue to burn the city to the ground!

Is there nobody in Oregon willing to take the lead and squash this? 

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Everything is White Supremacism

Timothy Birdnow

So math is racist.

I sure don't want to walk over a bridge designed by a "woke" engineer!

Oh, and Hawaiian shirts are too.

Why? Well, because there are Hawaiian PIG ROASTS!

Who said "fry 'em up like bacon" about the police? Twern't guys in Hawaiian shirts.

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August 07, 2020

Attempt to Take Down the NRA

Warner Todd Huston

New York Announces Attempt to Disband National Rifle Association Over Budget Fraud

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Soros in for Big Money in Gardner Reelection Bid

Timothy Birdnow

Left wing billionaire and comic-book archvillain George Soros dumped over a hundred grand into radical prosecutor Kim Gardner's reelection campaign just days before the primary.

From the Free Beacon:

Soros poured $116,000 into the Missouri Justice & Public Safety PAC,which is working to reelect St. Louis circuit attorney KimGardner. Gardner is facing former homicide prosecutor Mary Pat Carl in Tuesday's Democratic primary.

Gardner has generated controversy during her first four years in office. She hired a private investigator to look into allegations against former Missouri governor Eric Greitens (R.), who was charged with felony invasion of privacy, instead of working with police. Gardner's investigator lied under oath and the prosecutor's conduct set off a separate probe into the handling of the case.

Soros made the donation as part of his ongoing efforts to elect far-left prosecutors across the country in a bid to overhaul the criminal justice system. Earlier this year, the financier sent large sumsinto Chicago backing state's attorney Kim Foxx, who drew national attention after her office dropped charges against Jussie Smollett, the actor who staged a hate crime and attributed it to Trump supporters. The liberal billionairehas spent millions supporting far-left candidates in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and elsewhere.

The St. Louis prosecutorbrought felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey on July 20 for pointing guns at a mob of Black Lives Matter protesters who broke onto their private property. Some members of the crowd engaged in a shouting match with the McCloskeys but no one was injured during the exchange and no shots were fired.


The probe into Gardner's conduct during the Greitens case is still ongoing. The prosecutor hired private investigator William Tisaby, a former FBI agent, to look into the claims against Greitens. After Tisaby was charged with perjury and evidence tampering, the charges against Greitens were dropped. Gardner has calledthe investigation into her handling of the case a "racially motivated conspiracy."

"Governor Greitens has been exonerated andis glad to see the truth come to light about the criminal effort to remove him from office in 2018," Dylan Johnson, spokesman for Greitens, told the Washington Free Beacon. "Now, Kim Gardner must comply with the court order and provide her communications with George Soros, political insiders, and journalists who paid 120K in bribes to witnesses who lied about the Governor."

Gardner's campaign did not respond to inquiries on Soros's cash.

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Jews for Self-Genocide!

Timothy Birdnow

In a display of astounding irony and myopathy, a Jewish group has endorsed Ilhan Omar in her re-election bid.

Omar is a Muslim Jew hater who would gladly don a swastika and black coat and personally escort Jews to Auschwitz.

I don't know what is wrong with people.

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Timothy Birdnow

NASA, in yet another fit of political correctness. is going to stop using the names of some celestial objects to avoid disturbing the snowflakes.

NASA to Re-examine Nicknames for Cosmic Objects

" has become clear that certain cosmic nicknames are not only insensitive, but can be actively harmful"


Will they be changing the name of the seventh planet? Everyone laughs at Herschell's folly, and for good reason. Uranus is blue, gaseous, and has a ring around it! (Man you'd better see a doctor). 

Barack Obama changed NASA'S mission to Muslim outreach from actual space exploration. Now they are apparently in the business of creating interstellar safe spaces.

How about Red Dwarf? That'll get you in big trouble, since it insults both Native Americans and Little People.

And Black Hole will surely offend African American call girls.

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We Wrecked the Economy for THIS?

Willis Eschenbach observes:

As of today the US death count from corona is 158,256. This is 0.05% of the population.

Yes, we might have gotten twice the deaths without lockdown, although that's extremely doubtful—NOBODY has had that death rate.

But even then, we've shut down the entire US to prevent the deaths of 0.05% of the population ... and people keep telling me Sweden is crazy for not locking down?

Our only hope, as it always was, is herd immunity.


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The Covid Martyrdom

Timothy Birdnow

Well...looks like preacher John MacArthur isn't lying down for the Coronazis.

Pastor John MacArthur Threatened with Arrest, $1,000 Daily Fines

His crime? Holding church services and allowing singing of hymns.

The Thomas Moore Society is representing Pastor MacArthur.

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Biden Dines on Loafer Again

This from Warner Todd Huston

Yesterday's Joe Biden story where he insulted backs is typical of how the media works. They completely ignored Biden's comments all day. Then, they only began reporting his walk back "explanation" of what he meant. In other words, they ignored the news all day to give the Democrats time to craft an "explanation," and then they made the explanation the actual story. This is how the media works for the left.


When Mitt Romney spoke about the forty eight percent it was the final nail in his coffin. Will that be the case for Biden? No doubt most people won't even hear about it.

Actually, I think Biden's point was the following: the Hispanic "community" is an amalgamation of people from very different countries. They come from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Columbia, Peru, etc. The main connection is the come from Spanish speaking places. As a result they are every bit as diverse as whites. The same does  not hold true for blacks not because they don't come from different places (they do, but mostly from West Africa) but because most of them have lost their indigenous cultural ties as they blended into a kind of "American tribe" (that phrase will get me into very hot water, I know, as it is politically incorrect but rather accurate.) In Africa everyone belongs to a tribe; most African nations are confederations of tribes under a central government, rather like the Native American situation in the U.S.

So there is a black culture that is distinct and unique to the U.S., and the black community votes pretty much as a block.

Biden was trying to say that. And while he may be correct that is a monumental mistake in modern American politics. You simply can't do that.

A Republican would be held to strict account on this. But since it's Biden the media will excuse it, and the majority of the black community will pull that lever for Captain Peachfuzz.

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The Mouse that Roared (Hopefully)

Timothy Birdnow

Rusell Cook and I were chatting about the victory of Kim Gardner as prosecutor for the City of St. Louis and I thought it worth reproducing here.

Russell stated:

Don't know what to make of the GOP primary winner's website, but I did drop in a message there to say this is his race to win if he is relentless about the yes-or-no question on whether Ms Bush approves of increased spending for police that would protect all lives in her district, including those of women and minorities.

I replied to Russell:

Russell Cook I'm glad you did and I don't have the foggiest idea of even who the Republican candidate is; it's a mute point. The City of St. Louis is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Democcrats and there isn't even a remote chance this guy could win. If he gets ten percent of the vote he will be lucky. The last Republican mayor of St. Louis was in 1949, and there hasn't been a single Republican in office in the city since I don't know when. Republican is a dirty word here; I had to endure dirty looks when I asked for my ballot the other day, and in the last primary an election judge openly scowled at me. BUT it may be bad money after good, but somebody really ought to come in with a lot of cash to support this guy. I wish we had donors like the Democrats; Gardner is being funded by Soros and probably some others, like the Ford Foundation. For once we need to make this a real election and not accept the Democratic primary as the actual coronation.

Oh, and Russell, Here's an example of what I mean; Gardner got 43.425 votes. beating her closest rival Mary Pat Carl who received 28,031 votes. Republican Daniel Zdrodowski - running unopposed - received just 2694 votes (including one from me).So Gardner got close to twenty times the votes Zdrodowski received, and that was with a split electorate. Even if he gets a big boost in the general he's still almost for sure going to receive less then 10% of the vote. I don't know why the GOP even bothers to run candidates. BTW I had no Committee Chairman running in my precinct so I wrote myself in on the ballot. I could wind up being the Republican Committee Chairman here! With ONE vote!

I should have taken a Democrat ballot, I suppose, so I could have supported Gardner's opponent. But I wanted to vote for a primary candidate against Gov. Parsons, who is rather like the guy driving the Titanic and about to hit an iceberg; he's not at all up to the challenge of the times. I think he's going to lose in the general election in November. The man is clueless and shows no leadership. Sadly he won his primary challenge and we're stuck with him. The GOP owns Missouri at the state level, but they are a bunch of cowardly weaklings, and if there is a Democrat tide this year they are going to suffer.

Russell replied:

I was pleased to receive a personal email reply from the GOP opponent to Cori Bush yesterday (https:// www.anthonyroger, only one of a tiny handful of GOP candidates who've done so with me (e.g. Chuck DeVore) over the years. Don't know what Rogers' other positions are, but he assured me he is pro-police, and that is one litmus test that should be firmly applied to all Democrat candidates, including Joe Biden, by their GOP opponents in order to show the public what the overall hazard on letting the U.S. House and large swaths of city councils remain in Democrat-led majorities.

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August 06, 2020

Teacher Fired for Denying White Privilege

Timothy Birdnow

Don't you dare deny the Left!

Illinois high school teacher fired for Facebook post rejecting idea of "white privilege”

From the article:

Jeanne Hedgepeth, a Palatine High School, Illinois, social studies teacher, has been fired over one of her social media posts after the Township High School District 211 board members voted 5-2 to terminate her employment.

"I am about facts, truth-seeking and love,” Hedgepeth wrote in the Facebook post that led to her termination. "I will speak on any topic I choose because I live in a free country. I find the term ‘white privilege’ as racist as the ‘N’ word. You have not walked in my shoes either so do not make assumptions about me and my so called privilege. You think America is racist? Then you’ve been hoodwinked by the white liberal establishment and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Travel the world and go see that every nation has racism and some more than others but few make efforts such as we do to mitigate or eliminate it.”

She also recommended the work of economist Thomas Sowell, political commentator and activist Candace Owens, and author and radio host Larry Elder.

Additionally, Hedgepeth argued that there is a "deeper problem than racism.” She finished by recommending that the black community should stop believing "Democrats, mainstream media and intellectuals in ivory towers.”

Oh the humanity!

She might have been fired from any position, but a school teacher is not permitted to walk away from the Progressive Penitentiary of the Mind. Never. We cannot have people teaching children anything but the Leftist narrative.

This reminds me of Mel Brooks' "History of the World" where King Louis sentenced the man to the Bastille for saying "eh, the poor ain't so bad".  As Louis said "he's lucky he didn't get the Guillotine!"

This country is so toast...

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