October 04, 2019


Timothy Birdnow

Anyone remember  Swedish Professor Magnus Soderlund? He called for cannibalism to "save the Planet" first.

Well, someone showed up at a rally held by America's dumbest dimwit, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wearing a shirt saying "eat the babies".

One of Ocasio-Cortez's constituents loses her mind over climate change during AOC's townhall, claims we only have a few months left: "We got to start eating babies! We don't have enough time! ... We have to get rid of the babies! ... We need to eat the babies!" pic.twitter.com/uVmOnboluI

β€” Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) October 3, 2019

AOC is trying to distance herself by claiming this is a "mentally ill" person:

This person may have been suffering from a mental condition and it’s not okay that the right-wing is mocking her and potentially make her condition or crisis worse. Be a decent human being and knock it off.

β€” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) October 4, 2019

But isn't this logical, if indeed we are going to starve to death because of Global Warming? Soylent Green is People!

How is this woman any less sane than, say, the aforementioned prophessor (misspelling intended; he is prophesying after all.)

How is this any worse than AOC's Green New Deal?

People are blaming this on Lyndon LaRouche:

LaRouchePAC trolls AOC, AOC doesn't rule out eating babies. #EatTheBabies https://t.co/bD9ThZVcGO

β€” Lyndon LaRouche PAC (@larouchepac)

Maybe so, but so what? They were able to successfully punk AOC, and why? Because some of the Deep Environmentalism types have ALREADY SUGGESTED IT.

This is how leftists think. They have murdered millions of people in the past to advance their political beliefs. Why not eat people? Better than wasting their bodies after you liquidate them, after all.

This is how these people think.

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