June 23, 2024

European Paper: Get Used to Irregular Electricity

Timothy Birdnow

Just like the Third World:

European Newspaper Says Citizens Better Get Used To Not Having Electricity All The Time

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Buffet of Evil

A Greg Delany

Who is funding the Liberal Left's push to dominate the world and reduce global population?
The News purports that Warren Buffet is donating his Billions to charities.
The problem is, they are just Global Shill Foundations created by the NWO to bolster the Elite Ruling Class.
He is not a saint, but he is a demon!
And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light
Here are the so called charities he contributed to.
Buffett teamed up with Bill Gates and Gates’ ex-wife Melinda French Gates to create the Giving Pledge and vowed to donate nearly all of his fortune to charity.
Who are the lucky recipients of Buffett’s latest largesse?
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation got $3.5 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway shares. (To create another Pandemic in the future, that will be more deadly and more control oriented)
The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, founded by his late wife, got $350 million worth. (This is a foundation that funds all Abortion issues. The more they kill in the womb, the less they have to kill with the jab later.)
The foundations of his three children pocketed $250 million apiece.
(These of the Buffet Novo Foundations. One of the funds is used to support transgender activists and organizations, the other supports projects that promote holistic and healing visions for humanity. The last one is dedicated to catalyzing a transformation in global society, moving from a culture of domination to one of equality and partnership)
Sounds like a full blown Satanic vision for our world!
Buffet’s not done yet. He has billions more stowed in five foundations and he has his 15% stake in Berkshire Hathaway, one of the world’s most valuable companies.
"My will provides that more than 99% of my estate is destined for philanthropic usage," Buffett said.
Forbes estimates Buffett’s total donations could eventually exceed $160 billion.

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June 22, 2024

Farage: We Pushed Russia Into It

Timothy Birdnow

Across the pond Nigel Farage speaks the unspeakable; admits that the West pushed Russia into the war in Ukraine.

Farage just cooked his own goose. The Ruling Class doesn't permit such truth-telling.

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China "Doesn't Care" Who is President?

Timothy Birdnow

My big fat white posterior!

China has no favorite in Biden-Trump race, US intelligence finds

No way they don't care; Biden is bought and paid for by China and everyone knows it.

More psy-ops from the good people who brought you Russian Collusion and the Hunter Biden Laptop is a Russian disinformation plot swindle.

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Beverly McCall Goff

Really interesting read that covers the dangers of the Biden (WEF) 30x30 plan to "rewild” 30% of public lands! When I say public lands I mean the government using coercion & eminent domain to take land out of production including farming & food production! It turns out this idea was started by Nazi Germany so it’s no surprise this is being forced onto America by a dictator! These zealots are taking our ability to feed the citizens at the same time they’re planning to take hydroelectric dams down for fish with no power source to replace this "green” energy!
It’s all part of their degrowth agenda & it looks like they plan to starve out as many people as possible to reduce the population! If we survive this & turn it around this period of history is going to be viewed as the worst assault on humanity in history!

Tim adds:

The Nazi comparison is apt.
Mark Musser wrote a book about how the Nazis were the first "Green" regime in history and that was at the core of the holocaust. What we are seeing today is the return of the swastika in the Gang Green.

Nazis killed Jews because they thought them an "invasive species" not evolved in the sylvan German countryside which they so desperately sought to "rewild".

BTW how did that "rewilding" work out for Maui? The Mauri fires of just a few months ago happened because the old sugar and pineapple plantations were kicked out by the Hawaiian government and allowed to go fallow to "rewild". This made them ripe for wild fires.

You don't get aboriginal forests and the like when you kill agriculture and development - you get moth-eaten scrubland which is not sustainable. You get soil erosion and pollution and habitat loss. How many birds enjoy a farmer's reservoir? How many fish? How much wildlife lives off the changes made to land by humans?

And how many people must die to satisfy the green dreams of the Malthusian leftists?

Anyone remember the Central Park jogger who was beaten and raped by young black thugs who were out "wilding" as they called it? That is pretty much what they want to do to America now.

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Gain of Dysfunction

Greg Malakoff

This began under Obama when he told Fauci to get that shit out of Chapel Hill North Carolina. It was news when the pandemic started but the dems's media suppressed it just like they are telling you now that Biden is incredibly agile and that there is no one being killed by the known felons he has transported into the country.

As I like to remind people Bill Maher demanded that the entire country suffer so that Trump would lose and then the dems remembered this little item was lying in wait.

BTW, they are promising us another one if things don't go there way and they promised it would be worse than the first time around. You might want to read what they can do to us now.

Pentagon makes horrifying admission about its funding of Chinese gain-of-function experiments | Blaze Media

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Third Warmest on Record My Eye!

Timothy Birdnow

According to Missouri's climate big cheese last year was the third warmest on record in the Show Me State and the warmest year on record ever in the world.

Well I'm from Missouri and you'd better show me!

He's full of it. The claim 2023 is warmest on record has been debunked by several people and it is essentially Michael Mann's Nature Trick, eliminating the Medieval and Roman warming periods as Mann did (the hockey stick graph), and also assuming we have proper date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (we don't; proxy data is far less accurate than what we have now and "Mike's Nature Trick" was splicing proxy sets onto real data sets and pretending they were the same so he could "hide the decline" in temperature rise as was revealed by the Climategate e-mails.)

We also know NOAA and NASA and CRU have been systematically altering historical data to make this era appear warmer. https://science.house.gov/2017/2/former-noaa-scientist-confirms-colleagues-manipulated-climate-records

Of course the media is dutifully reporting this to reinforce the hysteria of man-made global climate warming, a hysteria that is wholly unwarranted. IF climate change is caused by Man it is mostly through land use changes and increased atmospheric water vapor (which we had last year thanks to volcanic eruptions). I would add that humans have been drilling for fossil water in deep aquifers and thus increasing the amount of water in the atmosphere. But carbon dioxide? It is a trace gas and human contribution to the rising levels is but a fraction of that. There are just four molecules of carbon dioxide in every TEN THOUSAND molecules of air, up by one and a half molecule from pre-industrial days. And those were low thanks to the Ice Age; we saw much higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere in prior eras.

We need MORE CO2; it is what plants breathe. And it has a logarithmic warming effect; 2* C is the absolute most it will warm.

There are many reasons why Earth has warmed slightly. It is not Industrial emissions or cow farts or human exhalation. And it poses zero danger to civilization.

The REAL danger is in our response to it. We are systematically wrecking the system that made it possible for us to live at all.

Socialism and Malthusianism and Luddite thinking are what pose the real dangers to our health and survival. Pre-industrial civilizations were unhealthy and unwholesome places. There were wars. Losers were usually enslaved. Those who weren't enslaved were serfs, forced into labor for a Lord who offered protection. So if you like slavery and serfdom then by all means stampede like good little cattle into the pens they have prepared for us, and let them cull the herd as people like Bill Gates have openly said they aim to do.

P.T. Barnum warned there was a sucker born every minute. Global Climate Change alarmism is proof positive of that.

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True the Language

This from Chet McAteer


Vocabulary is fundamentally a social construct. It serves as a shared system of communication that allows members of a society to understand one another and navigate the world with common reference points. A robust and clear vocabulary fosters social cohesion and stability, as it ensures that people can effectively convey and comprehend ideas, values, and norms.

When everyone in a society uses a consistent and accurate vocabulary, it creates a sense of mutual understanding and predictability. This shared language acts as a set of common landmarks, guiding social interactions and enabling coordinated efforts. For instance, precise legal, scientific, and educational terms are crucial for clear communication in their respective fields, contributing to overall societal order and progress.

However, when the vocabulary of a society becomes distorted—whether through intentional manipulation, misinformation, or gradual shifts in meaning—this common understanding starts to erode. Miscommunication becomes more frequent, and the ability to achieve consensus on important issues diminishes. Over time, this can lead to confusion, mistrust, and conflict among members of society, weakening the social fabric.

For example, if key terms in political discourse are deliberately redefined to serve specific agendas, it can polarize public opinion and hinder constructive debate. Similarly, if scientific terminology is misused or misunderstood, it can lead to public misconceptions and poor decision-making in areas like health and environmental policy.

In conclusion, a sound and shared vocabulary is essential for societal stability. It ensures that members of society can communicate effectively and work together harmoniously. When this vocabulary is compromised, the structures that maintain societal order become fragile, leading to potential instability and disintegration.


Tim adds:

I studied Russian in college and had a certificate in Scientific Translation. One of the things that held Russia back was the imprecision of language, in my view. (They did amazingly well despite their handicap.) But they just didn't have the depth and richness offered us by English, and it made a difference. Describing things could be very clumsy and I suspect that made their engineering clumsy, even while they were capable of doing some amazing things. Our tech was always superior to the Soviets and language was no small part of that.

English is a pidgin with the melding of Old English with the Norman French. So we have two sets of words for everything, and often more. This gives shades of meaning that are not there in other languages. English has a richness and texture not seen in other languages and makes it ideal for technical language as well as for literature and poetry. We basically borrowed the best from the whole world and it makes communications far more precise than many other groups enjoy.

It's why almost 98% of all scientific papers world-wide are written in English. It's our richness of vocabulary that makes this the case.

As you rightly observe we have seen a massive decline in vocabulary in recent decades and that by design. Like Newspeak in Orwell, it is intended to make it harder to clearly express ones-self and thus to put into words thoughts and ideas that may be disagreeable to the mandarins of our culture who want to control our behavior and lives.

Confucius said that to restore a nation one must first true the language. He was right; if you cannot properly express the problem, and properly express how the problem arose and what can be done about it, you cannot fix it. In Orwell's 1984 the Party was imposing Newspeak to make it impossible to think outside of the carefully constructed box the Party permitted. No seditious, counterrevolutionary thoughts would be possible because the language would make it impossible to express them - even to yourself. We are coming to that sort of thing now in modern America and the West.

How do you deal with a nation that speaks of "reproductive rights" when speaking about murdering a baby in the womb? How do you deal with "gender affirming care" when we are talking about mutilating a child with surgery and hormones? How do you debate a theory about atmospheric warming of the planet caused by industrial and agricultural emissions when you call it "climate change"? We are purposely dumbing down the language to end debate and in favor of those who have control of the means of disseminating information.

Time we true the language.

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June 21, 2024

Frankie Puts Critic on Trial

Timothy Birdnow

Pope Frankie sure doesn't like being criticized.

He is charging the former Vatican Nunzio to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Vigano, wkith schism and is trying to have him excommunicated.

Vigano has been a staunch critic of the Pope for some years now.

So not only is Francis trying to remove Vigano from a place of authority (he already did that) but actually kick him out of Catholicism.

Pope Franics is Joe Biden in a funny hat.

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Trump Promises to Ramp UP Immigration!

Timothy Birdnow

Say it isn't so!

Trump proposes green cards for foreign grads of US colleges, departing from anti-immigrant rhetoric

I hope Trump isn't serious; we need more immigrants like we need holes in our heads.


Trump was asked about plans for companies to be able to import the "best and brightest” in a podcast taped Wednesday with venture capitalists and tech investors called the "All-In.”

"What I want to do and what I will do is you graduate from a college, I think you should get automatically as part of your diploma a green card to be able to stay in this country. And that includes junior colleges too, anybody graduates from a college. You go there for two years or four years,” he said, vowing to address this concern on day one.

Immigration has been Trump's signature issue during his 2024 bid to return to the White House. His suggestion that he would offer green cards — documents that confer a pathway to U.S. citizenship — to potentially hundreds of thousands of foreign graduates would represent a sweeping expansion of America's immigration system that sharply diverges from his most common messages on foreigners.


Trump often says during his rallies that immigrants who are in the country illegally endanger public safety, and steal jobs and government resources, and once suggested that they are "poisoning the blood of our country.” He has promised to carry out the largest deportation operation in U.S. history if elected.

Trump and his allies often say they distinguish between people entering illegally versus legally. But during his administration, Trump also proposed curbs on legal immigration such as family-based visas and the visa lottery program.

Right after taking office in 2017, he issued his "Buy American and Hire American” executive order, directing Cabinet members to suggest reforms to ensure that business visas were only awarded to the highest-paid or most-skilled applicants to protect American workers.

He has previously said the H1-B program commonly used by companies to hire foreign workers temporarily — a program he has used in the past — was "very bad” and used by tech companies to get foreign workers for lower pay.

Is it possible Trump may betray us once in?

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Missouri AG Suing Bragg

Timothy Birdnow

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey just keeps getting better and better! Now he's suing Alvin Bragg for election interference.

We need more Republicans with these kind of stones.

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CNN Says Calling U.S.a Republic is an "attack on Democracy"

Selwyn Duke

"You’re entitled to your own opinions,” late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.) once famously said — "but not your own facts.” This, apparently, would be news to the Cable News Network (CNN).

CNN: Calling U.S. a "Republic” Is "an Attack on Democracy”

Tim adds:

Someone should remind CNN of these quotes:

Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.
John Adams

The experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating and short-lived.
John Quincy Adams

It has been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.
Alexander Hamilton

Democracies have been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death.
James Madison

Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.
John Marshall

Democracy is four wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Ambrose Bierce

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Christian Patriotism

"Christians who are faithful to Scripture should be patriots in the best sense of that word. As Augustine put it, Christians are commanded to love the whole world, yet practically speaking we cannot do so. Since we are placed as if by "divine lot” in a particular nation state, it is God’s calling that we "pay special regard” to those around us in that state. We love the world by loving the specific community in which we live."

Chuck Colson

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June 20, 2024

The Return of Saladin

This from Greg Malakoff

I wrote this history lesson for a friend that didn't quite understand what was going on in the middle east. I thought, well why let only one person learn something. It's not that long and I'm sure it will never change the mind of one social justice warrior college idiot, but here it is none the less.

I can see your confusion and my point is rather large in scope. I hope you'll read this to the end and then confront me with what you think I have wrong. It appears to me that you are missing some very important key points. I don't want to give you a deep dive into it because you already told me you don't want to read a lot of my shit. I put a lot of effort into trying to make this short but there is just certain things you need to know, if only not to think that I'm super crazy. That was humor, there are better reasons to know the following.

First you should know that this culture will not be wiped out if only because there are 22 Arab nations that Israel has never shown any aggression towards. The key word above was Arab. The Palestinians only existed around 1964 when the media started referring to them as that. Before that time, they were and still are Arabs.

Palestine was the term that that the Romans called that area after exiling the Jews out of Judea. At no time, was there ever a Palestinian civilization in that region. I'll attach a list of all the civilizations that did control that area from way before Christ. But never was there Palestinians in charge of the land.

To understand the British taking it over from the Ottoman Empire where much of these modern problems arose from is quite complicated. Made simple they made a two state solution. The Arabs in that area were given Trans Jordan a country much larger than Israel. Israel never got what the British originally promised them in the Balfour declaration of 1914 and they only got about half of that 33 years later because of the Holocaust.

The Brits hated the Jews almost as much as Hitler and drew the map up so that they would all be killed. It was a sure bet after they confiscated the Jews weapons and gave it to the Arabs and the war began the first day Israel was recognized by the U.N. as a nation. It was a miracle that Israel got to keep their half.

The half given to the Israeli Arabs aka future Palestinians, was not given to them by the Arabs that demanded they evacuate so that 5 Arab armies could drive them into the sea and kill them all. The plan was that 24 hours later they would return to their homes. They are still refuges to this day. After WWII all of the world's refuges were resettled within about 6 months. Ask me why the Arabs 70 years or so later still can't get out of Arab refuge camps in Arab lands.

Jordan took the west bank until the 67 war when Israel took it back. Egypt took Gaza. Interesting after I think the 73 war Egypt made peace to get back the Sinai peninsula, but they would not sign the peace deal if Israel made them take back Gaza. Egypt refused to take Gaza and that should make you want to ask why?

I could go on for hours and because I like you and don't want you to suffer I'll leave it alone... soon. If the false argument of the Jews stole their land was actually true, which it is not, then they don't have any leg to stand on because it was the Jews land from the beginning of recorded time. Even after Masada when the Romans expelled them into the diaspora, there were always Jews living in Judea. It is archaeologically proven that the Jews have been in that land for thousands of years before Christ. It is 100% their land if we're using that argument. But it is more complex than that.

Should a group of people be given a country with their track record? With the hundreds of billions of dollars given the Palestinians since the surrounding Arabs made them refugees, they have not even created a postage stamp. All that money goes to terrorism. Arafat when given 93% of his requests by Clinton stormed out of the meeting and Madelyn Albright was famously seen chasing him down the hall to try and get him to agree. He was going to get 93% and all he had to do was take kill all the Jews out of his charter.

He couldn't do it, because if he made peace with Israel all of the money coming in from the world would cease, but more importantly he did not want a country. He wanted to keep living his wonderful lifestyle where he stole billions from his people. In the movie Munich by Spielberg, there is a little scene where the terrorists were being treated like rock stars all over Europe. They were adored. They gave Arafat and the like a lot of money to keep up the good work.

More simply stated, people are demanding the impossible of Israel. You cannot make peace with people that for generations have done only one thing, to train their children from birth to kill the Jews. They have help with that goal from the Muslim Brotherhood and many other organizations such as Hamas as well as lately two democrat presidents with an intermission from an orange guy and wow, was he hated for making those Abraham peace accords and finally putting our embassy in Jerusalem. But that is a whole other story.

They don't want to just kill all the Jews from the River to the Sea. They also want to kill you, I'm assuming you are a Christian. If you look at Europe today, you will realize I'm not exaggerating. The culture of Islam is a culture of conquest and death. A mosque means only one thing, that this area was conquered. That is why they fought so hard to place a mosque in NYC where the trade towers once stood. That an honest observer can't say that without certain people going crazy is very troubling.

This is still on the big picture of the point I was trying to make. Carthage to avoid a 3rd war with Rome met all of Rome's demands and surrendered all of their weapons and Navy. They obeyed every demand of Rome and there were many. As the Carthaginian diplomats were returning to Carthage they noticed Rome sending in their army and as they realized that they were about to become totally extinct, they might have said my bad.

The point of that was we are taught history. Roman history right now is very popular on Amazon, yet no one seems to understand it or learn a thing from it. Carthage went extinct because they helped their enemy who made their intentions quite clear. That is what is happening now, but only with different names. Also we have many different enemies, not just Carthage having Rome. You might think it is just Israel a country the size of New Jersey.

But it is about survival of western civilization. I know you are concerned about civilizations because you stated so above. I'm hoping you'll choose the right civilization. The other one will not take kindly on you. Just ask a Carthaginian if you could go back in time and see them viciously slaughtered. O.K. mock me all you want, but I know you are capable of learning so I hope you might not just take my word for this and look into it yourself. Sadly, most of academia, many Universities have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from Arab states in exchange for letting their terrorists be called professors and they have taught a lot of people a lot of very bullshit ideas.

Tim adds:

Other points to ponder; most "Palestinians" immigrated there in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and they displaced the aboriginal Palestinians, many of whom were Christians and wound up leaving. The current "nation of Palestine" came to take jobs created by the returning Jews. They are as much Johnnie-come-latelies as are the Jews, only the Jews had a traditional claim on the land.

Also the "Palestinians" didn't build the place up. Read Mark Twain's description of the land as totally desolate an overgrown. It was the returning Jews who built what the Palestinians now want to claim.

This whole business of the Palestinian issue is ot what it is made to appear. It is rather the old battle going back to Muhammed. Where Islam sets it's standard it shall never be moved! They want the land just because it had once been ruled by Muslims and they refuse to allow it to be in the hands of "infidels". This is fundamentally no different than the conquest of the city by Caliph Umar in 635 and Muslim rage at it's fall to the Crusaders in 1099 leading to the reconquest by Saladin in 1187. Basically they are just pissed off that "infidels" control "their" land.

Five times they have been offered their own country and five times turned it down because they demand control of Jerusalem and want Israel vulnerable to attack from the Golan Heights.

"From the river to the sea" shows exactly what they want - all of it.

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Dishing Dirt on Hunter

Beverly McCaul Goff

This is all of the information from the Hunter Laptop that documents all of the Biden family crimes & dirty business deals. The journalists who compiled this information did us the great favor of blocking out Hunters junk! Funny thing about that Abby Lowel sued the author for putting a black box over Hunter’s privates because there’s a law dealing with "altering” photos!

Report on the Biden Laptop

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Yes America Works!

Timothy Birdnow

This is a good essay. What did the black community want? They wanted better access to the mainstream of society and to be able to acquire what white people were able to acquire. What did they get? An all-out assault on the America they sought to access using them as a weapon. The end result was their situation became worse as the wonderful benefactors they believed in destroyed the essence of their community and took away the thing they wanted.

AmericaWorks - DEI Doesn't

Glad to see the black community is starting to come to the realization that they've been played.

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The New Normal

Bart Hall

When America let them get away with election fraud 2020, they endorsed this new normal... get over it, it is too late to act... they won, America lost..!

Bill Brindley

Michigan state Senator Jim Runestad is furious today after Democrats pass a new bill that changes 70 year-old law, and prevents the Board of Canvassers from investigating election fraud

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No Discernible Increase in Hurricanes

Timothy Birdnow

From meteorologist Chris Martz:

The longest continuous record of hurricane data is of Contiguous U.S. landfalls since 1851. We have a total of 173-years of data to work with.

In spite of long-term ocean warming [a large chunk of which has been recovery from the Little Ice Age] and 1.5 trillion tons of carbon dioxide emissions, the long-term linear trend of hurricane landfalls in the Lower 48 is slightly down since 1851, albeit the trend isn't very significant from a statistical standpoint.

What's more, there has been no discernable increase in the number of major hurricane landfalls either over the same time interval. If hurricanes were landfalling at higher intensities, there'd be a notable increase in C3-5 hurricane strikes.

The bottom line is this: in the era of rapidly increasing emissions, a detectable influence on hurricane strikes in the U.S. has yet to emerge in the historical record. Natural variability on interannual and multi-decadal time scales masks any anthropogenic influence.

Data from NOAA HURDAT here.

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Coldest Day in 20 Years in Australia

Timothy Birdnow

Global Warming? They just had the Coldest morning in Sydney for 20 years

Australians wake to coldest June morning in almost 20 years

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