December 06, 2016

Mo. Governor-elect's Wife Robbed at Gunpoint; the Fruits of Appeasement to Black Lives Matter

Timothy Birdnow

The wife of Missouri Governor-elect Eric Greitens was robbed at gunpoint coming out of Cafe Ventana, a restaurant near the the campus of St. Louis University. in the city of St. Louis.

St. Louis is a Democratic Party paradise, and this is what you get where anti-gun and anti-law and order types reign. St. Louis is ground zero for Black Lives Matter and crime has skyrocketed since the Mike Brown Ferguson riots and the tepid response by the Democratic Mayor and the Democratic outgoing Governor.

St. Louis University has been a magnet for BLM terrorists. SLU President Fred Pistello sent out a note to alumni when the Brown riots erupted saying Black Lives Matter was decidedly Catholic and in the spirit of SLU. He then allowed the SLU campus to be invaded by activists - Occupy SlU - who squatted for months in the quadrangle. As part of the "clocktower accords" Pistello promised to institute radical reforms the squatters demanded - including erecting a statue to them. In preparation for this Pistello removed a statue of Father Desmet, which he and the other leftists on campus claimed was racist because an Indian was kneeling in front of a priest.

Any wonder why criminals think Midtown - the area where St. Louis University is located - is fertile ground?

That's about to change. Greitens isn't going to take this sort of thing lightly.

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Microwave Fracking

Timothy Birdnow

Fracking is fun, but Microwaves are marvelous!

Microwave oil drilling is coming soon, and it will greatly expand our ability to get at oil - including the icky oil shale, which currently requires strip mining to get at. There are at least 1.5 TRILLION barrels of oil we will be able to tap using this technology.

According to

"These trillion barrels are contained in oil shale, in the Green River formation. Although it sounds confusingly identical to shale oil, it’s not, and this is why fracking does not work on it. Something else does work on oil shale, though, and that’s microwaves.

Oil shale, unlike shale oil, is not oil per se; it’s a solid organic material accumulation in shale rocks. To get the oil, you need extremely high temperatures, which are currently being achieved with the environmentally disastrous methods of strip mining – crushing the rock formation and then heating it up to liquefy the oil – and steam injection into the rock. Neither of these methods is particularly effective, which is why we haven’t been hearing much more about the Green River formation.

Microwaves, on the other hand, are capable of doing the job of the steam more effectively, more efficiently, and, what’s particularly important when it comes to oil and gas, more sparingly for the environment.

The idea of using microwaves to get to the fossil fuels hiding in shale rock is not new. In fact, it has been studied since at least 1983. The idea, as expressed by modern-day proponents such as Colorado-based Qmast, is to point a microwave beam with the power of, say, 500 regular microwave ovens to the shale formation and liquefy the crude in this particular sector. The crude then flows freely to a wellbore in the vicinity. According to Qmast’s CTO Peter Kearl, this vicinity – the space that this beam can heat up – can reach 80 feet from the wellbore.

Eighty feet is not a lot, were it not for the estimate that one single microwave-stimulated well can yield up to 800,000 barrels of crude. For now, this sounds too good to be true, and Qmast has not yet started doing trials outside the lab. It does have plans to launch trials outside the lab next year, and even has the ambition to start producing crude by the end of the year. "

End excerpt.

And this method does not produce nasty waste-water. Oh, and it can be powered by methane extracted from the well itslf. Again from the article:

"The very notion of microwaving to extract oil shale is mouthwatering, because it is a water-free process, and doesn’t leave behind waste—one of the main points of contention between the oil industry and environmentalists. It can also save on new-well investment by maximizing the yield from existing wells.

It is perhaps precisely for these reasons that some of these same environmentalists are adamant that microwaving must never be put to wide-scale use as a fossil fuel extraction method: because it will undermine efforts to switch to renewables, much in the same way that cheap oil did.

Leaving the anti-renewables consideration aside, there’s a much bigger problem with microwaves as a means of extracting oil, and that’s money. Microwaving a piece of shale rock 1,000 feet below ground takes quite a lot of energy. Now, this energy could come from the associated gas at the well or—why not—from renewable sources. Even so, the pumping cost per well remains about $9, which is more or less the same as the pumping cost of a conventional or a fracking well. In other words, for all its benefits, the microwave approach needs higher international oil prices to become commercially viable.

The good news is that until this happens, it can be used for other purposes, such as cleaning up clogged wells and de-blocking shale oil deposits where water prevents the crude from flowing to the wellbore. These multiple applications certainly increase the technology’s chances of success at some point in the future. It’s just unclear when exactly we will get to this point."

End excerpt.

And while the cost is still high, it will come down as the technology becomes established.

Expect a huge fight over this and some more dissembling criticisms from liberals. They don't want us to use oil. Some want us to use renewables because they believe in it, but many environmentalists want to power America down, to return the continent to it's pre-settlement condition, or as near as posssible. No energy is what they want.

And our buddies in the Arab world and in Russia aren't going to like this at all. Right now petrodollars fund the turmoil in the Middle East, giving the cash needed to run groups like ISIS or Al Qaeda or Boko Haram. Driving the price of oil down (which competing oil invariably does) strangles these evil enterprises in utero. Money is what gave the Islamic world the power to attack us. If we become energy independent they lose.

Ditto the Russians. How can Putin invade Ukraine or any other place if he doesn't have the money? As I noted at Pajama Media after Putin invaded Georgia, the Russians were forced to pull out because they ran out of money. War is expensive. And taking the money out of our enemies purses is critical to brokering peace; peace comes not from agreements but when one side cannot carry on. Strangle the oil money and our big enemies can't carry on against us.

This is wonderful news!

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The New Conservative Majority?

Brian Birdnow

As we now reach the one month anniversary of Donald Trump’s wholly unexpected presidential election victory we see the emerging fallout of this win, which recounts and desperate efforts to woo electors will not change. First of all, a look at the Democratic Party shows shock and bewilderment, as the Party regulars fully expected to win in a walk. The stories about champagne corks popping on the campaign plane the afternoon of November 8th testify to the level of their certainty. The Democrats have to get used to the fact that they lost to a candidate they called a "carnival barker,” among other things. The mainstream news media shares this sense of shock, but will add a deep and unrelenting sense of hostility to the mix. They got it all wrong from understanding the national mood, all the way to predicting how the election would play out, and the media do not like being shown up. Most of the conservative media, and those Republicans who voted for Trump, are understandably gleeful over the election results, and this includes those who are rejoicing over Hillary Clinton’s fall, rather than Donald Trump’s ascent. The potential trouble spot in this scenario for the conservative movement is the growing conviction that our side has established a "new conservative governing majority.” The Trump Era will no doubt provide many lessons of historical significance, but our side had better be careful before we blithely announce victory, and declare that the foe is vanquished. Recent history and the cyclical nature of politics should be our guides.

When we review the electoral situation from our admittedly short perspective we see that Trump, the less liberal candidate won the election. Trump’s commitment to the conservative movement has been minimal in the past, and he avoided calling himself a "conservative” during the campaign. He is now stocking his cabinet with conservatives like Ben Carson, Tom Price and others. This may be seen as a bouquet tossed to the right wing, or it may be seen as a willingness to admit that the conservatives can run things better than the establishment types. We shall see over the course of time.

We must also note in our review that our side beat Hillary Clinton, and we should be happy, in fact we should be pleased as punch about this development. Still, we should remember that many Democrats argued, amazingly, that Hillary Clinton was too much a pillar of the community, was too much of an insider, and was, in fact, too conservative to represent the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is shifty and chameleon-like, but no one can take the argument that she is too conservative at face value. In any event, many Democrats voted for an avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, and some sat out the general election as a silent protest. So, we haven’t completely subdued the enemy just yet.

Recent history should caution us that we have bumps in the road ahead. Our side has been through this before. Back in the halcyon days of the 1980s many conservative intellectuals digested the two Reagan landslides, a booming economy, and victory in the Cold War and believed that these stunning occurrences heralded an era of conservative dominance. That confident, almost complacent sense of setting the terms of debate crashed during the feckless Presidency of George HW Bush.

The conservative side bounced back with the near-realigning election of 1994. Newt Gingrich, the true visionary, nationalized the midterm elections and engineered a huge victory, delivering control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate to the Republican Party for the first time in forty years. The GOP establishment, astonished by the victory, gladly took power and remained a congressional majority for twelve years. They accomplished some things, but dropped the ball a number of times, too. More recently, the Obama era has proved more difficult to chart and categorize. The Democrats won big victories in 2008 and 2012, when Obama headed their ticket, but the Republicans won big in 2010 and 2014, when the president was not running, at least officially. In no case did the predictions of a new era of conservative dominance materialize. So, there is no telling what the future has in store.

Let us take a measured look at what did happen a month ago before we begin planning for our new era of dominance. First of all, we know that the Democrats wrote off the white working class voters, and realize now that they made a big mistake. The Democrats also discounted Catholic voters as a bloc to be courted, and as we heard in the WikiLeaks releases, senior Democrats referred to the Catholic faith in highly unflattering terms. The white working class and the Catholic voters finally perceived the depths of liberal and Democratic hostility and they voted accordingly. The Catholic vote went to Obama twice, but they abandoned the Democrats this time. It remains to be seen whether this is a long-term trend or if most working class whites and Catholic voters will return to their former political home, the Democratic Party.

We also saw the end result of Democratic identity politics crashing on the shoals of common sense and sanity. Many of those who voted Republican saw the Democrats as appealing to an assortment of every marginal pressure group under the sun. The Democrats seemed bent on cobbling together an alliance of LGBT activists, illegal immigrants, anyone who can claim to be a minority, and trial lawyers thrown in for good measure. The Party seemed more interested in putting men in girl’s restrooms than in dealing with national problems.

There is now much evidence that the Democrats see this issue more clearly than they did on November 8th. The Clinton campaign has ruefully admitted that the candidate’s "Basket of Deplorables” remark caused untold damage to the ticket. We will see the Democrats making a pitch to reconnect with those deplorables before the next election.

Yes, we are in for exciting politics in the next few years. Still, it would be in the interest of all conservatives to remember that a triumph, no matter how sweet, does not usually win a war. We have won a big victory, but have much work ahead!

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Recount in Michigan Turns up Democrat Vote Fraud

Jack Kemp

This is rich. A recount in Michigan highlights voter irregularities and fraud in Detroit.

Half of Detroit votes may be
ineligible for recount
Detroit News, by Chad Livengood and Joel Kurth

, 12/6/2016 2:04:01 AM
One-third of precincts in Wayne County could be disqualified from an unprecedented statewide recount of presidential election results because of problems with ballots. Michigan’s largest county voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but officials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of vote results late last month. Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662. According to state law, precincts whose poll books don’t match with ballots can’t be recounted.

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Winning the Cold War with Iran

Jack Kemp

Caroline Glick, besides being a senior editor at the Jerusalem Post, is also a former Israeli Army Intelligence officer. She was born and raised in the U.S.
Glick: Michael Flynn and What he Means for Trump's Foreign Policy
With Mattis and Flynn at his side, Trump intends to bring down the Iranian regime as a first step toward securing an unconditional victory in the war against radical Islam.

In the US and around the world, people are anxiously awaiting US President-elect Donald Trump’s announcement of his choice to serve as secretary of state. There is no doubt that Trump’s choice for the position will tell us a great deal about the direction his foreign policy is likely to take.

But the fact is that we already have sufficient information to understand what his greatest focus will be.
Trump’s announcement last week that he has selected Marine General James Mattis to serve as his defense secretary is a key piece of the puzzle.

Mattis has a sterling reputation as a brilliant strategist and a sober-minded leader. His appointment has garnered plaudits across the ideological spectrum.

In 2013, US President Barack Obama summarily removed Mattis from his command as head of the US Military’s Central Command. According to media reports, Mattis was fired due to his opposition to Obama’s strategy of embracing Iran, first and foremost through his nuclear diplomacy. Mattis argued that Iran’s nuclear program was far from the only threat Iran constituted to the US and its allies. By empowering Iran through the nuclear deal, Obama was enabling Iran’s rise as a hegemonic power throughout the region.

Mattis’s dim view of Iran is shared by Trump’s choice to serve as his national security adviser. Lt. General Michael Flynn’s appointment has been met with far less enthusiasm among Washington’s foreign policy elites.

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California's Talking Donkeys

Dana Mathewson

Dianne Feinstein: "All vets are mentally ill in some way and the government should prevent them from owning firearms."

Columnist Burt Prelutsky in the L.A. Times

"Frankly, I don't know what it is about California, but we seem to have a strange urge to elect really obnoxious women to high office. I'm not bragging, you understand, but no other state, including Maine, even comes close. When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats to Washington, we're Number One. There's no getting around the fact that the last time anyone saw the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi, they were stirring a cauldron when the curtain went up on "Macbeth." The four of them are like jackasses who happen to possess the gift of blab. You don't know if you should condemn them for their stupidity or simply marvel at their ability to form words."

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Codevilla Explains Everything

Helen Dyer

Outstanding article which explains nearly everything.

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Laugh and the World Laughs with You, Cry and You're a Democrat

Dana Mathewson

Brother-in-law David sends this. Kurt Schlichter's not my fave, but this IS fun.


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See Plugs Run; Run plugs, Run!

Dana Mathewson

He meant to say "I'll run in 2020 if there's still a functioning Democratic Party." Right?

Twenty-seven days after Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, Vice President Joe Biden told reporters he would make his third bid for the highest office in the land four years from now. "I'm going to run in 2020," Biden, 74, told a group of reporters at the Capitol Monday

Angela Merkel has called for a burqa ban wherever "legally possible” and says the full Islamic veil is "not appropriate” in Germany.

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Merk to Ban Burq(a)

Dana Mathewson

You don't suppose she's taking a cue from Trump, do you?

Merkel calls for burqa ban in Germany.

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December 05, 2016

The Democrat's Operation Chaos

Timothy Birdnow

Two stories at Gateway Pundit today illustrate the continued attempts by Hillary Clinton to steal this election.

First, Trump lost 16,000 plus votes in Pennsylvania as Democrat-controlled districts keep finding "overlooked" votes. As Joe Hoft points out:

"Massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania has been identified. The final certified results in Pennsylvania show Donald Trump winning the state with 2,961,658 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,913,903 votes. The difference is 47,755 votes. This is what is now reported after absentee ballots were counted as reported on Friday, December 2nd.

Before the recounts on November 29th, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump was winning the state with 2,959,839 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,895,436 votes. The difference was 64,403 votes.

This means that of the 20,736 absentee ballots cast, 18,467 went to Clinton— This is highly suspect.

I"n addition, there were 41,120 more votes cast for President than for the Senate race in Pennsylvania when looking at the final tallies. This too is suspect."

End excerpt.

That last is my argument about the popular vote count. The media is claiming Hillary won by over 2.5 million votes nationwide, and they are claiming this was the biggest blowout in history in terms of the popular vote. Yet none of this, NONE, translated to downballot races. If Hillary really won these popular votes then the Democrats should have made pickups in House races, in state houses, in Governorships. They didn't. Something is rotten in Denmark.

TGP also reports on an Obama appointed judge ordering a hand recount in Michigan - with the Electoral College vote emminent.

"The Detroit News reported:

A federal judge has ordered Michigan election officials to begin a massive hand recount of 4.8 million ballots cast in the presidential election at noon Monday.

U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith issued a ruling just after midnight Monday in favor of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who sought to let election officials bypass a two-business-day waiting period that would have delayed start of the recount until Wednesday morning.

Goldsmith’s order said the recount "shall commence and must continue until further order of this court.”

"Defendants shall instruct all governmental units participating in the recount to assemble necessary staff to work sufficient hours to assure that the recount is completed in time to comply with the ‘safe harbor’ provision,” of federal election law, Goldsmith wrote.

The deadline to finalize the vote total for the Electoral College is Dec. 13 and federal election law requires a period of "safe harbor” for presidential electors before the presidency is finalized on Dec. 19.

End excerpt.

The scheme is designed to make Michigan miss the EC vote. In fact, I think the plan is to sew so much chaos with the EC vote that Obama and the Courts will intervene, perhaps forcing this into the House of Representatives, where Trump is not popular with the Speaker and other Establishment types and many of the Congressman may be open to, uh, persuasion.

If nothing else this is designed to bloody up Trump.

Does anybody remember Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" during the 2008 Democratic primaries? Rush said he wanted to bloody up Obama, to make him less effective and put his nomination in doubt. He encouraged Republicans to cross over and vote in the Democratic primary - just as Democrats have been doing for years to the GOP. Well, this is Hillary's effort to "bloody up" Trump in the same way.

There is no downside here for the Democrats. If they somehow pull out a miracle and win then Santa Clause is good, but if not they still damage Trump and punish voters, and cost Republicans money. This will, of course, draw lots of cash from angry liberals.

No downside.

Donald Trump should find a way to punish them for this, some legal way. This is a penultimate dirty trick, and one does not allow one's enemies to get away with dirty tricks lest they do so again in the future. Politics is much like child-rearing; you have to be firm and consistent. Bad behavior must be punished. it really is that simple.

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Mark Steyn Explains the "97% Concensus

Helen Dyer sends this our way:

Mark Steyn’s explanation of the "97% of scientists” agree with AG fraud

The '97% of Scientists Agree on Climate Change' Consensus Comes From Just 75 Hand-Picked US Scientists

In the current ridiculous battle over "real news" vs. "fake news," the establishment media liars all claim that climate change is the perfect example of how "fake news" keeps interfering with their truthful facts. They repeatedly claim that 97% of scientists agree on man-made climate change, and therefore anyone who disagrees is obviously shoveling "fake" news. But wait a second. Where does that "97%" claim really come from? They sure repeat it a lot. Is it a legitimate representation of the science?

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Denmark Sacks Prof for Exposing Wind Energy Scam

Helen forwards this:

Top Professor Fired For Exposing Huge Wind Energy Scam Published on August 5, 2014 Written by John Droz Jr Henrik Møller, Denmark’s leading academic expert on noise research, has been fired by his university after exposing a far-reaching cover up by the Danish government of the health risks caused by wind turbine noise pollution. Shock and outrage at this latest example of the heavey-handed cover up of government-backed junk science has brought strong condemnation from independent scientists. John Droz Jr, a respected critic of wind farms, has issued the following condemnatory response: As you probably know, a passion of mine is defending my profession (Science) from assault.

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Nuclear Waste Batteries

This courtesy of Helen Dyer and Boz:

Scientists finally find a good use for nuclear waste: making batteries

Unlimited clean energy is a world-changing prospect. It's hard to overstate how much the development of a technology that provides power for free would change our civilisation, in most regards for the better. That's why so much money is being spent on research into nuclear fusion and related technologies.

Now, however, a team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol have unveiled a 'nuclear battery' that they claim could offer a long-term supply of energy with zero emissions for small, low-power devices. Best of all, it could solve our nuclear waste problem along the way.

Their prototype battery involves a man-made diamond that generates a small electric current when placed in a radioactive field. "There are no moving parts involved, no emissions generated and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation," said Tom Scott from the University's Interface Analysis Centre.

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Fake Climate Data at GISS

Helen Dyer

NASA's Goddard Institute has been playing games with the temperature data, according to our friends at No Tricks Zone:

"Massively Altered” …German Professor Examines NASA GISS Temperature Datasets
Veteran journalist Günter Ederer* writes a piece reporting that massive alterations have been found in the NASA GISS temperature data series, citing a comprehensive analysis conducted by a leading German scientist. These results are now available to the public

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Leftists Without Borders; The Italian Job

Timothy Birdnow

I am blissfully ignorant of italian politics, and hope to largely remain so in the future. Italy is, to my mind, just another quasi-socialist hipster haven, with a lot of hot fashion models, some great food, and a hippie Catholic Pope with a radical hat (who actually lives in another country than Italy.) Beyond that I care little for Italy as a country, because it really has no major bearing on America or on foreign affairs. Oh, I wish Italy well, and know we need to maintain friendship with them, but I'm just not that into the place.

So I haven't really been following the recent Constitutional amendment vote. I don't know much about Italy's government and don't really care.

But word of the thrashing the reform measure received caught my eye, and I just have to comment on a few salient points.

First, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi pushed a major reform of Italy's government. Wikipedia stated that the reforms would reduce the power of the Senate and empower the Presidency - and the Prime Minister. I will spare all and sundry the details of the political machine in Italy and what changes were sought, but suffice it to say there has been a reform movement since the 1980's - a movement that has failed to get these same reforms for decades now. Apparently someone really, really wants them but can't explain why to the general public.

Renzi's efforts got creamed in the referednum, leading him to announce his resignation.

So why did this catch my eye given I find italian politics dull? Well, the last paragraph for starters; this is the hallmark of the Left, to never give up on some plan or scheme. Liberals believe that "history is on their side" - indeed the name they have given themselves is Progessive, as though there is some overarching end to history (outside of the religious ends as seen by Christians or Jews or Muslims) and that they are the foot soldiers in a cosmic battle of righteousness versus darkness. Karl Marx thought so; in The Communist Manifesto he proclaimed the inevitability of Communism because of historical forces, then immediately called for "workers of the world" to "unite. You have only your chains to lose!" This is, of course, completely unnecessary if history will make this happen anyway. Why struggle and fight and battle when you are guaranteed to win? It is part of the madness of the Left that they BELIEVE victory is theirs yet continue an endless Jihad anyway. Why not simply relax and let it come? Sometimes things come faster if you try not to rush it, and sometimes things are better that way. Anyone who has read MacBeth knows that the usurper would have been the King had he simply waited, but by stealing the throne he brought down destruction upon himself.

Liberals never let things go; they are the sorest of sore losers. When Conservatives lose we accept the precedent (even if we don't like it) and go from there, but Liberals always put their program on a back burner, preparing to bring it back up. As a result we have Obamacare, a scheme the Left has been trying to implement for decades. Gay marriage was reviled as a concept but they kept plugging away until they got what they wanted. In fact, if you look at every success of the Left (and they have been legion) of the last fifty years or more you will see something that failed at first but was brought back around repeatedly, until the public was worn down. They call this "education" or "preparation" but in reality it is an attempt to thwart the will of the people. Eventually they do. So they never give up on an idea once it is conceived.

Here in the St.Louis area they did that with a smoking ban. Public outrage at the proposal killed it several times, but the liberals pushing it simply brought it back over and over and eventually it passed. The ancient Greeks used to execute someone who brought an initiative back for a third vote if it failed; they were trying to thwart the will of the people. We now see ourselves as too civilized, so the Progressives can throw continual temper tantrums until they get what they want.

This holds true in Italy as well, apparently; these reforms have been the endgame of the establishment there for decades.

Which tells me quite a bit. It tells me that the elites wanted these reforms to further strengthen the European Union, preparatory to creating an United States of Europe. These reforms are needed for the Anschluss.

The failure of Renzi's efforts has led to a major drop in the value of the Euro out of fear of an Italexit. It seems the Italian People aren't too happy with the Europeanization of their country, and at least want to hold to their old ways.

Another thing that caught my eye was the discovery that the chief strategist for Renzi's reforms was Jim Messina.

No, I'm not talking about the former musical partner of Kenny Loggins, but rather a Democrat operative who managed Barack Obama's campaign and who was instruemental in the passage of the American Care Act aka Obamacare. Messina is considered the "most powerful man you never heard of" in Washington, a former aid to Max Baucus. He's a snake; he was the guy who devised Baucus's notoriously anti-homosexual campaign ad, and later he would be instrumental in ending "don't ask, don't tell" in the military for full acceptance of homosexual behavior - a major change that the Left had sought for a long time (don't ask don't tell was Bill Clinton's initiative, which radically altered the moral code of the U.S. military and Obama completed what Clinton started.) He helped Baucus to stop George W. Bush from creating small private accounts inside of social security, an institution that is going to become insolvent.

He was also Chief of Staff for Byron Dorgan and recently ran a superpac for Hillary Clinton.

What was a leftist political hit man doing running a campaign to reform the Italian government? Apparently he works as a consultant to the British Conservative party, too (who are in no way conservative by the metrics we employ in the U.S.)

American leftists seem to be not just content to screw up the United States but want to export their insane ideas. Snake Eyes James Carville goes around the globe doing likewise, selling his services in places like Argentina to promote the Revolution.

If anything should tell us about the totalitarian nature of Progressivism it should be this. There is an elite cadre that thinks of itself as the masters of the universe, and they seek to seduce the whole world into following them on their road to Hell. Borders are antiquated ideas and mean little to people like Jim Messina. There can be no choice involved, no diversity where this is concerned; the liberal must be obeyed, believed, even celebrated everywhere. We must all go toge4ther hand in hand. Those who will not go joyously into the Kingdom Age will have to be liquidated.

Why? Well, when their ideas are tried on an experimental level they fail. But if the whole world is forced to go along...

So this vote in Italy repudiated the Progressive empire, at least temporarily. The liberals will ride this out and fight another day, and our side may well become complacent (as we usually do, thinking a victory is a victory.) The Left never sleeps in their evil

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December 04, 2016

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre unsealed

Jack Kemp

National Geographic made a video...Interesting still photos and text article from UK on what was found after first time the tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was opened in over 500 years.

Here's a comment on from a pilgrim to The Holy Land:

"I have been to this site and to the Garden tomb and only the Garden tomb fits into the Gospel description. The tomb in this article is not in a hillside and did not have a huge stone wheel rolled across the entrance and sealed by the Roman guards. The site in Gethsamene does. It fits scripture perfectly."

Since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth has fallen by $3.7 billion

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Double Standards for Christians and Muslims

Jack Kemp

Linked to from Clarice Feldman's article at American Thinker:

Religons Of The World And What Is Acceptable

In case you don't recall, A&E TV has a program called Duck Dynasty. A family (The Robertson's) of rednecks who struck it big with duck calls. Silly show. Sometimes funny, sometimes entertaining.

The Robertson's show doesn't discuss politics or culture. The ending of the show concludes with dinner and a dinner prayer. The patriarch of the Family, Phil Robertson spoke out about his beliefs off camera in a 2014 magazine interview. Of course his conservative Christian views about homosexuality were not accepted by the MSM. After a brief suspension because of Phil's off-screen comments, Duck Dynasty returned to A&E's lineup.

Fast forward to 2016. HGTV has a remodeling show "Fixer Upper" featuring Chip & Joanna Gaines. I've seen it a few times. They appear to be nice couple and seem to do a good job. No religious overtones that I've seen.

One problem, the Gaines belong to a church where SSM is not accepted. The Gaines' have kept their mouth shouts but are under pressure to state their beliefs.

So Christians who stay true to their beliefs are fair game? Right? Well, if Christians are to be held accountable for their beliefs. What about Muslims?

So if the Gaines' church and pastor can lead to their suspension and/or termination. (Stay tuned) What about a Muslim congressman?

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) hasn't come out publicly for the exclusion of SSM. But it appears that his Imam has.

"It’s not within our paradigm, really, to change the word of God,” said Imam Makram El-Amin, leader of Masjid Al-Nur in Minneapolis. "Our religion is clear about this matter. It’s not a lifestyle that we accept as being part of the natural way of things for human beings. When it comes to that, that’s my position, and that’s Islam’s position. And this incident as tragic and terrible as it is that does not change that,” he said.

Until Congressman Ellison comes forth and denounces his Imam, his mosque and anti-homosexuality Keith Ellison is not in a position to run the DNC. Hell, he shouldn't even be a congressman. We won't even get into his Anti-Semitism and his ties to the Nation of Islam.

If we can't have a Christian couple star in a 30 minute cable show about home fixer uppers, certainly we can't have an anti-homosexual bigot run the DNC.

But when it comes to the hypocrites left we know which religion is acceptable, don't we?

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A Broke Weiner

A Dana mathewson

Well, since I've seen Breitbart castigated as a "fake news source," I'm not sure I should send this...

Anthony Weiner ‘So Broke’ He Can’t Afford Sex Addiction Rehab
Breitbart News

After photos showing disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner back near his pricy New York home, news surfaced that he was found guilty of campaign fund violations, fined $65,000, and is "so broke" that he couldn't finish his stint in sex addiction rehab

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Zuckerberg Loses $3.7 Billion Over Trump

Dana Mathewson

Cry me a river!

Mark Zuckerberg Loses $3.7 Billion Following Trump Election
Breitbart News

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