February 15, 2014

Quarter of Americans Ignorant of Heliocentrism

Timothy Birdnow

One in four Americans do not know the Earth revolves around the Sun, according to a recent poll by the National Science Foundation.

According to Breitbart:

"The survey included more than 2,200 people in the United States and was conducted by the National Science Foundation.

Ten questions about physical and biological science were on the quiz, and the average score -- 6.5 correct -- was barely a passing grade.

Just 74 percent of respondents knew that the Earth revolved around the Sun, according to the results released at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago."

End excerpt.

No wonder Barack Obama was elected twice by the American voter. 

And here is the kicker:

"One in three respondents said science should get more funding from the government."

So, one in four do not know the Earth revolves around the Sun while one in three want more money for science via taxation. How, I wonder, did the quarter of respondees who think the Earth just floats around answer that question?

Government funding of research is what has given us huge amounts of junk science in recent years - most especially Global Warming. Science is no longer about a quest for the truth but a quest for the cash, and the more politically palatable the claims by researchers (and more spectacular) the more money flows from Uncle Sam's ample nipples.

But the public will support the status quo because they are this ignorant.

Who has been running the nation's educational system all of these years? It wasn't the Catholics.

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NE anti-gun Big Cities Don't grow US's economy: they're leeches

Jack Kemp

Although this story applies equally to what Connecticut is becoming - and also could describe St. Louis, here is The Money Quote:

"Andrew Cuomo made it clear that there is no place for gun owners, or gun manufacturers, in his state. This is why Kahr Arms, a small arms manufacturing company with high-wage jobs for its skilled workers, is moving those jobs and the associated tax revenues out of Mr. Cuomo's sorry excuse for a state."

The Kahr Arms link in this Amer. Thinker article doesn't bring up the appropriate second article but this link does:




February 15, 2014
New York City: A Pay More, Get Less Sinkhole
By William A. Levinson

New York's dishonest governor, Andrew Cuomo, has made it eminently clear that there is no place for pro-life voters, or gun owners, in his sorry excuse for a state. This, along with the resounding failure of even moderate Democrats to distance themselves from this individual, shows there is no place for gun owners, Catholics, Orthodox Jews, or Evangelical Christians in the Democratic Party.
New York State's problems have a clearly identifiable source. Votes from the Big Rotten Apple put individuals like Andrew Cuomo, his father Mario, and Emperor's VIP Club Client 9 into office. Michael Bloomberg was a Kim Jong Un-wannabee who took Federal gun law enforcement into his own hands, and almost stepped onto the wrong side of Federal gun felony laws in the process. His replacement, Bill De Blasio, has made it clear that there is no place for productive businesses or citizens in his pay more, get less Socialist paradise.

De Blasio said people earning between $500,000 and one million dollars a year would see their taxes increase by an average of $973 a year. "[W]e do not ask more of the wealthy to punish success. We do it to create more success stories," he said.

Let's face the facts. New York City, just like other deep blue left-wing strongholds like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Detroit, is a collective parasite that leeches off the productive elements of the rest of their states along with their own residents. The first three cities are why New York, Illinois, and California are the worst places in the country to work or do business.
The City's Journey from Productive Entity to Parasite

Think carefully about the purpose of a city. Long ago, as in thousands of years, humans concentrated dwellings and other vital structures in cities to minimize the perimeter of the wall necessary to defend them. This, in turn, minimized the number of soldiers necessary to defend the perimeter. The 17th century saw the construction of massive trace italienne fortresses, such as those designed by the great French engineer Sebastian Vauban, that required months to batter into submission. The 19th century saw the construction of even more extensive fortresses such as those that protected Verdun. Cities also served as centers of commerce and industry; if you wanted to buy something that could not be made in your village, you had to go to the city. A weekly, or monthly, trip to town (by foot, or horse-drawn wagon) was once a big affair for the rural family.

Even during the 17th and 18th centuries, however, howitzers and mortars made it possible to bombard the inside of a city despite its walls. The tightly-packed houses, apartments, and commercial structures made it almost certain that a shell or rocket would hit something important. This should have been a hint, even more than 200 years ago, that packing so much value into so little real estate might no longer be a good idea. The Zeppelin, and then the airplane, underscored the city's new role as a target-rich environment rather than a defensible position. Now cities are targets for intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as terrorist weapons.

A city's high concentration of people and property gives the attacker the biggest payback for whatever he spends on his weapon of mass destruction. The terrorists made this emphatically clear with the 7/7 subway bombings in London, and the use of poison gas in Tokyo. Risk management and employee safety are, by themselves, good reasons to not do business in New York City.

Cities are also extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. The elevator made the high-rise building possible, but a power failure will make you a prisoner in your upper-story apartment (unless you are in top physical condition). Hurricane Sandy cut the power to a New York City hospital, thus endangering lives when the hospital's auxiliary generator failed. If the electric power goes out in a subway, you will be trapped between stations, and widespread looting also is a problem. The elimination of these risks costs less than nothing because cities are no longer important as centers of commerce.

Remember that a trip to the city was a big event for many families 100 or more years ago. The advent of the railroad began to change this in the 19th century, when Sears Roebuck introduced the mail-order catalog. The automobile created the suburb, along with the shopping mall that eliminated the need to go into town. Henry Ford saw the handwriting on the wall more than 90 years ago.

And finally, the overhead expense of living or doing business in the great cities is becoming so large as to be unbearable. It places so great a tax upon life that there is no surplus over to live on. The politicians have found it easy to borrow money and they have borrowed to the limit. Within the last decade the expense of running every city in the country has tremendously increased. A good part of that expense is for interest upon money borrowed; the money has gone either into nonproductive brick, stone, and mortar, or into necessities of city life, such as water supplies and sewage systems at far above a reasonable cost. The cost of maintaining these works, the cost of keeping in order great masses of people and traffic is greater than the advantages derived from community life. The modern city has been prodigal, it is to-day bankrupt, and to-morrow it will cease to be.

Now we have Google Shopping instead of the Sears Roebuck catalog. The Internet has also made it possible to provide most services that involve knowledge work (e.g. financial services) from anywhere in the world. It is clear that today's big cities -- the deepest blue voting regions in the country -- cannot even begin to carry their own weight economically. This is, in fact, exactly why they are the deepest blue voting regions in the country. Their residents, even those who work and pay taxes, must look to other taxpayers to carry their lifestyle, public transportation systems, and so on.
New York City Equals Supply Chain Waste

It is incredible that New York has built yet another World Trade Center, and even more incredible that anybody in his right mind would want to move into it. The fact that two-thirds of Cantor Fitzgerald's workforce was wiped out on 9/11, along with the fact that a previous attempt was made to bomb the original WTC, should have educated most rational people to the effect that setting up shop on a bulls-eye is Not A Good Idea. The truth is, in fact, that many businesses are shunning the new World Trade Center out of consideration for the safety of their employees, the astronomical rents, or both.

There is, believe it or not, at least one company that offers virtual office space in New York. The idea is that the purchaser can have a "prestigious New York City address," but I can say what a NYC address tells me as a potential customer or supply chain partner. A midtown Manhattan address has muda, the Japanese word for supply chain waste, written all over it. It tells me that whatever service I purchase will include astronomical rents, taxes to carry Mayor De Blasio's Socialist non-worker's paradise, and inflated wages and salaries to induce employees to live and work in NYC.
If, for example, $44,400 a year buys a certain standard of living in York County, PA, and an employer must pay a worker $100,000 a year to get him to live and work in New York City instead, then $55,600 a year of that person's pay is absolute waste -- for the employee as well as the rest of the supply chain. If I am buying goods or services (probably services, because midtown Manhattan produces little or nothing in the way of material goods), I am not going to squander that kind of money, or whatever my business' share of it might be. A company's location in the World Trade Center, or indeed anywhere else in Mayor De Blasio's pay-more-get-less sinkhole, is absolute proof that its overhead costs include exorbitant, and avoidable, waste.

The Solution: Escape from New York

Andrew Cuomo made it clear that there is no place for gun owners, or gun manufacturers, in his state. This is why Kahr Arms, a small arms manufacturing company with high-wage jobs for its skilled workers, is moving those jobs and the associated tax revenues out of Mr. Cuomo's sorry excuse for a state. We will be delighted to welcome them to Pennsylvania, along with New York's other productive industries. New York's energy-intensive businesses can opt out of the Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative by leaving. Other productive businesses should do the same so they can stop wasting their investors' money, their employees' money, and their customers' money, to carry New York City.
Productive citizens should also be aware that New York taxes retirement income from 401Ks and IRAs. The obvious solution to these problems is to work and retire elsewhere, and leave the Big Rotten Apple to fend for itself.

William A. Levinson, P.E. is the author of several books on business management including content on organizational psychology, as well as manufacturing productivity and quality.

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Kill Common Core HB1490 Witness Forms

A.J. Cameron

It is Missouri's turn!


There has been an avalanche of awareness raised since the last legislative session.This will be the final legislative session (ending in May) to withdraw from what will be a consortia of other states whowill bebeholding to two private trade organizations holding the copyright to the standards.If at any time after thestart of the 2014-2015 school year,we decide towithdraw from theconsortia of states,it will require approval from the US Dept. of Ed.to exit.

Thank you for taking the time to strengthen our representatives hand by filling out the witness form. We will hand carry your witness form to thechairman of the committee the day of the hearing. Please share with friends and family members. It's lovely... It doesn't cost a thing and your voice will be heard.

Thanks again,

Jill Carter

Subject: Hearing Notice & Witness Form -- HB 1490 - Stop Common Core

Click here to view in your browser.

Stop Common Core

Enable graphics to view.


Dedicated to the sovereignty
of Missourians.

Missouri Flag

Critical Anti-Common Core Bill Hearing On Thursday
Fill out Witness Forms Now!

HB 1490 stops Common Core in Missouri!
Sponsor: Rep. Kurt Bahr

Missouri First Home

February 14, 2014


You can mess with a lot of my things and I might overlook it, but don't mess with my children!

That's what HB 1490says to Governor Nixon and his Commissioner of Education, Chris Nicastro about forcing the national Common Core standards on Missouri schools. (Read more about it, below.)

Please fill out an online witness form. If you can make it to the hearing, print yourself a copy and present it yourself. We will also print and hand deliver your witness form to the Senate committee, along with hundreds of others as a strong showing of support. (We will also present witness forms for anyone who opposes the measure and fills one out, here..)

Witness Form - We will hand deliver your witness form and also make your testimony available online for the committee to read.

Jill Carter's custom witness form link for HB 1490
(Remove the above link before forwarding this email)


Committee: Elementary and Secondary Education

Chair: Cookson, Steve - (Rep-153) Vice Chair: Barnes, Jay-(Rep-60)
Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time: Upon morning adjournment (about noon)

Location: House Hearing Room 6


Turning Into A Modern Day Sparta

The ancient Grecian city-state of Sparta is infamous for the state control of the rearing of children to further the purpose of the state. From Wikipedia:

Sparta was above all a militarist state, and emphasis on military fitness began virtually at birth. Shortly after birth, a mother would bathe her child in wine to see whether the child was strong. If the child survived it was brought before the Gerousia by the child's father. The Gerousia then decided whether it was to be reared or not. It is commonly stated that if they considered it "puny and deformed", the baby was thrown into a chasm on Mount Taygetos known euphemistically as the Apothetae (Gr., ἀποθέται, "Deposits").

Children were not considered to belong to their parents, but rather to the state, so it was deemed acceptable to take them away from their parents at a tender age and educate them as the state saw fit. It is not an exaggeration to say that such a mentality exists today in America. With frighteningly increasing frequency the power to determine how children are educated is being taken from parents and centralized in state and federal governments.

The new Common Core national education standards are the most ambitious attempt to "Spartanize” education, and Missouri's governor Jay Nixon and has inappropriately committed Missouri schools to the standards. In addition to loss of control of education standards, Common Core will result in a database that follows our children their entire careers.

Rep. Kurt Bahr's HB 1490 forbids the governor and state employees from adopting Common Core and reverses what they have already inappropriately done.

Text of HB 1490:

Section A. Chapter 161, RSMo, is amended by adding thereto one new section, to be known as section 161.855, to read as follows:

161.855. Notwithstanding any other law, the state board of education shall not adopt, and the department of elementary and secondary education shall not implement, the Common Core State Standards developed by the Common Core Standards Initiative. Any actions taken to adopt or implement the Common Core State Standards as of the effective date of this section are void. Common Core State Standards or any other statewide education standards shall not be adopted or implemented without the approval of the general assembly.

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core Website

What you can do:

  1. Right NOW, either plan to attend the hearing for HB 1490 on Thursday, or fill out the online witness form..
  2. Pass on this email or another with the generic witness form link to as many liberty loving people as you can.
  3. Stay tuned and watch for more announcements.

For Liberty,

- Ron

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Frozen, Gloomy Gitchigoomie

Timothy Birdnow

The Great Lakes are about as ice packed as the Southern Ocean these days.

While the article does not blame Global Warming for the freeze, they do suggest that this is an aberration from Global Warming.

A strange aberration, given 16 plus years of no planetary warming.

I sure do wish that Global Warming would hurry along - before we freeze.

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February 14, 2014

U.S. Communist Party ready to back up Democrats?

Dana Mathewson

I recently received this article, from WorldNetDaily, about how the Communist Party USA has announced, quote: With Democrats facing a real possibility of losing the Senate this November, the Communist Party USA has announced the cavalry is planning to ride to their rescue by helping unite the left and stave off "right-wing extremism.”

Being, of course, a card-carrying "right wing extremist" myself (I printed my own cards), and loving to see myself mentioned in print like that, I read further and learned that The plans were announced during a web streaming event held by party Chairman Sam Webb Wednesday titled "Taking care of the future: from here to socialism.”

The event was part of the party’s national convention process which will culminate later this year in Chicago, where the party was formed in 1919.

Webb told listeners that there is no direct path to socialism and that to arrive at their destination they would have to pass through different stages. He stated one of those steps was to work with other left-wing groups to press for issues important to the left.


Webb acknowledged that one of the problems the movement faces is the stigma of the name Communist among some Americans, but he believes under the policies of the Obama administration the country is now more willing to embrace those beliefs. [Emphasis mine]


"The good news is the same hang-ups or stereotypes that people had 30 to 40 years ago are not so evident today,” he said. "Growing numbers of people are ready to have a conversation about socialism. There have been public opinion polls that indicate that substantial numbers have more confidence in socialism than capitalism.”

"We have to let people know what our vision is. The climate in the country is different. We can have a different conversation than we could have 30 to 40 years ago, even 20 years ago. Socialism is no longer a white-hot word, people are willing to talk about it.”

Read the whole thing (there is quite a bit more, as well as pushback from our people) at http://www.wnd.com/2014/02/communists-to-obama-weve-got-your-back/#DzoUxjxOTWb5ZzrL.99

It's obvious they are going to try to fly under the radar, so we will have to watch carefully for them and "smoke them out" wherever and whenever possible. And remember that their pals in the Democratic Party will have their Full Alinsky ready to use against us, so get your facts straight before you pounce.

(Hat tip to Friend Ken)

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The Real Valentine`s Day

Happy Valentine`s Day to all!

St. Valentine was a third century man imprisoned by the Romans for the terrible crime of being a Christian. One of his jailors came to respect him (since he was an intelligent and educated man) and asked Valentine if he would have regular visits with his daughter for the purpose of teaching her. Valentine became fast friends with the girl, and wrote her letters signed YOUR VALENTINE. The legend was born after Valentine was executed on February 14, 296.

I hope that makes you all appreciate the holiday a little more; it is more than just a greeting card company holiday!



Here is the story from New Advent, the Catholic Encyclopedia:

At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under date of 14 February. One is described as a priest at Rome, another as bishop of Interamna (modern Terni), and these two seem both to have suffered in the second half of the third century and to have been buried on the Flaminian Way, but at different distances from the city. In William of Malmesbury's time what was known to the ancients as the Flaminian Gate of Rome and is now the Porta del Popolo, was called the Gate of St. Valentine. The name seems to have been taken from a small church dedicated to the saint which was in the immediate neighborhood. Of both these St. Valentines some sort of Acta are preserved but they are of relatively late date and of no historical value. Of the third Saint Valentine, who suffered in Africa with a number of companions, nothing further is known.

Saint Valentine's Day

The popular customs associated with Saint Valentine's Day undoubtedly had their origin in a conventional belief generally received in England and France during the Middle Ages, that on 14 February, i.e. half way through the second month of the year, the birds began to pair. Thus in Chaucer's Parliament of Foules we read:

For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne's day
Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.

For this reason the day was looked upon as specially consecrated to lovers and as a proper occasion for writing love letters and sending lovers' tokens. Both the French and English literatures of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries contain allusions to the practice. Perhaps the earliest to be found is in the 34th and 35th Ballades of the bilingual poet, John Gower, written in French; but Lydgate and Clauvowe supply other examples. Those who chose each other under these circumstances seem to have been called by each other their Valentines. In the Paston Letters, Dame Elizabeth Brews writes thus about a match she hopes to make for her daughter (we modernize the spelling), addressing the favoured suitor:

And, cousin mine, upon Monday is Saint Valentine's Day and every bird chooses himself a mate, and if it like you to come on Thursday night, and make provision that you may abide till then, I trust to God that ye shall speak to my husband and I shall pray that we may bring the matter to a conclusion.

Shortly after the young lady herself wrote a letter to the same man addressing it "Unto my rightwell beloved Valentine, John Paston Esquire". The custom of choosing and sending valentines has of late years fallen into comparative desuetude.

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Celebrate Valentine's Day and Monogamy

By Alan Caruba

A great marriage is a marvelous and mysterious thing. My parents celebrated 64 years of marriage together until my Father passed away. Even into his 90s, he could not leave the dinner table without pausing to give her a kiss. They enjoyed each other’s company and gave each other the space to pursue their interests.

Valentine’s Day arrives preceded by two weeks of commercials in which men are reminded to purchase flowers, chocolates, pajamas, or teddy bears for the women they love. In my parent’s era—they were born in 1901 and 1903—and in the era in which I spent my childhood and became a young man, the 1940s and 1950s, courtship was expected to result in marriage. Getting divorced or having a child out of wedlock was a disgrace. Compare that to the present era.

In the 1950s, having returned from the great drama of World War Two, men wanted to settle down and start families, and as William Tucker notes in his new book, "Marriage and Civilization: How Monogamy Made Us Human”, "More than 75 percent of households were occupied by married couples. Illegitimacy was a miniscule 5 percent…The phenomenon of "single motherhood” was virtually unknown.”

My Father, a Certified Public Accountant, was the breadwinner, but my Mother also contributed because, for three decades she taught gourmet cooking in adult schools where we lived. She was an expert on wine and wrote two cookbooks, gaining awards from France and elsewhere. I grew up in a town that was the quintessential suburb filled with tree-lined streets and broad lawns. The men went off to work. The women tended to the children and the home.

Their generation and mine could never have imagined the society in which we live today. Tucker asks, "Should we attempt to strengthen the traditional two-parent family or do we accept broken homes and single motherhood as a ‘new type of family’—one that seem to require the everlasting support of the government?”

If we do not strengthen the traditional family, our society, our values, and our nation will be in deep trouble, if it isn’t already. A nation in which abortion was legalized in 1973 has witnessed the destruction of the lives of 55,772,000 unborn children and counting.

One of my friends was Betty Friedan, the author of "The Feminine Mystique”, published originally in 1963. A formidable intellect, Betty was also a socialist to the core. The book spoke about the pent-up wishes of women to be something more than wives and mothers. It unleashed a revolution and in 1981 she followed it up with "The Second Stage” which she called "a problem that has no name.” How were women supposed to live with their new freedoms? She inscribed the book to me, "For Alan—who surely is a second stage man.”

"Since antiquity, monogamy has been the general rule of Western civilizations,” notes Tucker. "It is often easy to overlook how unique the organization of human society is in nature. Of all the species ever identified, approximately 95 percent are polygamous.” We share a unique commonality with chimpanzees. "Chimps and humans are the only two species in nature where the band of male brothers forms the core of the group…The result is that human beings are the only species in nature where males work together in the context of social monogamy. That is what makes us unique. It makes us human.”

There’s more. "Within the anthropological record, there is a statistical linkage between democratic institutions and normative monogamy.” Dating back to ancient Greece, "the peculiar institutions of monogamous marriage may explain why democratic ideals and notions of equality and human rights first emerged in the West.”

"Monogamous families,” writes Tucker, "create socially conscious human beings ready to live in peaceful societies.” There are a billion Muslims in the world and Islam permits polygamous marriage. The nations where it is the dominant religion have a long history of warfare with each other and with nations in which monogamy is the standard.

"Monogamous marriage is the most thrilling adventure anyone ever undertakes—that perilous encounter with an individual who is so much like you yet so different, the other half of your humanity, without whom you are never a complete human being, It relies not on sex, which is easy, but on romance, falling in love and staying in love, which is the work of a lifetime.”

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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The Return of Cold Fusion?

Timothy Birdnow

I thought the cold fusion issue was a dead duck.

For those who even remember it, a pair of researchers - Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann - claimed that they had experimentally demonstrated "cold fusion". Their reaction was, or so they claimed, a case of nuclear fusion at essentially room temperature and basically in a glass of water. The prospect of unlimited power danced before the eyes of the world scientific community.

Unfortunately other researchers were not able to replicate their results. While nobody said Pons and Fleishmann were lying, many thought they were mistaken. Something seemed to be going on, but fusion?

That was back in 1989

Well, people kept working on it and now there appears to be some progress. Cold nuclear may not be such a pie-in-the-sky idea after all. But it's not exactly fusion.

This from Extreme Tech:

"The cold fusion dream lives on: NASA is developing cheap, clean, low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology that could eventually see cars, planes, and homes powered by small, safe nuclear reactors.

When we think of nuclear power, there are usually just two options: fission and fusion. Fission, which creates huge amounts of heat by splitting larger atoms into smaller atoms, is what currently powers every nuclear reactor on Earth. Fusion is the opposite, creating vast amounts of energy by fusing atoms of hydrogen together, but we’re still many years away from large-scale, commercial fusion reactors. (See: 500MW from half a gram of hydrogen: The hunt for fusion power heats up.)

A nickel lattice soaking up hydrogen ions in a LENR reactorLENR is absolutely nothing like either fission or fusion. Where fission and fusion are underpinned by strong nuclear force, LENR harnesses power from weak nuclear force — but capturing this energy is difficult. So far, NASA’s best effort involves a nickel lattice and hydrogen ions. The hydrogen ions are sucked into the nickel lattice, and then the lattice is oscillated at a very high frequency (between 5 and 30 terahertz). This oscillation excites the nickel’s electrons, which are forced into the hydrogen ions (protons), forming slow-moving neutrons. The nickel immediately absorbs these neutrons, making it unstable. To regain its stability, the nickel strips a neutron of its electron so that it becomes a proton — a reaction that turns the nickel into copper and creates a lot of energy in the process.

The key to LENR’s cleanliness and safety seems to be the slow-moving neutrons. Whereas fission creates fast neutrons (neutrons with energies over 1 megaelectron volt), LENR utilizes neutrons with an energy below 1eV — less than a millionth of the energy of a fast neutron. Whereas fast neutrons create one hell of a mess when they collide with the nuclei of other atoms, LENR’s slow neutrons don’t generate ionizing radiation or radioactive waste. It is because of this sedate gentility that LENR lends itself very well to vehicular and at-home nuclear reactors that provide both heat and electricity.

According to NASA, 1% of the world’s nickel production could meet the world’s energy needs, at a quarter of the cost of coal. NASA also mentions, almost as an aside, that the lattice could be formed of carbon instead of nickel, with the nuclear reaction turning carbon into nitrogen. "You’re not sequestering carbon, you’re totally removing carbon from the system,” says Joseph Zawodny, a NASA scientist involved with the work on LENR."

End excerpt.

See the following links as well:



And an Italian researcher named Andrea Rossi claims to have developed a method that generates more power than it takes, one that has been verified by physicists.

This is fascinating; were it to be practical it would mean unlimited, decentralized energy for our world, clean and cheap. Energy usage is a measure of wealth, and the wealthier a civilization is the more energy it consumes. Cold nuclear would mean a world of more than plenty. And this would be a clean energy, with no particulate pollution, no methane or formaldehyde or other noxious gases, not carnon dioxide, nothing. The argument over global warming would be mute. We would be rich, rich, rich!

Which is why I suspect we will never have it; our universe never gives things easily (except death and headaches, which it delights in gifting) and such a wondrous revolution in energy production seems too good to be true.

And I am still suspicious about this process; it seems like it would require too much energy to make it work on a large scale. There are some things that can be done quite easily on a small scale that fail on a larger one. Take vortex cooling; air can be pumped through a vortex to seperate energetic from non-energetic molecules, making for a hot and cold exhaust. Countless hours have been spent trying to work up a practical cooling technology from this curiosity but nobody has ever been able to do so because energy consumption goes WAY up the larger the scale; it quickly becomes much more expensive to use this technique than to use standard freon-based cooling techniques. This may be more of the same.

Look at it another way; there is a weight that cannot be lifted by any unaided men that is not overly excessive. There reaches a point where an object is too heavy for one, two, even three men, but four could lift it PROVIDED they can all get their hands on it. Unfortunately the object may be too small for four pairs of hands, and so a tool must be employed. Cold nuclear may be much like that. (Thanks to Isaac Asimov for this analogy, which I lifted from one of his books.)

But who knows? Penicillin was certainly too good to be true, and yet we have it. So were electric lights. So was the steam engine. Heck, agriculture revolutionized our way of life, and that can be performed by even stupid people if necessary (not saying farmers are stupid, just that stupid people can farm); it just took somebody figuring out how to do it.

So maybe the future will be very bright. Of course, the Left has long sought to create a world-girdling hydraulic empire, and control of energy has been one of their goals for a long time, so they will eventually oppose this. How can one control people if they can produce their own heat and light and power?

But then there have been opponents of all progress throughout history. Sometimes they win - as in China where they stopped the Chinese age of exploration or in Rome where the Emperor stopped a nascent industrial revolution to avoid displacing all the slaves. But in the end ideas cannot be stopped, and eventually someone - perhaps long after our time - will finally perfect this.

If it isn't a complete crock to begin with.

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Charlotte Iserbyt Interview

A.J. Cameron

Last Thursday, the 6th, Charlotte Iserbyt was interviewed during the 3rd hour of The Power Hour (thepowerhour.com). She is outspoken on our educational system and other issues we face today.

You can visit the TPH site to access the interview. One of the things she discussed is visiting her site, deliberatedumbingdown.com. From her site, you can download her book for free. As Dr. Byrne and others convey in their presentations, the attacks upon our children/students have been ongoing for quite some time. Common core is just the latest flavor of attack. This is why our efforts to overthrow Common Core and all of the other lies within our educational system and within our society is crucial. Let's roll!

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Immigration and National Survival

By Selwyn Duke

When pondering our obsession with immigration, I’m reminded of how people in the ridiculous dystopian film Idiocracy were watering their crops with an energy drink called Brawndo. And even though the crops weren’t growing, the suggestion to try water instead was met with the following conditioned  HYPERLINK "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5Q-yNNu-tM" response in the drink’s defense: "It’s got what plants crave! It’s got electrolytes!” No one knew what electrolytes were. No one could explain why they were in Brawndo. It was all sloganeering.

And so it is with immigration. Why do we have immigration? "Because it’s got what America craves! It’s got people!” But why does the US, the world’s third most populous country, need more people? "Because they’re in immigration! It’s got what America craves!”

The problem with a blanket advocacy of "immigration” is that, as with "ideology,” it is a category, not a creed. If someone proclaimed, "We need ideology!” we should ask, will any one do? Will liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, Nazism, Marxism or socialism all serve equally well? Likewise, we should ask about immigration: would importing 10 million liberals, conservatives, libertarians, Nazis, Marxists or socialists all serve the US equally well? (Mind you, the majority of today’s new immigrants are socialist minded.) Would importing 10 million Russian nationalists, Chinese nationalists, Iranian nationalists or Mexican nationalists be as wise as having 10 million more American nationalists? Hey, who needs discernment?

No one, apparently, when in the grip of a certain simplistic dogma of our time, "immigrationism.” This is the belief that immigration is always good, always necessary and always above reproach — at least in Western nations. Nobody ever seems to ask why Japan has no immigration.

Nobody, for instance, asks where Japan will get the needed skilled workers, even though this is a popular question posed in the wake of the Swiss vote to limit their demographic upheaval. In answering this question, note that a nation — in the true sense of the word — is an extension of the tribe, which itself is an extension of the family. Now, what if your family needs to have pipes fixed and no one within your home has the requisite skills? You hire someone with the necessary expertise, pay him his fee, and then he leaves when the job is done.
You don’t adopt a plumber.

In other words, work visas will suffice.

Yet much of what justifies immigration is purely ideological. For example, there is a certain argument made by certain political partisans, often, it seems, because they think it makes them sound clever, cosmopolitan and cool. It is that people of European heritage came to this continent and dominated its native peoples, so it’s merely karma if the same now happens to us. The cry is, "What about the Indians?!” Two things leap to mind here. First, how does allowing our nation to be Balkanized and to descend into tyranny help the Indians? A falling tide grounds all boats. Second, this hate-America-first position is the prattle of a child, someone having a temper tantrum and talking about how he hates mommy and will run away from home. But it’s all just theoretical. It’s easy to look forward to our 476, to Rome’s impending fall, when sitting in your warm house with a stuffed refrigerator on your equally stuffed derrière and sending your puerile Internet messages on the latest iPad. But the reality of Goths breaking down your door would shatter that fantasy world fast.

Speaking of the Indians, some have the notion that "we” (and the critics are talking about white folks here) aren’t the first Americans, anyway. But as Sitting Bull grandson Ernie LaPointe mentioned after Barack Obama cited the legendary Indian as a great American hero in his children’s book Of Thee I Sing, Sitting Bull did not consider himself an American; he was a Lakota. No doubt. Remember that "America” is of European origin — derived from Italian Amerigo Vespucci’s name — and these United States were a product of a founding document crafted by European-descent people. You can debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. But it is a factual thing.

Nonetheless, it is true that "we” dominated the Indians. And the Etruscans for a time dominated the Romans, who later dominated other groups on the Italian peninsula and ultimately were dominated by "barbarians” in the West and Muslims in the East. The Aztecs dominated other tribes as did Shaka Zulu in Africa. All sorts of European groups were dominated and subsumed as well, which is why you don’t hear about Goth, Frank, Lombard, Alan, Burgundian, Gaul and Frisii lobbying groups. Heck, the painfully politically correct documentary series The West pointed out that the Lakota justified their dominance of other tribes to the U.S. government by saying that they were only doing what "we” were doing. This is true. A modern-day Lakota featured in the series framed their conquest this way (I’m paraphrasing), "We were very good at what we did.” This is also true.
And the Europeans were better.

I could leave it at that, were I content to operate by the principle might makes right. But since it’s more true that right makes might, let’s delve further.

Since "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” should we humans just commit mass suicide to atone for our manifold trespasses, with the West leading by example? Better virtue shorn than a goodness evil born? Sure, we shouldn’t forget that most all civilizations found their genesis in blood and conquest. And we should remember, as Genesis informs, that God brings good out of bad.
The point is that we have a civilization here, now, today, and the question is always the same: is it worth preserving? No? Then, fine, scrap it. But you’d better be sure of your judgment, not only because dead civilizations, like dead men, stay dead, but because something will take your civilization’s place. And that something will not be forged by seraphim and cherubim; it will be something very human and, though I repeat myself, very flawed.

And if the answer is yes, our civilization is worth preserving? Then you take the necessary measures to do so. And to the hate-America-first crowd you say: if death is preferable to enjoying the fruits of a painfully human past, then you lead by example and drink the hemlock. Leave the rest of us to do the work of adults.

Of course, any culture can be improved. But thinking that cultural relativists — who can’t effectively differentiate between good and evil because they’ve convinced themselves everything is gray — are equal to this task is like thinking that a dietary relativist could improve your diet. Since the latter would be blind to the laws (the truth) of human nutrition and would then have nothing but taste as a guide, he just might steer you toward junk food — and maybe worse. Those colorful berries on that bush are awfully pretty, you know.

The real lesson to be learned from North America’s second great migration (the first being the Paleoindians’ arrival approximately 20,000 years ago) is this: say what you will about the Indians, they fought the good fight. They didn’t invite millions of unassimilable foreigners into their lands, give them special privileges, and then justify it all by saying that they were just here to do jobs Indians wouldn’t do (like colonize Indians).

A discussion of immigration today is nothing less than a debate about what your nation is going to be tomorrow. Will it be relegated to the history books like the Alans, Angles, Franks, Frisii and Goths, or will it continue to write history? Is it worthy to do so? These are legitimate questions that should be tackled by legitimate thinkers, not people who hide a visceral hatred of Western civilization inside a Trojan horse proclaiming the equality of all peoples.

HYPERLINK "mailto:selwynduke@optonline.net"Contact Selwyn Duke, HYPERLINK "https://twitter.com/SelwynDuke"follow him on Twitter or log on to HYPERLINK "http://selwynduke.com"SelwynDuke.com

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February 13, 2014

Pakistan About to Fall?

Timothy Birdnow

Pakistan is about to collapse, according to this post on Asia Times Online.

Should Pakistan fall to the radical Moslems, their nuclear arsenal will likewise fall in their hands. Still, Obama does nothing.

The world is spiraling down the water closet.

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Shroud of Turin Science and Medjugorje

Timothy Birdnow

Here are a couple of stories about religion that should be of interest.

First, an article that appeared at Physorg discusses a theory about the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud - which is quite vague and nondescript until a photograph is taken and the negative viewed - has the image of a man with wounds on hands and feet, on his side, and what appears to be a series of wounds on his forehead. The shroud has been revered for centuries as potentially the burial shroud of Jesus.

Carbon dating (of one tiny piece) suggested the shroud was younger than it should be, throwing doubt on the authenticity. But now there is new research that suggests otherwise.

From the article. http://phys.org/news/2014-02-earthquake-carbon-dating-shroud-turin.html#ms

"(Phys.org) —An earthquake in Old Jerusalem might be behind the famous image of the Shroud of Turin, says a group of researchers led by Alberto Carpinteri of the Politecnico di Torino in Italy in an article published in Springer's journal Meccanica. They believe that neutron radiation caused by an earthquake could have induced the image of a crucified man – which many people believe to be that of Jesus – onto the length of linen cloth, and caused carbon-14 dating done on it in 1988 to be wrong.

The Shroud has attracted widespread interest ever since Secondo Pia took the first photograph of it in 1898: about whether it is Jesus' purported burial cloth, how old it might be, and how the image was created. According to radiocarbon dating done in 1988, the cloth was only 728 years old at the time. Other researchers have since suggested that the shroud is much older and that the dating process was incorrect because of neutron radiation – a process which is the result of nuclear fusion or nuclear fission during which free neutrons are released from atoms – and its interaction with the nuclei of other atoms to form new carbon isotopes.

However, no plausible physical reason has yet been proposed to explain the origin of this neutron radiation. Now Carpinteri's team, through mechanical and chemical experimentation, hypothesizes that high-frequency pressure waves generated in the Earth's crust during earthquakes are the source of such neutron emissions. This is based on their research into piezonuclear fission reactions, which are triggered when very brittle rock specimens are crushed under a press machine. In the process, neutrons are produced without gamma emissions. Analogously, the researchers theorize further that neutron flux increments, in correspondence to seismic activity, should be a result of the same reactions.

The researchers therefore believe that neutron emission from a historical earthquake in 33 A.D. in Old Jerusalem, which measured 8.2 on the Richter Scale, could have been strong enough to cause neutron imaging through its interaction with nitrogen nuclei. On the one hand, this could have created the distinctive image on the Shroud through radiation imagery, while on the other, it could have increased the level of carbon-14 isotopes found on the linen fibres that could have confused the 1988 radiocarbon dating tests."

End excerpt.

In other news, a statue of the Virgin Mary at the appirition site in Medjugorje was recently photographed glowing. Read the full story here. http://www.medjugorje.org/wordpress/

glowing statue







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Eerie Paralell

Wil Wirtanen

This is a scary prediction.

According to Mark Hulbert at Market Watch:

"There are eerie parallels between the stock market’s recent behavior and how it behaved right before the 1929 crash.

That at least is the conclusion reached by a frightening chart that has been making the rounds on Wall Street. The chart superimposes the market’s recent performance on top of a plot of its gyrations in 1928 and 1929.

The picture isn’t pretty. And it’s not as easy as you might think to wriggle out from underneath the bearish significance of this chart."

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February 12, 2014

Nullification in Missouri

Timothy Birdnow

Missouri may nullify federal gun laws.

From Fox News:

"JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri senators endorsed legislation on Tuesday that seeks to nullify U.S. gun restrictions and send federal agents to jail for enforcing such laws, though the measure would likely face a court challenge if it gets approved in the state.

Courts have consistently ruled that states cannot nullify federal laws, but that hasn't stopped Missouri and other states from trying.

Sen. Brian Nieves, the Republican sponsoring the bill, said the legislation would protect law-abiding gun owners from federal encroachments and regulations. Missouri Republicans began pushing for the legislation following President Obama's call last year for increased background checks and a ban on assault weapons.

The legislation would subject federal agents to civil and criminal penalties for knowingly enforcing federal gun laws. Agents could face up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine."

End excerpt.

Sadly, our Democratic Governor will veto the bill, and, despite a GOP supermajority in the state legislature, the veto will likely stand.

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Red Light Cameras Illegal in St. Louis

Timothy Birdnow

Victory is sweet!  A Judge has said issuing tickets based on red light cameras is illegal.  http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/st-louis-judge-orders-stop-to-city-s-red-light/article_7601ad64-5378-522c-b25e-5adce57d6f2e.html

You are supposed to have the right to face your accuser. Also, what kind of country will we have if government can spy on you when you are outside of your home? People were shocked at George Orwell's idea of cameras in one's home, and yet how far are we from that?

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Obamacare Education Plan in St. Louis


Timothy Birdnow

A.J. Cameron forwards this follow up article about the CEE Trust and Charter schools in Missouri.

The original blogpost discussing a scheme to simply dissolve troubled school districts and turning them over to the state - and private companies that will contract with the state - appears here.

Now, I'm all for privatizing schools; the experiment in public education in America is an abject failure. But to forcibly dissolve local controls in favor of control by the state is the beginning of the end of both private and public schooling. Eventually the Federales will step in and demand control of these dissolved districts. This is essentially Obamacare for the schools; a tool to ease parents out of the picture, to put an unaccountable entity in charge. The private companies hired to run them will become tools to repay political benefactors and eventually they will be phased out in an act of centralization. Obamacare works the same way, only with health insurance. These aren't good ideas.

Privatization would mean just that; schools would be owned and operated independently, and parents would have a choice. What is being proposed is a trust, a monopoly by one politically connected corporation. It guarantees corruption. These will become money laundering schemes for the Democrats as the companies that are selected to run things will be large donars. No doubt the teacher's unions will have a say in the selection process. This simply cements into place the forces that caused the problem in the first place.

Far better to simply give children vouchers so they can attend the schools of their choice. But there seems to be no talk of that here.

I find this excerpt from the Post-Dispatch article instructive:

"Last year, the Legislature gave the State Board authority to restructure unaccredited schools if it chose. Previously, the State Board could only replace the elected board with an appointed one after the district had been unaccredited for two years. (A different law allowed for immediate intervention in St. Louis Public Schools when it lost accreditation in 2007.)

On Monday, some board members appeared to be searching for ways to avoid labeling districts as unaccredited at all as a means to negate the issue of transfers.

Potential ways of doing that include disbanding a district entirely and reconstituting it in a different form, or simply waiving a district’s accreditation status."

End excerpt.

Ah, now there is out-of-the-box thinking! We can simply say there is no such thing as accredidation to begin with, and solve our problems!

If a school district is dissolved, does that mean we no longer have to pay property taxes? Somehow I suspect those taxes will remain no matter what.

Frankly, No Child Left Behind and it's successor put mandatory educational standards in place, and it was this Federal involvement - along with solid support for the Teacher's Unions by the Democrats through Federal law - that squeezed many of these ailing districts. Do we not worry about the education of poor children? Of course we do, but it was the Liberals who refused to consider vouchers or other ways of getting kids away from the source of infection in the first place. Now these chickens are coming home to roost, and their solution will, in the end, gather all power to the center or make it even more attractive to just give up on educating the kids at all.

And above all of this looms Common Core, the plan to transform America one child at a time. No Child Left Behind is right; we are going to drag all of them into the Progressive hell.

The ultimate problem here is that legislators, driven by modern ideas of egalitarianism, cannot fathom the notion of letting the situation resolve itself. The constant intervention "for the children" artificially props up a failing system, and in the end the system is unable to reform because there ARE going to be children left behind. This is the problem with government running education in the first place; with seemingly unlimited funds schools or other such institutions face no actual discipline, no real threat of failure. Everyone in the Normandy school district, or Riverview Gardens, or any of the other failing districts in St. Louis knew all along that if their district ran out of money the state would step in - and perhaps even the U.S. Department of Education. Unscrupulous administrators could wring the district dry because they were largely unaccountable. Putting a private company in charge of these schools will not matter, because they will be selected by a government bureacrat and will cement themselves in place through political donations. In the end what is needed is actual privatization, and there are going to be children slipping through the cracks.

We can't have that in modern America; it's all for the children. But the current system is one enormous crack that countless children are already stuck in, and they aren't getting out with any of these fascistic methods proposed.

Liberals know this. Their endgame is to break local control entirely, to put this thing under the federal umbrella. Once again a good crisis is not being allowed to go to waste.

As with Obamacare the cure is worse than the disease - and it has a similar endgame.

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Obama is Becoming Public Enemy Number One

By Alan Caruba

America has arrived at a point at which it has never been in its 226 years of existence since the Constitution became effective in 1788. It has a President for whom that Constitution is routinely ignored in his quest to "fundamentally transform” America into a nation it has never been despite the slide into progressive policies that began early in the last century.

His namesake legacy legislation, Obamacare, is wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of Americans who have lost or will lose their healthcare plans that have been replaced with those whose cost is far higher. It is costing the nation jobs, reducing further the income of millions. The Congressional Budget Office just released a report predicting it will cost 2.3 million jobs and add $1 trillion in projected deficits.

As reported by CNSnews on February 6, "The debt of the U.S. government has increased $6.666 trillion since President Barack Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, according to the latest numbers released by the Treasury Department. It stands at $17,293,019,654, 981.61. The total debt of the nation did not exceed $6.666 trillion until 2003. The U.S. has accumulated as much debt as it did since its founding.

While in office in his first term, the U.S. credit rating was reduced for the first time in its history.

Among Obama’s Constitutional violations in 2013 were:
Delay of Obamacare’s out-of-pocket caps
Delay of Obamacare’s employer mandate
Delay of Obamacare’s insurance requirements
Exemption of Congress from Obamacare
Expansion of the employer mandate penalty through IRS regulation
Political profiling by the IRS
Recess appointments when Congress was not officially in recess

Between January 2012 and June 2013, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the Obama Justice Department’s extreme positions on criminal procedure to property rights, religious liberty to immigration, security regulation to tax law, nine times.

In January CNSnews reported that 1,687,000 fewer Americans were holding fulltime jobs than held jobs in December 2007—the month the last recession began. The current number of jobless Americans is more than 92 million Americans. Simply stated, Obama has failed to restore the economy during his five years in office, having spent the first four years blaming George W. Bush for this failure.

As 2013 came to an end, Fred Barnes, writing in The Weekly Standard, noted that "On the five most important polling questions that measure a president’s success, he not only dropped significantly, but he’s now regarded negatively overall. The five yardsticks are presidential job approval, honesty, handling of the economy, strong leadership, and the public’s impression of him personally. Being under water on all five is extraordinary, if not unprecedented.”

For a growing majority of Americans, Obama has become public enemy number one.

At the heart of the disapproval of Obama is the realization that he lies about everything all the time. Nothing he says can be trusted and this is a definition of pathological dishonesty. In a recent interview before the Super Bowl with Bill O’Reilly, he lied about every issue raised. Increasingly, guests on the channel’s news shows are beginning to regularly use the word "lie” to describe what he says, where before they used euphemisms such as "untruths.”

Because the Senate is controlled by the Democratic Party, a deluge of legislation passed by the Republican-controlled House to respond to Obamacare and other aspects of the economy have been killed before any debate or vote can be taken. The Democratic Party is now wholly owned by progressives, more resembling the Communist Party USA than its former self. It engages in denouncing any critic of Obama as being a racist.

Obama’s January State of the Union address reflected his dishonesty and his agenda. It reflected the progressive belief in the "collective” rather than the value of the individual. Obama has pursued a policy of class warfare, seeking to divide Americans over the issue of economic inequality. He declared climate change—the new name for "global warming”—as "settled” science at a time when the U.S. and the rest of the world has been in a cooling cycle for the past seventeen years and can expect to remain in it for many decades to come.

At a time when many Americans cannot find work, Obama has urged an immigration amnesty that would add an estimated eleven million illegal aliens to the population along with their families which would also qualify. The only reform Americans want is stronger border security.

Reflecting barely three percent of the population, Obama reversed himself to endorse same-sex marriage, has altered the U.S. military’s policy on gays and pursued a policy to integrate women into combat units. He has forced several hundred flag officers, generals and admirals, to retire, has expanded Homeland Security’s enforcement corps, and endorsed the vastly expanded ability of the National Security Agency to secure data on every phone call Americans make or receive.

At the same time, he has sought restrictions on the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms.

It is essential to understand that no President has had the power to issue an executive order that does not have constitutional or regulatory empowerment. Failing this, any President acting in this manner is doing so as a king or despot. The Constitution was written to avoid such usurpation of power.

These and other actions have endangered the Bill of Rights on which Americans depend for justice and freedom.

I have thought that it would be unlikely the first black President will be impeached. I am beginning to think that a momentum is building toward impeachment in a Congress that no longer trusts Obama.

Obama took an oath to "faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States” which includes the enforcement of its laws. He has not only directed that laws with which he disagrees not be enforced, but he has unilaterally and unconstitutionally made changes to laws. Only Congress has that right.

The November midterm elections hold forth the opportunity to give the Republican Party the opportunity to take control of the Senate and increase members in the House. Given the trends in the polls, this appears to be the outcome. It is all that stands between Americans and a President whose contempt for their welfare and intelligence is on display every day.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

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February 11, 2014

Truth is Rarely Found in Spectacular Press Releases; How Climate Change Hysteria Works

Timothy Birdnow

One of the more annoying aspects of arguing with the Gang Green over Global Warming (and indeed arguing with liberals in general) is that they have set tricks that they use regularly, tricks that work quite well because they have the media, Google, Yahoo, and a host of others on their side. As a result we have to fight the exact same battle over and over; it's as if Wellington had to go every day and refight Waterloo. We win this battle and keep winning, but it ties up all our time. The reason for this is that the Gang Green dispatches trolls with talking points to make their case, hoping to catch the unsuspecting. The fight is, of course, always for those who do not know, for those ignorant enough to fall for serious sounding b.s.

And since a Google search will turn up THEIR position and not ours we have to refight these battles endlessly.

One of the accusations made by the trolls on message boards is that "deniers" are not armed with the latest research, that we are somehow ill-informed. This sounds believable to those who do not know - especially as they will then do a Google search and come up with at least ten pages supporting the troll before coming to anything supporting the "denier". As a result the uninformed assume that the troll is on the cutting edge and the ignorant "denier" is a flat-earther, using old, discredited science. (There were no flat-earthers when Columbus sailed the Atlantic - except for some very ignorant peasants. Columbus was egregiously wrong in his estimate of the size of the world and everyone knew it. He was very lucky.)

Here is how the scam works:

A researcher in search of fame and grant money decides to write a paper on some aspect of climate. Dr. Glibney Cloyd of the Department of Climatology at Wassamatta U. uses the University computer to work up some simulations based entirely on the standard models employed by the IPCC (the ones that fail to predict current climate, that failed to predict the temperature standstill, that failed to account for the lack of a tropical tropospheric hot spot) and projects some new thing. He may do an aggregate study, where he simply takes a bunch of previous papers and collates. He comes up with some new prediction - like Global Warming will cause dwarfism - and then he runs to his University's public relations branch. They issue a press release claiming that Dr. Cloyd has put this global warming thing to bed, that the science is now officially settled, that all the climatology that ever needs doing has been done. Please note that the paper hasn't even been published yet.

His submission goes to one of the peer reviewed publications where it is reviewed by a Global Warming cheerleader who recommends it for publication. WE know this is how it worked; the Climategate e-mails prove that the CRU gang - the hockey team - conspired to subvert peer review, reviewing their friends papers favorably while damning with extreme prejudice those that disagree with the proposition that carbon dioxide is causing a planetary meltdown. (They also took steps to boycott journals that accepted such papers, and tried to get editors fired for publishing such papers - ask the editor of REmote Sensing, who lost his job after publishing a paper by Dr. Roy Spencer).

Meanwhile the glowing press release is picked up first by science publications like Scientific American or Science Daily and essentially rewritten into an article. No quesitoning of the claims, no cautionary discussion, no mention of rigorous review. Just toss the press release out there as an article of fact. The mainstream media picks this up as do the big internet sites, and suddenly it is "new research" that proves agw theory.

Google winds up with 2500 entries before this research has been vetted.

When the paper finally appears it is behind a pay wall. Eventually Steve McKintyre or some other interested party gets ahold of it and begins to analyze it. Little by little the research begins to crumble, and eventually it becomes clear that it is largely worthless. But it takes time for a fellow like McKintyre to reverse engineer the paper (and he has to do that because our good Dr. Cloyd refuses to give him the information he needs to adequately assess the research) and so the rebuttal to this work comes out weeks to months later - after the media frenzy has already established this in the minds of the casual observer as one more nail in the coffin of our industrial civilization. The mainstream media may print a retraction on page 18 (along with the story of a man biting a dog) and the major websites ignore it. As a result, a Google search requires scrolling through ten pages before finding the information. By this point the newest of new things has come along, and Dr. Cloyd has a new work, or his college Prof. Peachfuzz has a new paper that puts gloal warming denial to bed.

That is why we "deniers" do not discuss the latest research; we want accurate research, not press releases.

But the Gang-Greenous troll is armed with this tool, accusing us of being hopelessly old fashioned and out of date because we look at research going back six months rather than the latest new thing.

It's really quite maddening. I had an argument with a troll at American Thinker a while back and said troll kept using data from the GRACE satellite. I pointed out that Icesat disagreed with GRACE and he scoffed at my using out of date research. Well, Icesat was ten years of data that took a while to analyze and GRACE was still coming in - and GRACE was an older satellite than the TWO Icesats, but he would have none of it. Must have the latest research! That GRACE has been plagued with innumerable problems over the years, and that the data is quite open to interpretation is immaterial to these people.

But I had to fight with this fool anyway, for the sake of any unsuspecting third parties. And we went through this argument on every message board about global warming for a while, with his using the same arguments. He also kept claiming that "ice mass is not ice extent" when discussing Antarctica, and I had to quote my source verbatim to disprove him. It didn't stop the guy; in the next exchange he made the exact same talking point.

And he could do this because he knew the internet would back him up. Google buries information it does not like.

So we are forever being treated to a tidal wave of ridiculous claims "hottest year on record", "Lowest ice levels ever", "sea levels rising as never before" and it is all bogus if one actually digs into it, but the purpose is not to educate but to indoctrinate. This is intended to fool the public. Those who know better are have a formidable wall to scale in defense of the truth.

Truth is rarely found in spectacular press releases.

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Milbank, O’Reilly, Fox News and Disrespecting Presidents Today

Brian Birdnow

Much has been reported recently concerning Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly and his pre-Super Bowl interview of President Barack Obama. Many of the Obama cheering section are stating that this action showed Obama’s courage in the sense that he was willing to consent to an interview with a supposedly hostile reporter from an anti-administration television network. Conservative viewers, on the other hand, saw this as an exercise in frustration since the President answered no questions, and spent his time lobbing thinly disguised barbs at the interviewer, and the interviewer’s employer. So, few minds were really changed by this supposedly "courageous” decision by the President to sit down for a chat with Bill O’Reilly. Still, a few days later we had the spectacle of Dana Milbank, the Washington Post propagandist spinning this as a disgraceful effort by Fox to smear the President by turning a rabid dog loose on him, and encouraging the mongrel to attack. Milbank took his Obama hagiography to a new low, simply ignoring the President’s own attacks on O’Reilly and conservative media, and openly slanting this incident as a case of an ill-mannered television reporter showing insufficient reverence for our dear national leader.

A quick perusal of the interview transcript, and Milbank’s commentary on the face-off ignored Obama’s evasive responses to questions and his combative attitude when he continually chided O’Reilly for spreading misinformation, and Fox for providing him a soapbox. When O’Reilly questioned President Obama about the Benghazi attack of September 2012, he asked about the Administration’s reluctance to label this as a terrorist attack. He might well have asked if the President would shrug off an attack on American territory in the future as a non-story. In any event, President Obama blamed the tempest on Fox News, saying that "…they (the public) believe it because folks like you are telling them that.” Dana Milbank ignored the issue altogether and attacked O’Reilly for trying to elicit an answer from a slippery customer.

When the interview turned to the Obamacare follies, Mr. O’Reilly suggested that Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should have been fired for the trainwreck. It has been widely reported, of course, that the Secretary had three-and-one-half years to plan for and to implement Obamacare, from the passage of the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010, to the "rollout” date of October 1, 2013. The fact of the matter is that the planning time was actually a month longer than it took American troops to finish the Germans off in World War II. (This is a fact, as anyone wanting to run the numbers can easily determine. The Administration had a full month longer to get Obamacare right than the amount of time that elapsed from Pearl Harbor to VE Day.) The President ignored O’Reilly on this matter by simply dismissing criticism and saying "…we expected glitches…” and insisting that his Administration demanded and received full accountability, in all cases. Dana Milbank, for his part, cried foul when O’Reilly asked, in a roundabout fashion, if the infamous Obama declaration "If you like your current health care plan, you can keep it”, had been the biggest mistake of his Presidency.

Finally, the interview segued into the IRS corruption scandal. The President said last summer that the IRS targeting conservative groups was "outrageous”, and that he would get to the bottom of the mess. In the interview, the President sang a different tune. He insists that a careful study of the matter would turn up "…not a smidgen of corruption”. He has no investigative summary or evidence to back up that statement, but simply changed the subject and claimed that the whole matter was a creation of Fox News. The petulant President stated "These kinds of things keep on surfacing, in part, because you and your TV station will promote them.” Dana Milbank avoided addressing the President’s evasive responses, but gave him high marks for his casual dress, and for the fact that he occasionally smiled while bashing Fox News.

O’Reilly scored something of a split decision when he compelled the President to backtrack somewhat on his 2008 vow to fundamentally transform America. In response to a written question from a viewer, O’Reilly asked the President why he would want to fundamentally transform a nation that had given him so much. Obama answered that a fundamental transformation was unnecessary; but that the country needed to even out the disparities between the haves and the have-nots, never mind that the disparities between the wealthy and the poor have increased faster under Obama than they have increased at any time since the mid-1960s. Dana Milbank’s slant on this subtheme was that the fact that O’Reilly and Fox News still existed proved that Obama did not attempt to fundamentally transform the nation. Yes, sending one’s media critics off to the gulag would be a transformation that would leave many Americans quite uncomfortable.

Mr. Milbank spends the great majority of his column space deriding conservatives for, as he puts it, descending down "the road to Obama hysteria.” In this instance Milbank is channeling his inner Charles Krauthammer, recalling, no doubt, that the redoubtable Mr. Krauthammer diagnosed what he called "Bush Derangement Syndrome” back in 2005. This nervous condition caused liberals to change from Dr. Henry Jekyll to Mr. Edward J. Hyde, at the mere mention of George W. Bush. Milbank is stealing a page from the Krauthammer playbook. In any event, Milbank lectures O’Reilly for being "disrespectful” to the President. One does not remember the Washington Post columnists expressing any unease at the disrespect journalists showed for George W. Bush. Katie Couric chided and corrected the President openly on CBS News during her face-to-face interview with Bush in 2006. Those readers of a certain vintage might remember the glee that members of the fourth estate displayed when Sam Donaldson showed open disrespect toward President Reagan. Dana Milbank, for his own part, shows nothing but disrespect for all Republicans, including recently referring to the GOP as "…The Stupid Party”,again lifting someone else’s idea, in this case John Stuart Mill’s description of the nineteenth century British Tories.

What we have here is a classic case of the liberals circling the wagons because one of their icons is coming under fire, and they don’t know what else to do. This has happened before when the liberal flavor of the month turns out to leave a bad taste. Back in 1984 the Left told the American people that the Democratic Party’s woefully unqualified Vice-Presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferarro, was a rough diamond who could capably step-in for the President in case of a national emergency. In 1992 we were told that Bill Clinton was the answer to all our national ills, with columnist Mary McGrory actually comparing the Clintons to the Holy Family, in a December, 1992 column. After the sheen wore off of Bill Clinton the media changed focus and told us that Hillary Clinton was the smartest woman in history, a veritable Joan of Arkansas, and the next great hope for America. This refrain is being sung once again by the groupies who forgot their heroine back in 2008, but are now forgiven their earlier transgressions and are back in the fold.

We have seen the same treatment meted out to Barack Obama since his appearance on the national stage in 2004. He has been the beneficiary of good press bordering on adoration. A fawning media protect and actually front for him as a favored son. They willfully misrepresent his extremist ideology; they ignore his unsavory associates, and have never questioned his meager qualifications for the most demanding office in the world. They will also continue to fabricate favorable outcomes to every Obama initiative, no matter how ghastly the actual result. This media hagiography has now reached a new low with Dana Milbank and the Washington Post attacking Fox News for daring to ask the President straight questions, and defending Mr. Obama’s refusal to answer. The only question still open is in the court of public opinion. Are the American people still buying this media fantasy?

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For Everyone who knows a somewhat liberal H.S. Girl

Jack Kemp

In the 1970s, advocates of the Equal Rights Amendment famously said, "It's not going to lead to gay marriage." That was then. This is now.

For all you parents and grandparents, etc., who have or know a liberal high school girl who is all for transgender rights, you might want to tell them this story about what transgendered youth think of their rights - and what an all powerful state thinks of their and their parents' rights.

Today I received a letter from the Pacific Justice Institute concerning Florence (Colorado) High School where the administration is allowing a biological boy who thinks he is a girl to use the girl's locker room and toilets. This story is also confirmed after an internet search on "Florence Colorado High School Transgender." You will a find confirming article at

And you will find this story excerpted below:

Female students at Florence High School in Colorado have claimed that they were harassed by a transgender male student, who thanks to Colorado's anti-discrimination stance against "transgendered" students, has access to female facilities. But the story gets even more twisted because the girls were threatened with hate crime charges if they spoke up. Leftist outlets have tried to debunk the story as nothing but Christian "transphobia." This in itself proves the story is true.

So how many teenage girls - and their parents, even if they voted for Obama - are looking forward to having a naked boy in their high school locker room as they dress and undress? I bet not too many.

The letter I got from the Pacific Justice Institute goes on to say:

Last fall, parents at Florence High School were horrified to hear that the school was allowing a boy to use the girls' bathrooms and locker rooms. Then, when they were erroneously told by administrators that the transgender student's rights trumped the privacy rights of their daughters, their concern turned to shocking disbelief.

...And, to make matters worse, threats were hurled toward our clients' girls simply because they voiced concerns about having their privacy outrageously violated.

Specifically, there were threats by the athletic department against some of the girls' continued participation in school sports after they asserted their rights not to undress in front of this boy. Even more troubling was the Superintendent's warning that the complaining families are now subject to having their social media monitored by the police!

...We recognize that there are those who sincerely struggle with identifying with their natural gender - and we're sympathetic to their psychological challenges - but it doesn't change the fact of their biological sex.


The letter goes on to say the organization is fighting this violation of the girl's privacy (for any liberals reading this, let me clarify my language: this violation of the XX chromosome born female girls' privacy). And then goes on to state that this is a spreading trend in various school systems across the U.S. They are talking about everywhere, not just Los Angeles or Denver or other big cities.

But as some liberal who isn't familiar with this and other similar cases might say, it's not as if there will be boys undressing in the girls' locker room. And they would be wrong, lost in their delusions of a utopian and/or infantile nature. I wonder how many of the school administrators at Florence High School send their daughters to public schools in general and this public school in particular. And what might occur if a psychologically transgendered girl thought that it was alright to undress in the boys' locker room? Although I suspect one day of trying that would disabuse her of that utopian fantasy.

This society is trying very hard to self-destruct. And a lot of overeducated people with no emotional connection to high school students, common decency or Judeo-Christian morality are incapable of assuming the responsibility of acting "in loco parentis" (in place of parents to protect the high school children as a parent would). I suspect the progressives may now want to remove "in loco parentis" laws from the books. You think I'm being alarmist?

When one takes into account what has happened in Florence, Colorado and in California, I'd say I'm being realistic. Pamela Geller recently posted a story at Atlas Shrugs about "psychologically transgendered" males now allowed into, among other places, New York University women's bathrooms. http://pamelageller.com/2014/02/pamela-geller-wnd-institutionalized-sexual-harassment-u-s-schools.html/
And how exactly does one distinguish a psychologically transgendered male from an ordinary male with no morals who wants access to the ladies' room? Do we post a psychologist at the door to interview him as he struggles to hold his waste products inside? This is madness.

Two years ago I was in a writing class which had a feminist woman student whom I got into a discussion with before the third class began. I mentioned the then famous case to her about the Girl Scout troop that was ordered to take in a boy who thought he was a girl - and take him camping overnight in the country. The local Den Mothers, two religious women, resigned rather than comply (I think they would have been in violation of state law and/or could be sued civilly). I thought I would catch the leftist in a quandary but she just sat their unmoved. I asked her if she had a little girl and must have hit a raw nerve. She replied angrily "No" and then defensively asked me if I had one. I replied that I didn't either but I still thought (for the common good) that little girls should be protected from this. That is what these sicko leftists are: feminists who won't protect girls - and, of course, won't protect boys.

The Barbarians are at the gate - at the INSIDE of the gate. And we had best fight hard for our children's present as well as future

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