January 07, 2015

Accuser of Bob McCulloch has Major Ethics Violations

Timothy Birdnow

The head of a group that has filed an ethics complaint against St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch had her law licence suspended for three years because of an ethics violation.

According to the Post-Dispatch:

"Christi Griffin, now head of the Ethics Project, committed misconduct, failed to properly communicate with a client and violated rules prohibiting lawyers from entering business transactions that present a conflict of interest, according to the Missouri Supreme Court findings.

The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel said it was a scheme to profit from a 2003 real estate transaction involving a client in bankruptcy."

End excerpt.

Griffin and her grouop have filed an ethics charge against McCulloch's handling of the Daren Wilson Grand Jury case, claiming he misled jurors on state statutes and allowed false testimony.

This is par for the course for this whole Mike Brown shooting incident; criminals and shady characters have come to the fore, seeking to accomplish politically what they could never accomplish otherwise. Christi Griffin would be finished as a lawyer if she weren't promoting racial politics. Like Al Sharpton, she has found a way out of her own problems, and in the process is attempting to destroy a man guilty of nothing more than trying to give Daren Wilson a fair trial.

Bob McCulloch is a staunch Democrat, by the way; you would think he were a Republican from the reaction to him by many in his own party. Why is that? Because his party is split between the blue and white collar Democrats in St. Louis County and the black wing of the party. When County Executive Charlie Dooley - a black man - lost his primary bid for re-election to Steve Stenger, a white, blue collar type, the black caucus was furious. This has been at the heart of the troubles in Ferguson all along; local black politicians have kept the pot simmering to assert their power and express their anger. These scurrilous attacks on McCulloch are more of the same; McCulloch is a part of the White establishment in local Democratic circles.

I do not know the race of Griffin; she could well be white. But it does not matter; she obviously has latched onto the racial politics of the region as a way to find redemption for her career.

This whole Ferguson business really is the bonfire of the vanities.

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Islamic Terrorists Kill 12 at French Satirical Magazine

Timothy Birdnow

A Parisian satirical newspaper was attacked by Jihadists on Wednesday, killing 12 people.

The Islamic State has made threats against France in recent weeks, and the attack was well co-ordinated, with multiple masked men carrying heavy firepower storming the offices of the paper. This particular paper was firebombed in 2011 for cartoons unflattering to Muhammad. The editor Charlie Hebdo - has also satirized the IS leader in past cartoons.

French President Francois Hollande has called this an act of terrorism, and a manhunt is underway.

France has become increasingly Islamicized, with whole areas in Paris that non-Muslims cannot visit. Multiculturalism has done what the Moors failed to do; overrun the Frankish state.

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January 06, 2015

U.S. Catholic Bishops fund Ferguson Rioters

Timothy Birdnow

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have been supporting the "hands up" anti-police coalition.

According to Judi McLeon at Canada Free Press:

"USCCB (U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops) today is using its favourite charity to fund groups advocating the Michael Brown-Eric Garner protests, including burning and looting in Ferguson, Mo and the same ones that led to last month’s police officer "execution-style” killings in Brooklyn, New York.
Catholic church goers are hit up at least twice a year to donate to the politically-charged USCCB’s favourite charity, the innocuous-sounding Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which rakes in mega millions a year.

At last count, CCHD collection was being taken up in diocesan parishes across the U.S. in November. CCHD has invested over $4 million in 2014, in immigrant communities across the United States. (USCCB.org).

Everyone should now be fully aware that being far more immersed in politics than prayer, the USCCB Committee on Migration have long been waving the cheerleaders’ pom pom for President Barack Obama’s Executive Amnesty fiat."


"With the collection of money for immigration now having been distributed, the bishops have moved on to the support of activist groups involved in the Communist-organized "I can’t breathe!” "Hands up!!” protest movement taking a daily toll through racial unrest in Ferguson, Mo, New York City and elsewhere.

A sizable chunk of the latest money collected from the Sunday Mass collection basket has gone to to the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, which has received $35,000 from the CHHD for this current fiscal year"

End excerpt.

I stopped giving to the Campaign for Human Development decades ago; it has always had a leftist political slant. Now we know where they stand.

If the Catholic Church cares so much about the black community, why has it closed so many churches in black neighborhoods? It seems to me that predominantly Protestant black areas are in dire need of Catholic missions, yet the Church closes parishes with abandon in those neighborhoods. But they will give money out to groups seeking to sew chaos and division.

Pope John Paul II and Benedict both attempted to rein in this sort of nonsense, but the new Pope is on board with social agitation.

Where is the salvation of souls in all of this? That was and is the primary duty of the Church, after all.

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597 Calls To Congress

A.J. Cameron

Boehner and McConnell are working with Obama to push through amnesty and to continue funding ObamaCare. They must be stopped, or the republic is DEAD, and so is the GOP. Most of my friends from around the country will never vote Republican again because of what Boehner did immediately following the mid-term election.

Please make your call today.

597 Calls To Congress

Dear A. J.,
If you have already called your Representative, please pass this message along to 5 friends.

When Congress reconvenes today, one of the first orders of business will be for the US House of Representatives to choose whose hand the Speaker's gavel will reside. Rep. John Boehner was elected Speaker after the Tea Party tsunami of 2010, having been minority leader previously.

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES NOW http://paracom.paramountcommunication.com/ct/24734432:24386998431:m:1:761046877:993E64309C61778FE90D5E994BB72BA3:r

During Boehner's tenure, both the expansion of the Federal government and spending has run rampant with little resistance from the Republican controlled House. It's time for Boehner to step aside or be replaced with someone who will stand up to runaway cronyism and a President bend on destroying a great nation.

Our supporters have been jamming the Congressional phone and email systems demanding that the ineffectual leadership of Boehner and his K Street controlled counterparts are replaced with someone who values the oath of office every member of Congress must swear to honor the Constitution and be a representative of the people, not the Washington lobby.


The message we the voters sent in the last election is simple. We are demanding that politics as usual is replaced with a Congress that will stop the illegal actions of the current President, reduce government spending and return the Federal government to its Constitutional boundaries. Unfortunately, John Boehner does not seem to have what it takes to lead and we are asking you to support our effort to remove him from the Speaker's position.

And after you have called your Representative, would you follow this secure link to donate right away to help the Tea Party movement?

We need you to CALL your reps and tell them to vote no on Speaker John Boehner retaining the gavel. We have the system all set up for you, it only takes a few moments reach your district rep and tell them to do what they were elected to do, BE YOUR VOICE!


The technology to provide this system is expensive and your contributions will assure that we can continue the fight as the representative of the people. Make your voice heard with a contribution today.

Niger Innis
Executive Director

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A Personal Case of Racial Harassment in St. Louis

Timothy Birdnow

I had an interesting altercations yesterday. I wound up in a shouting match with a black man in a hospital parking lot, and I have every reason to believe it was a purposeful exchange to "keep the spirit of Ferguson alive".

My doctor is in the hospital doctor's building, located near the county seat of St. Louis County. There have been repeated protests and trouble in the immediate vicinity, including an attempted shutdown of the St. Louis Galleria nearby. In fact, this particular hospital was on the original "shut down" list, a list that was amended after word leaked that the anarchists planned to shut down hospitals.

I was in the parking lot looking for a parking spot. One spot caught my eye and I drove toward it, but someone came from the other direction and took it. Ah well; such is life! Another spot was available, but my angle was too steep to pull straight in; I was going to have to stop and back up to make the cut. I did this, and suddenly heard a hor shrieking behind me, followed by a voice screaming in rage. A black man in a nice SUV was screaming out his car window at me, blaring his horn. I assume he wanted the spot, but that may not be the case at all. At any rate, he was very hostile and kept shouting "those days are over!"

Well, I'm not one to be intimidated. I yelled at the man to wait his turn. He called me a white M***er F***er. A pedestrian up ahead pointed to another open spot, but by this time I was not going anywhere; he could take the opening spot. I took as much time as I needed and manuevered over the ice-covered lot until I was parked.

As I walked past him he screamed at me and mocked my rattrap car (yes, it's a 1992 and in lousy shape) and my clothing. This, I thought, is what white privilege gets you; an old car and ragged clothes. Clearly this well-dressed and well vehicled black man had suffered from terrible discrimination in America! My white privilege meant I live half as well as this guy.

I told him to grow up as I walked away, back turned and unprotected. I listened carefully for footsteps coming up behind me, or for a gunshot and the aweful thud in my back. It didn't happen. I fully expected to come out from the doctor and find my tires slashed.

By the way, the doctor doubled my blood pressure medicine upon checking me. I tried to convince him that these were unusual circumstances, but he was absolutely freaked by the numbers.

This might have been a struggle over a parking spot, but I don't think so; the man was clearly behind me, well behind me, and in the most basic civil discourse had zero claim on the spot. He pulled up too close to let me manuever in an attempt to bully me into giving up the spot. He kept shouting "those days are over!" I shouted back "what the HELL does that even mean" and of course got no reply. I think the Hands UP crowd is pushing the idea of harassing white people wherever they can. I have little doubt this man was harassing me not because of the parking spot but because I was white.

And that is why I refused to budge on this; we cannot reward bad behavior, reward bullying, by acquiescing to it. I was prepared to be assaulted and perhaps worse for this principle. If Americans do not stand against the forces of anarchy, the evil that is growing in our midst, then all is lost. It was a minor victory, but a victory nonetheless. I stood my ground.

America had better firm up; this sort of thing is going to become far more common in the coming days.


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Banish Boehner!

Timothy Birdnow

Freedomworks has started an online petition to compel the GOP to dump John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Everyone should sign it.

Phone lines have been jammed at the Capitol switchboard with demands that Boehner be removed from his leadership post.

Both conservative talkers Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck have called for the ouster of Boehner. Beck put out the House switchboard number on his radio show, asking listeners to call and demand Boehner's removal. Sarah Palin has likewise, calling the Speaker unethical for lying to key legislators.

Boehner has suffered from growing unpopularity with Conservatives in recent years. He tends to offer concessions during negotiations before even hearing a response to the initial proposal. He has been weak on many issues, including Obamacare and Amnesty. Mr. Boehner has repeatedly promised amnesty to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, for instance, but was paralyzed from taking action by Conservatives. Barack Obama's executive order bailed out Boehner, allowing him to make token resistance via a lawsuit while getting what his big dollar donars demand.

But it was his championing of the so-called CRomnibus - continuing resolution omnibus - that funded government for another year (to the tune of 1600 pages and a cost of $1.01 TRILLION dollars in the next year!) that has finally broken the camel's back. CRomnibus guarantees funding for both Obamacare and Obama's Executive amnesty, giving away any power the new Congress has in the next year to stop the Obama agenda and kicking the can down the road to the next election cycle, making it much harder to eliminate these atrocities. This was a lame-duck action binding the next Congress - the Republican Congress - and preventing any action to move the agenda of the Tea Party forward.

Mr. Boehner was also quite duplicitous in the manner he promoted this. He openly lied to several key votes, promising to kill the bill after getting enough votes.

In fact, there have been repeated disasters at the hands of John Boehner.

Fully 60% of GOP voters want Boehner gone.

Two rivals have thrown their hats into the ring for Speaker - the staunchly conservative Louie Gomert of Texas and Florida squish Ted Yoho. Others may follow if they smell blood in the water. That blood may be seeping slowly; Boehner need lose a mere 29 votes to fail to gain a majority in the House, opening the door a new round of voting.

Contrary to Establishment talking points, Nancy Pelosi will not then become Speaker; she will still have too few votes. The only way Pelosi could gain the Speakership is if the protesting GOP members actually voted for her. They won't.

But even if they would, what of it? Pelosi would be a powerless Speaker, making gridlock inevitable. Given what Boehner has just done with his 1.6 trillion spending, would that be so terrible? Boehner is, Benedict Arnold fashion, a false friend who can and has done enormous damage to our cause. Pelosi at least would be a known quantity, an obvious enemy who will fail to move any agenda forward since she would be solidly in the minority. Gridlock is often better than a successfull Congressional session.

I'm not calling for a vote for Pelosi, mind you, but am saying we could be in worse shape. If Boehner survives this he will know he can win against the Tea Party. It will be a stampede of Elephants trampling the Conservative base. This really is a do-or-die situation.

John Boehner needs to go. He has remained in power largely due to threats to yank committee assignments from GOP legislators. The key to ridding ourselves of this smarmy politician is to make the GOP ranks more afraid of us than of the tan man, a pol who clearly plays more golf than actually works for the people who sent him to represent them.

We need to tell our reps that Boehner needs to go. You may contact yours at the House switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

You may also send notice of your displeasure to Speaker Boner at http://www.speaker.gov/contact/

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January 05, 2015

NY Daily News article by sister of 9/11 pilot killed

  • Jack Kemp

  • Guys, I have seen this woman speak in person a number of times, mostly against the Ground Zero Mosque project. She is a Democrat who became a lot more conservative and outspoken after her brother, a pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, was murdered.



The Senate’s betrayal

The sister of a pilot killed on Sept. 11 says Sen. Feinstein’s torture report has done the unthinkable — turned our enemies into victims

Sunday, January 4, 2015, 5:00 AM

In November of 2002, my two brothers and I traveled to FBI offices in Alexandria, Virginia and met with one of the lead federal prosecutors who was working on the criminal investigation of the 9/11 attacks. We were there to watch a video animation of American Airlines Flight 77, the plane that was hijacked by five Al Qaeda terrorists and flown into the Pentagon.
We were desperate to find out anything we could about the flight because our brother, Charles F. "Chic" Burlingame, III, was its captain, the pilot in command that fateful morning.
The video we were about to see — put together from the plane's flight data recorder, or "black box," and FAA radar tracking — would show us the plane's every movement, from the time it pushed back from the gate at Dulles Airport to the moment just before it crashed into the Pentagon at 530 mph, one hour and 27 minutes later.
We sat in silence for the entire duration of the video. The animation noted when radio contact ceased and when the plane's unique radar signature, its transponder, was turned off. We watched, barely breathing, as the Boeing 757 changed course. Almost immediately after it completed its 180 degree turn, the plane began to pitch and roll violently.
We knew this was when Chic was fighting for his life. It lasted more than six agonizing minutes. And then it stopped.
Every 9/11 family member has visions of their loved one's last moments. I don't know who is more fortunate, those who know the precise details of their relative's death or those who don't — those who can only imagine it from the countless horrific images captured in real time and published over and over in the media for the last 13 years.
Every family member can speak to this, but here are the words of one FDNY firefighter about the 20,000 body parts they found, sometimes digging on their hands and knees: "Imagine that the twin towers were two giant blenders that were suddenly turned on. The people who didn't make it out were literally torn to pieces and flung from river to river, on the streets and rooftops of Lower Manhattan."
This is the context for the families of the victims as we watched Sen. Dianne Feinstein declare from the well of the U.S. Senate last month that the harsh interrogation of the men who plotted and carried out our loved ones' savage murders, and who planned a second wave of terror, was "a stain on our values and our history."
These are the images we thought of as we were told that the government had committed war crimes when it sanctioned the CIA enhanced interrogation program to acquire intelligence from the people who meant to terrorize and incapacitate the nation further.
We recalled receiving the multiple next-of-kin notifications for human remains over a period of months or years when we were told that the detainees were tortured.
Sen. FeinsteinYURI GRIPAS/REUTERSSen. Feinstein
Tortured? What does that actually mean?
In the Washington bubble, the debate on the so-called torture report has come and gone with disturbingly familiar speed. It was the big story for one week, and then seems forgotten.
Not for those who live daily, hourly, moment-by-moment with the emotional scars of having lost loved ones on 9/11.
The Senate Intelligence Committee members who prepared this report — which essentially labels as criminals those who scrambled to defend us in the immediate wake of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil in our history — have done the unimaginable. They have turned our loved ones' murderers into victims.
And they have done so on the international stage at the worst possible time, when ISIS is killing, raping and beheading innocent people at a rapacious rate while at the same time recruiting here in the West for more members.
In 2009, I was among those 9/11 family members who opposed President Obama's plan to release the details of the Rendition, Detention and Interrogation program (RDI) the CIA created and carried out with presidential approval. The lengthy legal memos Obama published were written at the behest of John Rizzo, then acting chief counsel for the CIA.
He was looking for legal guidance so that the program would stay inside the legal limits of the federal statute prohibiting torture. He was also looking to protect his people from Monday-morning quarterbacking, from after-the-fact charges — from the very people who had been briefed about the RDI program and encouraged it to go forward — that they had violated the maddeningly vague anti-torture statute.
Sept. 11 family members didn't want these methods revealed because we didn't want our enemies to have our playbook and thus the means to train against it. We remembered former CIA Director George Tenet's testimony before the 9/11 Commission.
He said that infiltrating terrorist groups was exceedingly difficult and that cultivating covert assets who could provide fresh intelligence about them could take five years or longer. We didn't have five years. The country was at war, and, indeed, will always be at war as long as Islamic jihadists continue to target and kill Americans in coordinated attacks.
Getty Images provides access to this publicly distributed image for editorial purposes and is not the copyright owner. Additional permissions may be required and are the sole responsibility of the end user.U.S. Navy/Getty ImagesWhere the Pentagon was hit
Once the legal memos were published, we learned that enhanced interrogation methods were drawn from the SERE program; Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape. Our brother called it "POW school." As a Navy fighter pilot, he was one of the tens of thousands of U.S. military personnel put through SERE since the end of the Vietnam War.
The purpose was to teach pilots, special-force operators and intelligence personnel — those most likely to be captured behind enemy lines — how to mentally prepare for the ordeal. As Chic explained it, the military believed that the command to provide only "name, rank and serial number" was insufficient.
The aim was to expose SERE participants to terrifying conditions to increase their ability to cope in captivity, to give them the means to survive.
Chic was among the tens of thousands of pilots who had attended SERE and had been waterboarded. He didn't call it that. He called it "the water treatment," and would only say that it was "very effective." SERE was a brutal experience, approved by Congress, which members of our own military submitted to in preparation to serve their country. But applied to Al Qaeda terrorists, Sen. Feinstein now says it amounts to "torture."
In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey observed that more journalists have been waterboarded in order to sample and write about the procedure than the three terrorists who were waterboarded in the RDI program. In fact, five of the eight pilots who were murdered in their cockpits on 9/11 were ex-military pilots. All of them went through the SERE program. That means that more 9/11 victims were waterboarded than the Al Qaeda terrorists who killed them.
Feinstein knows that after 9/11, the public was willing to tolerate these methods to prevent another devastating mass-casualty attack. Rather than take the more difficult position that these methods are morally reprehensible regardless of their effectiveness, the Committee elected to turn Americans against the agency trying to protect us.
For five years, Sen. Feinstein has led this effort to rewrite history and has produced a fraudulent document that says enhanced interrogation techniques "didn't work."
This claim is the linchpin the Committee relied on and, I believe, the chief reason the report was created without interviewing a single individual actually involved in the program, or any of the former CIA directors who oversaw its administration and know otherwise.
But the public doesn't have to take the word of three former CIA directors regarding the program's effectiveness. They need only consult the Obama Administration's own Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder.
Charles Burlingame’s tombstoneCliffCharles Burlingame’s tombstone
In 2009, Mr. Holder brought senior Al Qaeda member Ahmed Ghailani to New York City for trial in federal court. Ghailani, a Bin Laden body guard and bomb expert, was part of the 1998 conspiracy to bomb the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people, maiming and injuring over 4,000.
Ghailani fled to Pakistan after the attack and continued to act as a senior member of Al Qaeda until he was captured in 2004. After he was brought to New York for trial in the embassy bombings case, presiding federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan asked the attorneys on both sides to brief the issue of Ghailani's Fifth Amendment right to a speedy trial. Ghailani had spent more than four years at a CIA "black site" undergoing interrogation.
The Holder Justice Department argued that Ghailani's rights had not been violated and that his placement in the RDI program was reasonable and justified. The brief described the RDI program as an "essential" program that "saved lives." And lest the Court think these claims were hypothetical, the brief listed page after page of classified intelligence supporting that claim.
Indeed, we now know that Ghailani's interrogations provided information in the matrix of intelligence leading to the location of Osama Bin Laden.
Feinstein and her fellow Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee have delivered to the world a corrupt, partisan report aimed at obscuring the fact that they condoned an aggressive response to 9/11 — and then condemned that same response once the "dirty work" was done.
In so condemning, they are endangering Americans by playing to a narrative written by anti-American ideologues in thrall of international human rights activists with no allegiance to nations.
By failing to distinguish between the human rights of truly aggrieved and oppressed people and terrorists who have pledged — repeatedly and remorselessly — to perpetrate heinous war crimes against innocent men, women and children, these politicians have turned the concept of "shared humanity" upside down.
We will get past this, because good men and women will continue to stand up when their country needs them. They always do. Even at the risk of betrayal.
Burlingame is cofounder of 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America and a member of the board of directors of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

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January 04, 2015

Liberal Bullyism

Dana Mathewson

From Power Line, this refers to an anti-gun article in The New Yorker magazine. It's tempting to think "If this is the caliber of our opposition, we've got it made." But we don't, because so many people actually agree with this puke.

Liberals Can't Argue, They Can Only Bully [Updated]
Liberals Can't Argue, They Can Only Bully [Updated]
No one expects sensible commentary on firearms from the New Yorker, but this gun control rant is worth noting because it is so typical of modern liberalis...

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Airliner did not have Permission to Make the Flight

Dana Mathewson

This from Urgent Agenda Saturday:

THE MALAYSIAN AIRLINER – From Fox: "AirAsia didn’t have permission to fly from Surabaya to Singapore on the Sunday morning that Flight 8501 crashed into the Java Sea, Indonesian officials said Saturday. Shortly after Indonesia’s search and rescue agency said it had detected two large parts of the aircraft on the seabed, transport ministry spokesman J.A. Barata said the airline was only permitted to fly the route on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 'So AirAsia has committed a violation of the route that has been given to them,' Barata told The Wall Street Journal. He said the company's flights from Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city, to Singapore had consequently been suspended on Friday." Do you get the feeling that something is very wrong with Malaysian aviation? Details to follow.

See our website at: www.danamarthamusic.com

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White House Climate Lunacy

By Alan Caruba

As January 2014 arrived with a blast of cold air ominously dubbed the "polar vortex”, the White House released a video in which the Chief Science Advisor to President Obama, Dr. John Holdren,managed to get on both sides of it, declaring the "extreme cold” to be "a pattern that we expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.” How the Earth is getting both colder and warmer at the same time defies reality, but that is of little concern to Dr. Holdren and, indeed, the entire global warming—now called climate change--hoax.

Earlier, in November 2013, the White House made Dr. Holdren available to social media saying he would answer "any questions that you have about climate change…” As noted by Jim Lakely, Communications Director of The Heartland Institute, the invitation welcomed questions "but only if they conform to the notion that human activity is causing a climate crisis, and restricting human activity by government direction can ‘fight it.’” The answers would have to wait "because the White House social media experts are having a hard time sifting through the wreckage of their ill-conceived campaign and finding the very few that conform to Holdren’s alarmist point of view.”

Sadly, in addition to the United Nations where the hoax originated and any number of world leaders including our President and Secretary of State, Pope Francis has announced that he too believes the Earth is warming. Someone should tell him that it has been in a natural cooling cycle going on twenty years at this point!

Dr. John Holdren
Of course, such facts mean nothing to Dr. Holdren and even less to the President. That is why we are likely to not only hear more about climate change from him, but also discover that the White House intends the last two years of Obama’s term in office to be an all-out effort to impose restrictions and find reasons to throw money at the hoax. Dr. Holdren was no doubt a major contributor to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy initiative announced on December 3rd.

This "Climate Action Plan” called the "Climate Education and Literacy Initiative” is primarily directed at spreading the hoax in the nation’s classrooms and via various government entities as the National Park Service so they can preach it to the 270 million people who visit the nation’s 401 parks each year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will sponsor five regional workshops for educators and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, along with the American Geosciences Institute and the National Center for Science Education will launch four videos likely to be shown in schools.

Joining the White House will be the Alliance for Climate Education, the American Meteorological Society, the Earth Day Network, Green Schools Alliance, and others. It adds up to a massive climate change propaganda campaign, largely paid for with taxpayer funding.

The "science” that will be put forward will be as unremittingly bogus as we have been hearing and reading since the late 1980s when the global warming hoax was launched.

When Dr. Holdren faced a 2009 confirmation hearing, he moved away from his early doomsday views on climate change, population growth, and the possibilities of nuclear war. Though warned by William Yeatman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute that Dr. Holdren had "a 40-year record of outlandish scientific assertions, consistently wrong predictions, and dangerous public policy choices” that made him "unfit to serve as the White House Science Advisor”, the committee voted unanimously to confirm him.They should have read some of his published views.

Regrettably Congress generally goes along with the climate change hoax. Dr. Holdren noted that "Global change research (did) well in the 2013 budget. One can look at that as a reaffirmation of our commitment to addressing the climate change challenge. There’s $2.6 billion in the budget for the United States Global Change Research Program.”

Let me repeat that. $2.6 BILLION devoted to "research” on global warming or climate change. One must assume it is devoted to finding ways for mankind to cope with the non-existent global warming or the threat of a climate change about which mankind can do nothing. It is comparable to saying that humans can get the Sun to increase or decrease its radiation.

In June 2014, Ron Arnold, the executive vice president of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and Washington Examiner columnist, noted that Dr. Holdren has long held the view that the U.S. should "de-develop” its "over-developed” economy.

That likely explains the Obama administration’s attack on the use of coal, particularly in utilities that use it to generate electricity. In the six years since the policy has been pursued by the EPA, coal-fired utilities have been reduced from providing fifty percent of the nation’s electricity to forty percent. Less energy means less investment in new business and industrial manufacturing, less jobs, and less safety for all of us who depend on electricity in countless ways.

Arnold reported that "Holdren wrote his de-development manifesto with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, the scaremongering authors of the Sierra Club book, ‘The Population Bomb.’” Aside from the fact that every prediction in the book has since proven to be wrong, but it was clear then and now that Dr. Holdren is no fan of the human population of the planet. Like most deeply committed environmentalists, it is an article of faith that the planet’s problems are all the result of human activity, including its weather.

In December 2014, Dr. Holdren expressed the view that worldwide carbon dioxide emissions should be reduced to "close to zero”, adding "That will not be easy.” This reflected the deal President Obama agreed to with China, but carbon dioxide plays no discernable role whatever in "global warming” (which isn’t happening) and is, in fact, a gas essential to all life on Earth, but particularly for all vegetation that is dependent on it for growth.

Dr. Holdren’s continued presence as the chief Science Advisor to the President encourages Obama to repeat all the tired claims and falsehoods of global warming and climate change. It is obscene that his administration devotes billions of dollars and countless hours to spreading a hoax that is an offense to the alleged "science” it cites.

The North and South Poles are not melting. The polar bear population is growing. The seas are not dramatically rising. Et cetera!

One can only hope that a Republican-controlled Congress will do what it can to significantly reduce the money being wasted and reverse the EPA war on coal and the utilities that use it to produce the energy the nation requires.

For now, Dr. Holdren will continue to use his influence in ways that confound and refute the known facts of climate science. How does it feel to be the enemy of an environment that Dr. Holdren and others regard as more important than human life?

© Alan Caruba, 2015

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The Bad Christian and the Good Secularist

By Selwyn Duke

"If not for my faith, I would be barely human.” That was the answer English writer Evelyn Waugh gave when asked, as all Christians will be at some point, how he could call himself a Christian given his behavior. Often rhetorical, the question is sometimes a ploy used to gain leverage and discredit the target by painting him as a hypocrite or to discredit the faith through guilt by association. Yet it can also be sincere, and it is then, especially, that it warrants a response.

The first thing to note about those who honestly ask the question is that they must think very highly of Christianity; if they didn’t, they’d merely assume you were acting wholly in accordance with your faith. This is the only thing that would explain — again, when the question is sincere — the higher standard to which they hold Christians. Others may exhibit the frailties and character flaws plaguing man, but they never hear "Such licentious behavior! How can you lay claim to hedonism?!” or, upon a loss of temper, "You call yourself a communist?!” Yet this raises a question: If Christianity provides this superior model for life, why don’t these secularists embrace it?

Don’t ask me why I’m a terrible Christian. Maybe I’m just a lost soul. Virtues are caught more than taught; actions speak louder than words.

Walk the walk and show me how it’s done.

Otherwise, you’re simply a Monday-night quarterback condemning the players when your only accomplishment is creating a buttock-shaped impression in upholstery.

Yet certain secularists may honestly find many Christians lacking. One reason for this is simple:
Christians are lacking.
The second reason, which I’ll address right now, has to do with something called mirroring.
When secularists take the measure of Christians and find them wanting, they generally don’t apply the yardstick of Christianity. They often, in fact, don’t even know what it is. If they did, they would recognize that their glass house is hardly an edifice from which to hurl holy stones; these secular critics, after all, are generally people of libertine morality and loose mouths, and their creed may not extend far beyond "If it feels good, do it.” What they are applying in their judgment are their values. Their statement "You’re not a good Christian” is, logically translated, "You’re not a good secularist.”

When considering this, note that secularists don’t trouble much over most of the Seven Deadly Sins; they usually can’t even name them (and lust and envy are in style). Rather, what earns their reprobation is some sub-category of wrath, which they may identify as "hate,” "intolerance” (incorrectly understood) or as merely a fit of pique or perturbation. And being that serene water of life is the image they have of the holy man, who they’d never thus describe but might rather call "enlightened”; just think of Kung Fu’s Kwai Chang Caine.

Yet this is a secular ideal forged on a good dose of Hollywood entertainment and eastern mysticism. Jesus wept, forgave, healed, resurrected and rendered parables of divine perspicacity. But He also called people hypocrites, "a den of vipers,” said to the apostle Peter "Get behind me, Satan!” and turned over the tables in the temple. It should be emphasized that He who Christianity tells us was, paradoxically, fully God and fully man was fully man. Jesus was not some eastern TV monk with a bare head and bare personality; He experienced a range of human emotions, each one in the right moment and measure.

As for those merely fully human, it is entirely common to mirror, to ascribe your own values and understanding of matters to others. This is why modern films may portray Jesus as if He were a flower child, just as, at the spectrum’s other end, movies about Adolf Hitler often portray him as a gruff, raving lunatic. Lost on these secular artists is that Hitler was known for personal charm, and Jesus could chastise. The Devil doesn’t appear with a pitchfork and horns and the holy don’t always sport visible halos; the demagogue tells you what you want to hear, the deific what you need to know. But it is a sad fact of man’s nature that people are more tolerant of clever lies than harshly spoken truths.

The point? It seldom occurs to these secularists that God’s dictates may be far different from their values (mostly because they don’t believe in God). In fact, were they close to such understanding, they wouldn’t even call their values "values.” God does not have values — He prescribes virtues.

Yet where the secularists are right is in that Christians do not thoroughly follow that prescription. This is not, however, an indictment of either faith or followers. Secularists’ criticism of Christians always amounts to, in so many words, "You’re really a bunch of sinners!” This is rather comical considering that Christianity teaches we’re all a bunch of sinners, with its holy book telling us "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Eastern mysticism may concern "finding the god in you”; Christianity is about accepting that you’re not God.

Delving deeper, Christians "may” not walk their walk as well as secularists walk theirs. But to condemn the Christian for this is much like saying that the man who never stumbles when playing the toddler’s game of putting geometrically shaped pegs in the appropriate holes is superior to the professional golfer who sometimes stumbles on the course. And to condemn Christianity for its adherents’ deficiencies would be like saying that ideal golf swing production is not an ideal because no one can ever and always live up to it.
What would indict Christianity?

If people could live up to it.

Then it could not be the Truth.

For how could someone ever conform to perfection?

So ironically, if you can truly live up to your faith, it’s not a faith worth living up to. Thus is the Christian a bit like the devoted golfer: He strives for the ideal of never making a mistake while knowing he can never achieve it.

In contrast, secularists are, in a sense, still playing with their pegs and holes of values. Although it certainly appears that they at least match Christians in failure to live up to what they profess, even if they didn’t, would it be anything about which to boast?

The issue is that their values pegs and holes really are theirs. That is to say, someone who believes in Absolute Truth (God’s will) will use it as his yardstick when seeking an answer to a moral question. But what if someone is an atheist (or simply  HYPERLINK "https://www.barna.org/barna-update/article/5-barna-update/67-americans-are-most-likely-to-base-truth-on-feelings" \l ".VKeWi8pk3FQ" a relativistic person of "faith”) and doesn’t believe in anything outside of and above man that determines right and wrong, doesn’t believe in Truth? He will then take Protagoras’ view that "man is the measure of all things,” and it then follows that there is no "morality” — only man’s preferences for behavior. This should inform as to what his yardstick for behavior will be.

"Reason” is not the answer because reason is not an answer; it is a method by which answers can be found. Thus, if there is no Moral Truth, there are no answers to be found in the arena of conduct and hence no reason for reason. So blind to Truth and having obviated the reason that could discern it, the average secularist has only one logical yardstick to use: emotion. "If it feels good, do it” — everything then boils down to occultist Aleister Crowley’s maxim "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

Why is this relevant here? Because the average secularist will often have values that, being emotion-born, are simply a reflection of himself, of his likes and dislikes, passions and prejudices. So how, then, could consistency in application of preferences be a legitimate source of pride? How could you be out of conformity with yourself? A yardstick never fails at being three feet long.

In reality, secularists still do manage contradiction. But why shouldn’t they? In a relativistic universe, consistency is no better than hypocrisy, a lie no worse than Truth. And even when hearts are in the right place, being governed by feelings can’t yield consistency because emotion changes with the wind. Secularists would be their own measuring stick, one that can always judge them sinless because they are always the length they are — whatever that happens to be at the moment.

Of course, there are secularists who may, in absolute terms, be better people than a given Christian. But this just returns us to Evelyn Waugh’s sage admission. What are the person’s moral proclivities? We wouldn’t dismiss ideal golf instruction because an untalented, all-thumbs duffer who received it wasn’t as good as a natural who got the Devil’s guidance. And a wise person respects those who make the most of their relatively limited potential, moral or otherwise, more than one blessed with the most ethereal talents but who buries them in the ground. "To whom much is given, much will be expected.” Perhaps that "bad Christian” is just a far worse person with a far better faith. And if you can’t thank God, perhaps you should thank your lucky stars for it. It could be the reason why he just yelled at you and didn’t put you in a gulag, burn you in a pyre or chop your head off.

 HYPERLINK "mailto:selwynduke@optonline.net" Contact Selwyn Duke,  HYPERLINK "https://twitter.com/SelwynDuke" follow him on Twitter or log on to  HYPERLINK "http://www.SelwynDuke.com" SelwynDuke.com

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Saving lives in the Middle East

Paul Driessen

Happy New Year! May it be blessed, healthy and prosperous.

My article this week chronicles the horrendous slaughter and ethnic cleansing that Islamic State butchers are inflicting in Iraq and Syria – and recounts the heroic efforts by RUN Ministries, Gleaning for the World, Mercury One and other faith-based groups to shelter and feed refugees … save lives … and preserve what is left of Christian, Jewish and Baha’i communities that have made this region their home for centuries.

Saving lives in the Middle East

Faith-based groups race against time, winter cold and Islamist butchers to reduce the slaughter

Paul Driessen

Yazidi and other Christian communities trace their Syrian and Iraqi roots back nearly 2,000 years. Now they are being systematically exterminated. Not merely driven out. Exterminated – along with Jews, Baha’is and even Muslims insufficiently fundamentalist to suit Islamic State (ISIS) butchers.

While they have not yet attained the scale of Nazi and Communist slaughters, these Islamofascist savages may have surpassed their Twentieth Century predecessors in depravity. They ask terrified children, "Who wants to be beheaded first?” then butcher them in front of the others. They bury people alive. Islamist "soldiers” teach little boys how to slice the heads off every man in "enemy” Syrian tribes. They torture and rape girls and women, before selling them into slavery, prostitution or forced marriage – and demand that surviving women dress "modestly” in black robes, gloves and veils, and be banned from school and public life. They sell their victims’ blood and organs, to finance still more weapons and atrocities.

One of the few safe havens for those who escape is Israel, which provides security, education, healthcare, jobs and religious freedom. Another million-plus refugees have fled to camps and streets in Turkey, whose government and people have become exhausted from trying to feed, clothe and shelter so many that Turkish military forces are now preventing Syrians from entering the country. American, European, Middle Eastern and other promises of weapons and aid have been too little, too late or simply not kept. Even the UN’s World Food Program has barely enough money to feed refugees beyond mid-January.

Terrorized multitudes unable to reach safety in Israel or Turkey are caught between Islamic State hordes and slow, painful deaths from starvation, disease and freezing winter temperatures. Many escaped with only the clothes they were wearing. Many precarious lives have been sustained only because RUN Ministries operates "Community of Hope” refugee camps and safe houses in the region.

These people have seen their relatives hung, shot, beheaded, crucified or beaten to death. They have left everything behind and been hunted down like animals. It they are able to escape, they travel by day and sleep in fields by night, hoping to reach a safe shelter – and hoping it has food, water, blankets, medicines and tents to share. By November 2014, Virginia-based RUN (Reaching Unreached Nations) was protecting 26,000 refugees; by the end of December, the number had skyrocketed to 100,000!

But as president Eric Watt says, it costs some $250,000 to build one Community of Hope camp and equip it with sufficient supplies to last 30 days for 1,000 men, women and children. Merely providing warm blankets costs tens of thousands of dollars. Contributions are sorely needed to save more lives.

In early December, RUN volunteers were forced to ask refugees who had already been in a camp more than a month to move out, at least for awhile, so that newly arrived families could be fed and protected. That would mean going back into the rocky fields, often without even blankets to keep warm at night.

"Please don’t make us leave,” parents pleaded. "If we leave, we are afraid our children will die.”

Meanwhile, Islamic State patrols periodically swoop into RUN camps, to kidnap girls, steal food, poison water supplies, and abuse and murder RUN volunteers and transport drivers.

Mr. Watt recounted the story of Alyssa, a 28-year-old Christian woman whose family was liquidated by ISIS death squads. "After my family was killed, I was kidnapped and brought to a terrorist camp, with more than 100 new widows my age,” she said. "We were forced to become ‘wives’ to these men. If we tried to leave, they would torture us. The other widows told me to obey everything these men said, if I wanted to live. Every night, a man would beat and rape me, and during the day we were forced to cook for the ISIS fighters. Many nights, the men would take turns with us and do very bad things.”

Eventually, Alyssa escaped – but with no family, income or future without RUN’s help, and our aid.

So far, the vaunted "international community” has done little. It has been quick to vilify and condemn Israel for "occupying” Palestinian land and "oppressing” Muslims. But it has done little to stop these Islamic State butchers from annihilating Christians and any others who resist. The "coalition of the willing” has been small and futile. It has provided insufficient aid, only muted outrage, and no calls for boycotts, divestment and sanctions for countries aiding and abetting ISIS or ignoring its depredations.

RUN Ministries http://www.runministries.com/ has built six now-overflowing Community of Hope camps in Northern Iraq and is raising funds to construct four more. It’s purchased 5,000 water filters, to protect people against water-borne diseases, and countless thousands of heavy blankets. It fears that ISIS will continue murdering Yazidis until their millennia-old community is wiped out, and the Middle East is completely cleansed of "infidels.”

Until just a few months ago, Halan was a Yazidi Christian elder, responsible for forty families. When Islamic State neared their village, he led the families into the mountains, where they built smaller makeshift homes that they hoped would be hidden and safe. But the butchers found them. "Their leaders told the terrorists to save bullets,” Halan said. "So they used big knives to cut men’s heads off and chop their bodies into pieces.” They murdered all the men, took the women and left him for dead.

"I had nothing left, and my heart was broken,” he wept. But he found a RUN camp, which took him in.

However, the new Holocaust is continuing, and growing. Thankfully, other private sector organizations have also stepped forward. Gleaning for the World, likewise based in Virginia, collects food, clothing, medicine, medical supplies, furniture and many other items; loads them on pallets; and ships them by air, sea and truck all over the world. Forbes magazine has rated it "the most efficient charity in America.”

Gleaning president Ron Davidson says accounting records demonstrate that every dollar in donations is multiplied 212 times when GFTW uses the money to collect and ship aid internationally.

Gleaning has now teamed up with Glenn Beck’s Mercury One Foundation and other faith-based organizations, Reverend Davidson notes, to raise money and send even more supplies to Iraq, Syria and Turkey. ISIS has trapped some 500,000 desperate people – and is indoctrinating and training teenage boys to become incredibly vicious terrorists. The stupider ones become suicide bombers, while others are groomed for export to foreign countries, to launch coordinated or lone-wolf attacks.

These butchers are an existential threat to families, human rights and religious communities everywhere – not just in Iraq, Syria or the Middle East, but in the United States, Europe and throughout the world.

Only intensified allied military campaigns can stop, roll back and obliterate Islamic State terrorists. However, we private citizens can play vital roles: raising our voices, demanding action, and supporting RUN Ministries, Gleaning for the World, Mercury One and other organizations that are doing all they can to prevent yet more horrific murders, slavery and ethnic cleansing.

There are few better ways to step forward … and begin your 2015 giving … than by helping now.


Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (www.CFACT.org), author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death and coauthor of Cracking Big Green: To save the world from the save-the-earth money machine.

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January 03, 2015

Obama's household appliances take forever

Jack Kemp forwards this:

January 3, 2015

America Is Being Transformed Into Brazil

Our dishwasher broke just after Christmas. The timer stopped working, and a new one costs about $100. My wife suggested that since the dishwasher is nineteen years old, we should buy a new one. Up until now it was working very quietly and efficiently, washing and drying a full load in about an hour.
We visited the appliance shop where we had recently purchased a new clothes washing machine a few months earlier. I mentioned to the salesman that our new washer was very slow, taking nearly two hours to finish a large load compared to our old one, which took about 35 minutes. With a bright smile, he explained that that was because of the new federal energy efficiency standards for clothes washers enacted by the Obama administration’s Department of Energy in May 2012.
(I later looked this up on the Energy.gov website, and found that this new regulation was only one of over 40 new onerous energy regulations on products and appliances already enacted, with many more to come, including for Christmas lights. According to the website, these are "sensible steps” that will save consumers "billions on energy bills”. This is a highly suspect claim. When energy consumption decreases, utility companies typically raise the price per kilowatt hour to make up for the loss in revenue.)
And by the way, our salesman interjected, this standard also applies to new dishwashers. They now take as long as three hours to complete the wash and dry cycle. Oh, about your nineteen-year-old dishwasher…don’t expect the new one to last that long. No matter which one you buy, from $250 to $1000, the average expected life of the new washers is five to seven years.
At about this time, I started hearing a song in my head. It was "Aquarela do Brazil”, the theme song of Terry Gilliam’s 1985 movie, Brazil. Gilliam’s film is a "dystopian satire” of a totalitarian society where all of the appliances have been designed and built by mindless bureaucrats.
The protagonist, played by Jonathan Pryce, haplessly tries to use a telephone that has wires and plugs like an old-fashioned operator’s switchboard. Computer screens are so tiny they need to be read with magnifying glasses. Pryce’s air conditioning system is a monstrous contortion of smoking tubes and wires. When it breaks and he tries to get it fixed, he is trapped in a government-controlled nightmare of endless forms and apathetic repairmen.
Robert De Niro plays a "terrorist” rogue engineer who zip-lines himself into people’s apartments and fixes their air conditioning systems without government permission.
Our country is becoming Brazil. The ever-increasing barrage of regulations being unleashed by Obama’s DOE, EPA, and myriad other agencies have spurious and unproven "benefits” to Americans, but many potential unforeseen consequences. We only need look at the Affordable Care Act (a name that could only be dreamed-up in Brazil) as a textbook example of the results of releasing massive amounts of regulations without adequate controls or review.
21,000 new regulations have been enacted under Obama, and 2,375 are scheduled so far for 2015. Congress does not have the power to stop this avalanche, and can do very little to slow it down.
The sad and frustrating part of this "government gone wild” scenario is that it is highly doubtful any of these regulations can be rescinded or fixed before they potentially cause significant permanent damage to our individual freedoms, to say nothing of how they will negatively impact our day-to-day lives. This is how Obama’s "fundamental change” of America is accomplished.
As I write this, I am ordering a new timer for my old dishwasher. I just hope De Niro shows up to help me install it.
Andrew Thomas blogs at http://darkangelpolitics.com

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Threats from Malik Shabazz

Timothy Birdnow

Malik Shabazz threatens to kill police.

"Sadly because America won’t do justice to black people, more and more people are going to lose balance and go off, and so we’re going to have funerals. Mike Brown gonna have funerals, Eric Garner in New York. All over the country, we’re having our funerals, but now they must put on their dress blues and have their funerals, too. It’s a helluva day in this hour.”

End quote.

Making these kinds of threats is a crime. Why hasn't Shabazz been arrested?

If America "did justice to black people" then criminals like Shabazz would be locked up. Shabazz had better be careful what he wishes for; justice hasn't been done in America for a long time, but the discrimination has been the other way around.

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Donna Douglas RIP

Well, doggie! Mr Drysdale was in such a hurry to leave he forgot to ...
Timothy Birdnow

Donna Douglas, Beverly Hillbilly hottie, has passed away at age 82.

Douglas, a native of Louisiana, is most famous for her role in the television sitcom "The Beverly Hillbillies". She played the most buxom ("Jed, it aint her shoulders that are a-poppin those buttons") blond hill cat named Elly May Clampett, a tomboyish, animal loving, naive young backwoods girl who can beat up her very large cousin Jethro (Max Baer Jr.) with ease.

Her real name was Doris Smith. She was a Miss Baton Rouge and Miss New Orleans.

Douglas had other roles, obviously forgotten by the author of this article; she played opposite Elvis Presley in Frankie and Johnnie, a popular Elvis film. But she was known for playing many bit parts in movies and on television, and was awarded "Miss Bi-line", and wore her crown on the Ed Sullivan show. She won the first Golden Globe award for television in 1963. She would later record several gospel albums and write some children's books, as well as promote Christian causes.

Author Carrie Kollath Wells gets it wrong; the Clampetts were not supposed to be from Tennessee but from southwest Missouri (or possibly northwestern Arkansas.) There are numerous references to the White River, to Branson, to Silver Dollar City, even Neosho. It's clear the Clampetts were Ozark mountaineers, not Tennessee Appalachniks.

Ellie May was one of the boyhood fantasies of my generation. While The Hillbillies ended when I was still quite young, it lived on in reruns, and every pre-teen boy I knew fantasized about her. It was especially exciting to think that she (the character) was supposedly from an area just a few hours away from where we lived; we all hoped to go on some Ozark outing and meet a similarly buxom country wildcat. Ellie Mae Clampett was the penultimate juvenile fantasy for a young Missouri boy.

It's hard to imagine such a boyhood fantasy being in her '80's, but then we all grow old (well, I haven't yet!) To me she will always be the budding young nymph from the outskirts of Bugtussle.

Rest well, Donna!

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January 02, 2015

Just Under Half of All Americans Approve of Obama

Timothy Birdnow

According to The Rasmussen Report:

"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama's job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove (see trends).

The latest figures include 24% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 38% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14. smussen, a full 49% of U.S. voters approve of the job Barack Obama is doing."

End excerpt.

How on God's Green Earth can half of the American People support Obama? Only 30% say the country is heading in the right direction, but they still support this guy.

Yes, Obama does enjoy unanimous support from the media, but still? America and the world are both in chaos on his watch, and the economy is terrible.

I can only believe this is reverse racism; Americans support Obama not because of what he does but because of who he is. They WANT to believe Obama is a good guy, is successful, because they do not want to see the first "black" president as the miserable failure that he is. For decades Americans have been told they must not just accept black people as equals but must actively, enthusiastically support them; affirmative action is nothing but discrimination for blacks, and the entertainment world has eternally supported black culture and customs. Also, white Americans are desperate to prove they are not racist, if only to themselves (having been told repeatedly that they are evil people who must make amends) and so they cannot, will not admit that the man who embodies all of the racial attitudes in modern America is really a bad guy, a failure who has done nothing but damage America in all aspects.

It is racism, albeit a reverse sort. A black man simply cannot be that bad.

America is dying from illusions. We refuse to accept reality because the Progressives have created this alternate reality, have convinced people that the world is a very different place than it is and that if we believe strongly enough the reality will change. Barack Obama was the penultimate example of this, a professional rabble-rouser and neo-Marxist who was portrayed as a Greek god and hero who would save us. Americans bought this, and even now cannot accept the truth.

Liberalism was and is a lie. Sadly most Americans can no longer see past it.

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Bring On Speaker Pelosi!

nancy pelosi
Timothy Birdnow

Let's bring Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House.

Here is an interesting idea, one that I fear will not see the light of day but should.

Writing in American Thinker, Lester Jackson argues that Tea Party Republicans should vote for Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker. Jackson makes a compelling argument:

"Although the Constitution specifies that the House shall choose, i.e., elect, its Speaker, the number of votes required is not decreed. Contrary to erroneous reports, an absolute majority of House members is not mandated. Under recent practice (1), always subject to change, a majority of those voting for named individuals is required. But in the past, a plurality -- the most votes although not a majority -- (see House Practice, page 645) has been accepted.

Representative Grimm having resigned, the next House will have 246 Republicans and 188 Democrats. If as many as 57 Republicans merely abstain, Boehner could be elected with 189 Republicans. If some Republicans vote for someone other than Boehner, a higher number would be needed for him to have a majority of those voting for individuals. But he could still become Speaker without a majority of all representatives. To avoid this, Republicans could keep their campaign promises by giving a true conservative (e.g., Trey Gowdy) enough votes to provide a majority of those voting for individuals.

If unable to stomach Pelosi or Boehner, some Republicans may vote for alternatives, which could deny either candidate a majority of those naming candidates. But if Boehner still refuses to withdraw, Republicans might be tempted to elect him with only a plurality. In that event, if it appears that the only choice is Pelosi vs. Boehner and they lack the votes to replace Obama's golf-buddy and ally with a true conservative, at least 30 true conservatives should vote for Pelosi, giving her 218 if all Democrats vote for her. Again, that would only be as a last resort if all else fails.

More importantly, a threat to vote for Pelosi would be nearly risk-free because, like a RINO, she would become a Speaker "in name only" for three reasons. First, a Speaker still has to have the votes to pass anything. Without the support of a majority, a minority party Speaker is much less likely to have the muscle to round up votes. With substantial party majorities, Speaker Pelosi had a bare majority for Obamacare and Speaker Boehner had a bare majority for the Rule enabling the vote for Cromnibus. Both Speakers obtained their bare majorities by combinations of intimidation, bribery, trickery and outright deceit -- unlikely to be available to a minority speaker. Second, rulings may be appealed. House Practice (page 63) provides that the "right to appeal from a decision … which may be invoked by any Member, protects the House against arbitrary control by the speaker." Third, a minority Speaker would have no control over House committees because their members are separately elected (pages H29-H30) and would be under Republican domination.

The upshot is that a minority party Speaker would lack real power to intimidate, having far less capacity to do damage than one with the backing and powers authorized by the majority party.

Finally, most important and rendering the Pelosi threat almost risk-free, she can easily be removed (House Practice, page 644) once conservatives show they are serious: "The Office of Speaker may be declared vacant by resolution, which may be offered as a matter of privilege. Manual Sec. 315; 6 Cannon Sec. 35." While unlikely if they openly declare their resolve, were it necessary to actually vote for Pelosi to demonstrate conservative Republican seriousness, she would and could easily be removed simply because there will be more Republicans in the next House. By contrast, Boehner, if elected, would be stuck in cement. The tragic irony of Republicans who fear risk in voting for Pelosi is that, while she would lack real power to do damage and be removable, Boehner's future betrayals of conservatism would be guaranteed because unstoppable."

End excerpt.

I agree with this. The great danger of the RINO wing is that they are false friends. Like traitors in high positions, a false friend can do far greater damage than an enemy.

Consider America's preeminent traitor Benedict Arnold. Why was Arnold so reviled?

Because Arnold had been one of the Revolution's greatest heroes. Valiant in Canada (had Ethan Allan not also tried to invade Arnold could possibly have emerged victorious) and the hero of Saratoga (violating orders to stay out of the fray) Arnold was one of the Continental Army's top generals. George Washington loved and admired him. But Arnold fell in love with Peggy Shipman, daughter of a staunch loyalist, and, while recuperating from his wounds at Saratoga and acting as governor of the recently re-taken Philadelphia, he began to turn. Politics entered into the fray; the former Pennsylvania governor backstabbed Arnold, accusing him of corruption. Washington was forced to enter the fray, and in a rare show of disloyalty had to turn his back on his friend, issuing a formal rebuke of Arnold. Washington sought to make it up to him by offering him the slot of second in command of the entire Continental Army, but by then it was too late. Arnold turned it down, requesting command of West Point instead.

West Point was the key to the entire war. The British plan was to secure control of the Hudson River valley, cutting New England off from the rest of the colonies. They needed West Point, which was a fortress that commanded a tight bend in the river, or the British fleet would be destroyed trying to move up the river. Arnold agreed to surrender West Point. Worse still, the British demanded Arnold turn over Washington, who was coming for a sociable visit.

Dumb luck saved Washington and the American cause; a British courrier was captured by highwaymen, who turned the courrier and his pouch over to Arnold's men. Since Washington was closer they simply handed the courrier over to Washington, who absent-mindedly opened and read Arnold's mail. Washington moved quickly to secure the fortress and arrest Arnold, and to this day the name Benedict Arnold may not be printed or engraved on any American document or monument. At Saratoga he is refered to as "a young American officer".

One false friend almost ended the entire American cause. Spies and traitors have traditionally been shot if caught.

And therein lies the problem we have had with the RINO wing all along; they betray our cause repeatedly, but keep us tethered to them by warning that it will only get worse if we don't stand with them and take our lumps. There is some sense to this, but only some; after a while the greater danger is the false friend. The liberal Democrats are known quantities and, in fact, always overplay their hands to the American People. But the GOP is the more dangerous, for they will knife us in thue back.

Consider the slide we experienced under George W. Bush; Bush was officially a friend, but what happened during his tenure of office?

No child left behind, a prescription drug entitlement program, the borders opened wide, the rise of the police state as part of his counter-terrorism agenda, the PRISM spying program, historic deficits, even much in the way of liberal social agenda items moved forward during this time. Bush would be considered a liberal Democrats by earlier standards, clearly to the Left of Jimmy Carter, for instance. But the Right supported him and worked for him because the alternative was ostensibly worse. And Bush purged the conservatives from the halls of power in the GoP. And he cost the GOP; in every election power leeched away as Republicans lost seats. The GOP had little choice but to follow Bush's "new tone" which meant not fighting the Democrats. They got into the habit of losing, of keeping quiet, because their party leader refused to fight, refused to defend either himself or his associates.

Bush gave us Barack Obama. He gave us Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle, and Harry Reid.

It should be pointed out that the RINO wing is happy with a Democrat rather than a Tea Party conservative; Harry Reid won re-election in Nevada because of RINO distaste for his opponent, Sharon Angle. And this has been true in countless other elections; Dick'Luger's people actively worked for the Democrat rather than allow a Tea Party guy to win, for instance.

The RINO's keep doing this because we keep doing this. Every time we hold our noses and vote for a RINO we empower their betrayal.

Look, I get the whole "don't cut off your nose to spite your face" thing, and am quite willing to accept less than I want, but at the same time we have got to assert ourselves, stop being doormats. We are in a co-dependent relationship with the RINO's. That has to stop NOW, because there really isn't a later anymore. America is poised for collapse; financially there is no way to pay down the debt any longer, for instance. We can still try and hope for a miracle, but the RINO wing has no intention of even trying. What is worse, a quick death or death by a thousand papercuts? It is a longer, slower death under the Establishment GOP, but it is still a death. We have no time left to act.

And that is true of so many issues; illegal immigration, national healthcare, reining in the rising police state, racial division. The time has come to draw a line in the sand.

So I say "bring on Speaker Pelosi!" A known enemy, especially one with little power, is better than an enemy who pretends to be our friend.

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I Guess White Lives Don't Matter

Timothy Birdnow

Alabama police shot and killed a white man who was turning in a stray animal to a shelter. The silence from the media is deafening.

Seems black lives matter a lot more than white lives...

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January 01, 2015

Nearly 100 protesters storm St.Louis police headquarters

Jack Kemp

Not from the Post-Dispatch. From the UK Daily Mail.
Go to link to read it all.
There is a spacing gap which we could not fix now, so scroll down to continue reading and see the photos.


Nearly 100 protesters storm St.Louis police headquarters, at least 25 of

whom are arrested as others are pepper sprayed

By Alexandra Klausner for MailOnlineand Ashley Collman

Published: 19:53 EST, 31 December 2014
| Updated: 19:53 EST,
31 December 2014

Protesters stormed the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters on Wednesday morning and at least 25 arrests were made as other demonstrators were pepper sprayed.

Protesters planned to occupy the police department for four and a half hours
 until their demands were met, one of which include amnesty for protesters
charged with non-violent offenses.

The protesters also want Officers Flannery and Hayes, responsible for recent
 shootings, to be fired immediately, among other grievances.

Fox reports that at 10:30a.m. around 75 protesters marched downtown then
 later inundated police headquarters.

Wednesday morning: Police block protesters from entering the St. Louis Police Headquarters at 1915 Olive St. in downtown St. Louis and even pepper sprayed the demonstrators in the entryway and on the sidewalk

Storming the gate: Police block protesters from entering the St. Louis Police Headquarters this morning
Pushing back the crowd: Protesters planned to occupy the department for four and a half hours until their demands were met, one of which include amnesty for protesters charged with non-violent offenses.

The shots appeared to be directed at the officers at Beauty Town (circled) from the apartments behind the lot
The shots appeared to be directed at the officers at Beauty Town (circled) from the apartments behind the lot
Before: No one was injured Tuesday night, and no suspects found. Above, what Beauty Town looked like before it was burned to the ground in the November anti-cop protests in Ferguson, Missouri
Before: No one was injured Tuesday night, and no suspects found. Above, what Beauty Town looked like before it was burned to the ground in the November anti-cop protests in Ferguson, Missouri
Above, another before and after picture of the damage done to the Beauty Town store
Above, another before and after picture of the damage done to the Beauty Town store
A search of the area did not result in any weapons or suspects being found.
Police do not believe the shooting was planned.
The six looters arrested at the scene were charged with attempted burglary.
The suburb of St Louis has been embroiled in turmoil ever since local teen Michael Brown was shot dead this past summer in an altercation with police officer Darren Wilson.
Tensions in the community became even more heated in November, when a grand jury decided not to indict Wilson on any charges related to the teen's killing.
The night the grand jury decision was announced, rioters took to the streets of Ferguson and burned down about a dozen buildings and destroyed ever more cars as police tried to combat the crowd with tear gas.
Beauty Town was one of the several stores destroyed in the fire and looting, and the owner has set up a fund to raise money to rebuild.
So far the fund has raise $6,015 of its $30,000 goal.


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