August 03, 2020

Burning Down America

Timothy Birdnow

"Burn this bitch down!"

Peaceful Protesters for Floyd? Rioters in Portland say "It's Time to Burn Down the American Experiment"

From Law Enforcement Today:

Documentary filmmaker and right-leaning activist Ami Horowitz was attacked outside of the federal courthouse while reporting on Black Lives Matter protest this week.

Horowitz was interviewing protestors and filmingthe rioting and chaos that has erupted every night for the past several weeks in Portland when he was assaulted with broken glass once rioters became aware of who he was.

He was threatened that if he portrayed any of the protestors in a negative light he would face "street justice.”

Horowitz said that although the established media continues to refer to these protests as peaceful, it is anything but, saying he observed rioters carrying pipes, hammers, glass, bottles, rocks, golf clubs and incendiary devices.

"The goal of these protests is to encourage societal breakdown so it can be rebuilt in their own warped image.”

Horowitz said that when officers at the federal courthouse were forced to come out to deal with the fires the mob set, they used non-lethal methods such as tear gas and pepper spray even after they were viciously attacked.

Most telling, however, were the responses he received to his questions. He asked several rioters whether they thought organized chaos was a useful tool. All of them agreed that it was and said it was even necessary. One rioter told him:

"Keyword: organized chaos.”

He then asked the crowd of almost all millennials whether they believed this was the end of the American experiment.

"Yes, we failed….Burn it down,” said rioters.

The Black Lives Matter protest has turned violent every night for the past several weeks. When asked whether they needed violence as a tool, one protestor said:

"Yes! Yes! You gotta have violence. Looting and rioting is part of protesting.”

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1 Well, they've tipped their hand. Time to bring on the black helicopters? This is no longer protesting!

Strange that they say "We've failed" Who is this "We" you talk about? "We" need to make sure "They" fail! And there's got to be some law that "We" can use to sweep up Soros and the other bankrollers.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at August 03, 2020 11:21 AM (nXsg9)

2 Yeah Dana; seems "we failed" but someone they made out pretty well.

BTW it appears the Ford Foundation is at the forefront of funding for Black Lives Matter and Antifa (BLAM). But Soros and The Open Society are certainly major donors.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at August 04, 2020 06:58 AM (pGf5U)


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