July 09, 2018

Boston Eyes giving Aliens the Vote

Timothy Birdnow

Boston, one of Amerrica's premier crazy cities, wants to give the vote to resident aliens. According to Boston.com: "The City Council is holding a hearing Tuesday on the idea at the request of Council President Andrea Campbell. The council is considering ways to make city elections more inclusive, including allowing immigrants with legal status in the country the right to vote in municipal races.

That could include legal permanent residents, visa holders and those on Temporary Protected Status or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals."

End excerpt.

Just another Democrat Party power grab? Perhaps. Citizenship is prized precisely because it gives the citizen the right to vote, to have a say in how things are run. Non citizens don't vote because they are guests here. It's rather like hosting a dinner party then allowing the guests to have a say in how you are going to spend your bank account.

There is no vested interest in good citizenship if you are an alien. You have no real stake in society. The natural tendency is to then vote for more generous benefits to line your pocket because you can. I think the City Council in Boston knows this, too. They just want more Democrat voters.

The city could get away with doing this legally as long as it is restricted to municipal elections. But if aliens can go to the polls, what is to stop them from voting in national elections? All it will take is one municipal item on the ballot to allow these aliens to get a full ballot and vote illegally. That, I think, is the whole point.

It's sad to think that Boston was the spark that ignited the American Revolution. They wanted no taxation without representation, and yet here they are now preparing to steal the votes of American citizens - and their tax money along with it - by giving votes to aliens who are just visiting. Imagine if King George had done such a thing!

Amazing how so many Americans will sell their country and their soul for thirty pieces of silver and middling political power.

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