August 27, 2010

Bloomberg's liberal myopia

Jack Kemp

has an incorrectly labeled headline quote from Mayor Bloomberg, stating that the Mayor said on the John Stewart Show that 100 percent of the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 in NY support the mosque.

The accompanying video of Bloomberg on that tv program has Bloomberg saying that 100 percent of the survivor families HE MET support the mosque. Yes, in other words, he has chosen not to meet with those who oppose it, knowing that they are the vast majority. That is how he frames a debate with liberal friends and an accepting audience. Let Bloomberg go on the Sean Hannity program and he might find himself having to deal with tougher questions and answers/replies.

Following Mayor Bloomberg's level of intellectual honesty, I went to Los Angeles and almost 100 percent of the people want the Dodgers to win the National League pennant. I chose not to go to the St. Louis Gateway Arch or Anheuser-Busch on Pestalozzi Street in St. Louis, even though there are rumors that the people there have a differing opinion.

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1  Well I interviewed several thousand bed bugs and the all of them prefer to infest progs beds because progs will do nothing to get rid of them.Its because progs live to be infested so they can play the VICTIM card. 

Posted by: Mike W at August 27, 2010 07:25 PM (P0YbT)

2 Very funny Mike.

Posted by: R. de Haan at August 28, 2010 03:41 AM (xDPY/)


He, he, he!

Likely their blood tastes better, too; rich from all the sugar that their sugar-daddy Obama has given them, and no work to lower their blood-sugar levels!

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at August 28, 2010 07:54 AM (e6n2C)

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