July 07, 2019

Baby's Big Brother

Timothy Birdnow

Donald Trump ran in part on relieving American businesses of regulatory burdens. So why is the Consumer Product Safety Commission micromanaging high chair regulations?

From the CPSC website:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved a new federal mandatory safety standard to make high chairs safer for both home and restaurant use. The new mandatory standard, which aims to prevent deaths and injuries to infants and toddlers, applies to any infant high chair manufactured or imported on or after June 19, 2019.

What are the new rules?
High chairs must meet requirements for stability and restraint systems, as well as include warning statements printed on high chairs about how to avoid fall hazards.

Apparently kids were getting injured when they climbed into or out of high chairs. So what is the government going to do about it? Imposing new regulations only gives the impression that "somebody cares" in D.C. but will not improve the safety of the product anyway. Kids do stupid things, and stupidity is always rewarded with pain. It's part of growing up.

But in the meantime this drives the cost of high chairs up, and discourages American companies from making them.

I thought that was what Donald Trump was supposed to have been elected to do - reduce the number of regulations. This is a Trump appointee running this agendcy, isn't it?

And THIS should concenn every liberty-loving American:

In a recent 2-year period, there were an estimated 18,500 high chair-related injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments, according to CPSC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS)

So our government is keeping a close eye on child injuries via an "electronic Injury Surveillance System. We used to call that spying. What business is it of Uncle Sam's anyway?

Americans are being swallowed up by these draconian regulations and our nanny state do-gooderism, which spies on Americans, and tell them how to live. An altruistic despotism is still despotism.

Either we are a free People, with the right to make our own decisions, or we are slaves. We are NOT their children; they have no right to impose this sort of thing. It frightens me to realize how much Americans are willing to surrender for a little security.

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