November 05, 2018

Authorities Promote Sex Change for Minor behindParent's Back

Timothy Birdnow

School officials and lawyers in Minnesota went behind the backs of a St. Louis Mn. woman by aiding her minor son to undergo treatment for a sex change.

World Net Daily has the story:

"Calgaro’s lawsuit was heard recently before the appeals court in the case of J.D.K., who was 17 at the time. A lawyer for St. Louis County blamed a worker’s error and denied county liability. The health services organization’s attorney insisted the agency acted properly.

The boy was told by a lawyer with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid that he was emancipated from his parents’ authority and could pursue sex-change surgery without their permission or even informing them.

Calgaro is represented by the Thomas More Society, and special counsel Erick Kaardal has called her ordeal "a parent’s worst nightmare.”

Her lawsuit alleges county, school district and medical providers terminated her parental rights without due process when they decided "on their own,” without even notifying her, that her son could undergo the sex-change procedures.

Her lawyers told the 8th Circuit that St. Louis County "determined, without any legal basis, that the child was emancipated and could receive government benefits, even though Calgaro was a ‘fit parent’ who objected to their actions.”

End excerpts.

This is not a case from St. Louis, Mo One of the overarching plans of the Left has always been to remove the authority of parents over their children. Friedrich Engels made this prediction about families in the Communist Worker's paradise:

"With the transfer of the means of production into common ownership, the single family ceases to be the economic unit of society. Private housekeeping is transformed into a social industry. The care and education of the children becomes a public affair; society looks after all children alike, whether they are legitimate or not. This removes all the anxiety about the consequences which today is the most essential social-moral as well as economic factor that prevents a girl from giving herself completely to the man she loves. Will not that suffice to bring about the gradual growth of unconstrained sexual intercourse and with it a more tolerant public opinion in regard to a maiden’s honor and a woman’s shame?

End quote.

The Federalist has a good essay on Marx and Engels and the family by Paul Kengor explaining how they sought to destroy it.

From the article:

"Another who took this advice to extremes was Leonid Sabsovich, the leading Soviet urban planner under Lenin and Stalin. In a series of influential writings published by the Kremlin in the late 1920s, Sabsovich argued for a total separation of children from parents starting in the earliest years of child development. Sabsovich excoriated those who disagreed. Those who found his suggestion of full child-parent separation unnatural and unwelcome were unprogressive cretins "soaked in petit bourgeois and ‘intelligentsia-like’ prejudices.” They were bigots. Likewise befitting a diehard leftist, he advocated absolute state power to steamroll those in his way.
Leonid Sabsovich argued for a total separation of children from parents starting in the earliest years of child development.

Sabsovich insisted that because the child should be and was the property of the state, rather than the family, the state had the right to compel parents to turn over their offspring to specially designed "children’s towns.” These towns needed to be built "at a distance from the family.” Such extreme family proposals by this urban communist would be incorporated within his plans for creating the ideal "socialist city.”

Finally, and briefly, look at point ten in the grand plan of Marx and Engels: They wanted "free education” for every child in "public schools.” No more of what they denounced as the "hallowed correlation of parent and child” and "bourgeois claptrap about the family and education.” Overall, stated Marx and Engels, "The communist revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional relations; no wonder that its development involves the most radical rupture with traditional ideas.” Yes, no wonder."

End excerpt.

And we are now witnessing this very thing in America, where liberal educrats and judges simply ignore the parental judgements of mothers and fathers in favor of the absolute authority of the State over children.

This was inevitable. The Revolution must include the destruction of the family by any means necessary; otherwise children will learn those bad ideas from their parents. The only way to truly change Man into the new thing the left so has set their hearts on is to break all connections with the past, and that can only be accomplished through the destruction of the family. Gay marriage, transgenderism, communal day care, public schooling, inflation - which forces both parents out of the home into the work force, and every and any deviant sexual behavior is the key.

It amazes me how the Left will argue for a "right" to abortion and then claim that parents have no rights to determine the health care or psychological well being of their children. If there is an inherent right to privacy in the Constitution, if there is some "penumbra" which prevents the state from stopping women from murdering their unborn children, then certainly these same parents have the right to decide not to turn their sons into daughters.

The Bolsheviks are winning.

2 Timothy 4:3-4

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

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