February 28, 2011

The Price of Apples

Timothy Birdnow

This courtesy of the Federalist Patriot:

"A recent New York Times story summarizes how various government agencies have come up with formulas for determining how much we are worth. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Times notes, has set the value of a human life at $9.1 million.... The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) arrived at its own figure for the value of an American life. The FDA, writes the Times, 'declared that life was worth $7.9 million last year, up from $5 million in 2008, in proposing warning labels on cigarette packages featuring images of cancer victims.' The Transportation Department ... put our worth at $6 million 'to justify recent decisions to impose regulations that the Bush administration had rejected as too expensive, like requiring stronger roofs on cars,' according to the Times. ... [G]iven the Obama administration's likely pursuit of health care rationing ... it is easy to forecast where this could lead should human life be regarded as having only that value placed upon it by government, or an agent of the state. ... If government gets to determine our worth, it could lead to government determining when in its judgment we are worthless. It could lead to government deciding that when we are costing the state more than we are paying in taxes, we might be seen as a bottle, package or can, whose 'sell by' date has expired. And that would mean the government could regard us as disposable and allow -- or force us -- to 'expire.'"

columnist Cal Thomas

This from Tim

And that sums it up nicely; liberals believe Man to be a commodity. The precious nature of human life is lost in modern Leftism, because modern Leftists believe Man to be purely material in nature, a complex biological machine, granted, but a machine nonetheless. Concepts like liberty, responsibility, nobility, self-sacrifice are discarded because Man is little more than an automaton. Free will is an illusion, a series of conditioned responses masquerading as true volition. As a result, Man can be monitized, have a dollar value placed on his head. The most arrogant theocratic state would never dream to do such a thing, yet the diabolically arrogant Progressives can see nothing at all wrong with doing it.

Therin lies the true nature of Liberalism; to violate the First Commandment in spectacular fashion, believing that their powers of reason are equal to that of the Most High. They place themselves at the apex of Creation, a rival to God. There is a delicious irony here; while claiming that human life - and human reason - are not special, but the result of mechanical processes and thus ultimately enslaved to the tyranny of biological necessity and yet THEIR reasoning is far above everyone else's. THEY are the Ones, with true freedom of thought, and thus they have the right to decide the value of others. You see, they are capable, but the mass of humanity is ignorant and stupid, in the final analysis. They exempt themselves from their own worldview.

Always it devolves back to government; that is the tool of the Left, the Arm of the Lord. Fix a price on Humanity and you have the means to control them. Control Humanity and you have the means to impose your godhead on them. Goerge Orwelll was wrong when he said the purpose of power is power; the purpose of power is to complete the rebellion of Lucifer, and the later rebellion of Adam and Eve. It is the tool to usurp the role of God.

But men are not gods, no matter how many letters they have behind their names or how much power they possess. In the end Big Government fails because it starts from a false assumption - that Man is purely a material process. In the end, the most committed policies fail spectacularly, making the last state of the beneficiary worse than the first.

Of course, power over life and death is the ultimate divine attribute, and the Left has always sought to usurp that authority. Putting a dollar value on a human life is just another means to steal that power. They did it in the Terri Schiavo case, didn't they?

Take a bite of that apple, Adam; it only costs a few pennies! 


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Article at Project Shining City and some personal notes

Timothy Birdnow

I have an article about the American Revolution - or rather the Founding Father's Restoration and how it has no bearing on what is happening in the Middle East - at Project Shining City.  Check it out at

For those fans of Dr. Bailey's Sunday sermons here, he has taken a hiatus and will not be back for a while. Don had to find a new home and move; something guaranteed to suck up any available time. He will be back after the move, so check back.

On a personal note, I went to the infamous Ozark Hilton yesterday to continue with the grand project. It was warm - almost 70* - and I got a lot of work done, finishing up the exterior wall in the "new" cabin and stapling up insulation between roof rafters. Next visit I should be able to put the ceiling on, then the next I will be able to start finishing with the floors.

My truck isn't well; it starts when it feels up to it and stays in bed when it doesn't. It is some kind of contact problem, but it's not the battery cable ends (since those were just replaced) and I haven't been able to figure it out. At any rate, I dare not go to the OH in a vehicle that may not start, so I had to take my wife's '98 Ford Taurus. Unfortunately, when the highway department redid the old road they left a foot high lip (where there had been a gentle grade before) and only my truck can navigate it. No way to get down with the Taurus, which would wind up acting as a giant metal teeter totter. I had to stop in the middle of the highway, unload my cooler and food (thank goodness I have everything else at the cabin I need) then drive the 1/4 mile to the nearest county road and park. I hate leaving the car unattended, but this is the country where people don't mess with other people's things. Nobody has ever done anything to any of my stuff at the cabin, despite the fact that I have no locks and keep tools, food, and even liquor there. I know kids have been in it; I've seen things moved around. I have bribe money (change) in a coffee can as well as leave a drop of whiskey to get them to not mess anything up, but they have never bothered a thing. I can count on the car being there when I leave.

Unfortunately, the highway was BUSY and every car stopped to ask if they could help with my "problem". I hate to have too many people know the cabin is back there, but then there was no help for it.

At any rate, a productive weekend. Last night, though, it rained. YE CATS how it rained! Woke me from a sound sleep; sounded like the storm that floated Noah's boat!  I feared it would actually break through the steel roofing, it was banging so loudly, yet there was not a drop of water anywhere in the cabin. That is impressive; I built this place, after all, and, well, I'm lucky it's still standing. One side of the new cabin doesn't even have steel roofing, but is only plywood covered with tarpaper (for now). I'm waiting until I get the fancy hvac system in place.

By morning the rain slackened, and fog shrouded everything. I seemed to be adrift in a sea of mist; it was quite poetic.

So, another successful trip to the Ozark Hilton, that luxurious retreat fabled in literature and song. I hope to have it completed before I die, but that is certainly in doubt; I'm but half done, if that, and have much more I want to do. A couple more rooms, a screen porch, a generator, maybe a spa and swimming pool. Rainbarrels, a real outhouse instead of two cinder blocks that serve me now (they are self-cleaning; animals love the feast I provide them).  

But I've got two rooms close to finished, and that isn't bad!

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The Teddy Files -- even worse than you thought

Dana Mathewson

The title of the article was so good, I couldn't improve on it.  All the people who idolized Ted Kennedy should be forced to read this.  http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2011/02/028479.php

Especially the part about the brothel.  No surprise, really.


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You won't believe where this is from! The Harvard Crimson, yet!

Dana Mathewson

"The Lady Doth Too Much!"  And you know what lady they're talking about.  http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2011/2/25/first-lady-mrs-little/

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Michael Barone gets it

Jack Kemp

Guys, a great article by Barone. Here are some quotes and a link.



Michael Barone
Voting for the National Interest, Not Self-Interest

It's a question that puzzles most liberals and bothers some conservatives. Why are so many modest-income white voters rejecting the Obama Democrats' policies of economic redistribution and embracing the small-government policies of the tea party movement?

It's not supposed to work out that way, say the political scientists and New Deal historians. Politics is supposed to be about who gets how much when, and people with modest incomes should be eager to take as much from the rich as they can get.

Moreover, as liberal economists and columnists point out, income levels for middle-class Americans remained stagnant for most of a decade during the George W. Bush presidency and then plunged in the recession. Housing values fell even more.


But the fact is that Republicans did pretty well among whites who did not graduate from college -- the exit poll's best proxy for the white working class -- even in the otherwise dismal year of 2008. John McCain carried non-college whites by a 58 percent to 41 percent margin, more than his 51 percent to 47 percent margin among college whites.

Barack Obama won because he carried all other voters 79 percent to 21 percent. But he carried non-college whites in only 14 states and the District of Columbia with 127 electoral votes.

Liberals are puzzled by this. Thomas Frank's book "What's the Matter With Kansas?" argued that modest-income whites were bamboozled by the moneyed elite to vote on cultural issues rather than in their direct economic interest.

But that's no more plausible than the notion that rich liberals from Park Avenue to Beverly Hills have been bamboozled to vote the opposite way on similar issues rather than for those who would extend the Bush tax cuts.

People are entitled to base their vote on the things they think important. They don't always vote just to maximize their short-term income.


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February 27, 2011

Time for Knute Rockne, not Newt Gingrich!

Dana Mathewson

It's time for the GOP to get its varsity candidates into the field, not the junior varsity.  This guy says that the guys who run in 2012 should be (he doesn't say in which order) Paul Ryan and Chris Christie -- and he makes a very good argument.


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Meanwhile, from Drudge...

Dana Mathewson


Wouldn't that be fun?  I mean, assuming the former speaker is Auntie Nancy.  But it would probably actually be Newt, darn it.

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February 26, 2011

They call him "no drama Obama"

Dana Mathewson

and we know why.  It's not a compliment.  From Urgent Agenda.  http://www.urgentagenda.com/PERMALINKS%20VI/FEBRUARY%202011/25.OBAMA.HTML

The London Daily Mail's linked article points out that the president finally got on the phone to European leaders Thursday evening to discuss the situation.

FTA: "But before making the urgent phone call, Mr Obama hosted a concert featuring stars including Nick Jonas, Seal and John Legend, to celebrate Black History Month at the White House.

"Some relatives of those who are still stuck on the catamaran trying to escape Tripoli harbour and in oil-field camps inside the country might take some exception to the revelry at the White house last night to celebrate Motown music."

Bill Katz responds "I would certainly say so.  During the election campaign of 2008, Hillary Clinton, in battling Obama for the Dem nomination, asked how this inexperienced man would react to a crisis call at 3 a.m.  I think we now pretty much know the answer."

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You had to see this coming

Dana Mathewson

First openly gay man chosen as White House Social Secretary.  http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2011/02/first-openly-gay-man-chosen-as-the-new-white-house-social-secretary.html

The First Wookie will certainly enjoy this.

What's next?  Any predictions?

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We Choose Consultations

Dana Mathewson

A stinging indictment of Obama's Middle East "policies:"  http://www.tnr.com/article/world/84191/obama-libya-intervention-qaddafi-iran-egypt

"The idea that assistance does not compromise the autonomy of the assisted is in fact one of the central beliefs of liberalism. We invoke it in our social policies all the time. We help people to help themselves. And that is all that is being asked of us by these liberalizing revolutions; no less, but no more. We disappointed Tehran. We disappointed Cairo. Now we are disappointing Tripoli. It is so foolish, and so sad, and so indecent."

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Jade Revolution in China Aborted

Timothy Birdnow

Very interesting; Pravda is claiming that the Middle Eastern protests were about to spread to China, but the Communist government strangled them in-utero.


According to the article:

"The wave of anti-government protests in the Middle East and North Africa inspired by Tunisia's 'Jasmine' revolution has now reached Asia. Supporters of democracy in China planned protests similar to those rocking the Arab World, but only to be squashed.

Following in the footsteps of the Arab protesters, organizers used social media to mobilize the movement for a 'Jasmine Revolution,' the title given to the Tunisian revolt which dethroned President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The demands were food, jobs, housing and justice, The International Business Times reports.

Before the call for demonstrations, Chinese authorities detained or put under house arrest as many as 100 people, according to the Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy. They include well-known lawyers and human rights activists. Some of them were taken into custody after a meeting last week to dicuss the plight of Chen Guangcheng, a blind activist who is being held prisoner in his home in rural Shandong province."

End excerpt.

What I find interesting is that we haven't heard about this from the mainstream media or the Obama Administration. Mr. Obama was quick to promote regime change in Egypt, where the Mubarak regime was at least friendly to the U.S., but hasn't wanted to condemn Khadaffi, and has ignored what could rightly be called human rights violations by the Chicoms.

Doesn't Mr. Obama want the Chinese People to have the right to collective bargaining? Think of all those potential union members in the Middle Kingdom!  Ah, but then, one could argue that all of China is an enormous Union Shop, where the workers must carry union membership cards and obey their shop stewards. No card, no dues, no work!  No life, either...

Could it be that China represents a model for the future America that Obama wishes to build? 

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Don't you feel sorry for those Democratic (sic) Senators?

Dana Mathewson

... forced to leave home to avoid doing their jobs?  Why, it's enough to make a guy laugh.  


Yeah, I know, I'm a hard-hearted conservative, with no appreciation for what they are going through.

By now, Jon Erpenbach, one of 14 Democratic state senators on the run from Wisconsin, has switched hotels in this city three times, a necessity, he says, as word kept slipping out about where he was staying.

At first it was unsettling: the essentials were forgotten — extra slacks, socks, even underwear — in a last-minute race to get south of the state line. But gradually the lawmakers restocked, thanks to packages delivered by family members and trips to discount stores.

“It all feels very spylike,” said Senator Chris Larson, who managed to get a belt from his Milwaukee-area home with help from a friend who met him in a parking lot. “It’s almost like a reality TV show,” Mr. Larson said, ticking off some in the melting pot of personalities who find themselves together — a lot: a pregnant mother, a dairy farmer, an urban senator, a lawmaker who was first elected in 1956, and Mr. Larson himself, who took office less than two months ago."
My sincere hope is that these guys have their pay docked for every day they are away from work.  AND that any expenses they incur are not reimbursed!

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Once again, the Brits nail the situation

Dana Mathewson

Nile Gardiner is a keen observer of America.  He terms Obama's response to the Libyan situation "spineless."  http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/nilegardiner/100077455/the-obama-administration%E2%80%99s-spineless-response-to-colonel-gaddafis-reign-of-terror/

FTA: "President Obama is already being outflanked by Nicolas Sarkozy, who has taken a far tougher line on Libya than his US counterpart. It is hugely embarrassing when even the French are doing more to confront a murderous dictator than the traditional leader of the free world. Frankly, President Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like General MacArthur by comparison. The US administration needs to wake up from its slumber and start showing some real leadership on the world stage in place of its existing milquetoast foreign policy."


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Stand with Governor Walker

Dana Mathewson

Here's a petition where you can show your support for Scott Walker in his fight against the teachers' union(s).


Tim Pawlenty's spearheading this thing.  And no, you aren't asked to contribute anything.  Not right now, anyhow.  It does look like it gets you signed up to Tim's PAC.  But hey, you can always opt out later.

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Figh Council

Timothy Birdnow

I found this in my mailbox this morning from ACT! for America:

Yusuf Qaradawi's U.S. minions

The real aim of the Fiqh Council of North America

By Alyssa A. Lappen

ACT! for America special report

Those who believe Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Qaradawi doesn't threaten Egypt --- or the U.S. --- should reconsider. The U.S. banned Qaradawi as a terror-sympathizer in late 1999, 1 yet his MB emissaries continue working to implement his brand of sharia in North America.

Since its 1963 inception within the Muslim Students of America religious committee 2 the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA), it has been key to MB plans for the U.S. Indeed, the MB so designated FCNA (by an earlier moniker) in an internal 1991 strategic memo.3 FCNA focuses on implementing sharia: individually and collectively, FCNA advises and educates “members and officials on matters related to the application of sharia,” here.4

For at least a decade, FCNA has also espoused an unique version of classical Islamic law.5 Drawn largely from Qaradawi's frequently odious rulings, this temporary “fiqh al aqalliyyat” 6 covers Muslim minorities in the West, according to sharia finance adviser and FCNA secretary Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, 7 a Dow Jones Islamic Indexes adviser to date.8

Like classic sharia, fiqh al aqalliyyat is highly illiberal. Unlike classic law, it is only interim: It encourages Muslims to temporarily accept non-Muslim rule but heavily populate the West.9 The thesis posits that Dar al-Islam exists wherever Muslims live. It prefers to call the Muslim world “dar-al ijaba,” land of response, and non-Muslim nations, “dar ad-dawah,” i.e., where Islam “has to be spread.” Traditional fatwas banning citizenship in the West block Muslims from fulfilling dawa requirements and calling non-Muslims “kufir” doesn't persuade converts. Whether by conversion or war, the MB goal remains conquest of the West.10

Sharia criminal law, for example, demands and routinely applies capital punishment for apostates from Islam,11 directly contradicting U.S. constitutional rights to freedom of faith. In late Sept. 2009, Former Muslims United sent polite, respectful requests to several dozen U.S. Muslim leaders, that they sign its Freedom Pledge to protect lives, property and rights to freedom of faith for all former Muslims. Pledge recipients included FCNA chairman Muzammil Siddiqi,12 vice chair Muhammad Nur Abdullah, executive director Zulfiqar Ali Shah, executive council members Mohamad A. El Sheikh, FCNA executive trustee Jamal Badawi, Abdur Rahman Khan and Zainab Alwani and member Ishan Bagby.13 All falsely attest to moderation. None replied. None signed.

Apart from unindicted terror-financing co-conspirator Badawi, a onetime trustee of the U.S. arm of the global Muslim Brotherhood itself --- and a decades-long trustee on ISNA's 18-member board14 --- the FCNA executives and members include many figures whose troubling associations, rulings and deeds are equally difficult to digest:

Since his circa 1976 arrival in the U.S. to head religious affairs at the United Nations office of the terror-linked Muslim World League (MWL),15 Siddiqi has maintained close ties to Islamic radicals both in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Siddiqi thus serves both the Supreme Islamic Council of Egypt and Mecca's Supreme Council of Mosques,16 plus the fatwa board at Islam Online, a website of Qatar-based MB spiritual mouthpiece Yusuf Qaradawi --- who returned to Egypt on Feb. 17, 2011 after a 30-year exile to pray for Jerusalem's conquest.17 (Siddiqi's class was first to graduate from the MB's 1961-founded Islamic University of Medina, after King Saud bin Abdel Aziz welcomed a second wave of Egyptian exiles and funded their spread of orthodox Islam and jihad doctrine, particularly to foreign students.)18

FCNA co-founder, former chairman and president Taha Jabir Alalwani --- an unindicted co-conspirator in the case of admitted terror-financier Sami al-Arian 19 --- on Oct. 13, 2007 signed “A Common Word,” a declaration of commonality purporting to tie Christians and Muslims more closely. Nevertheless, he supports Islamic law --- including the death penalty for apostates. Very few website visitors pierce the facade 20 or recognize the MB goal --- buying time to complete their North American conquest. That's all it is.

In April 2006, Abdullah and Badawi co-authored a fatwa encouraging Muslim proselytizing to Christians and Jews, but finding gross sin in Muslim conversions outside Islam.21 When scholars distinguish apostasy “not punishable by death,” from “apostasy... accompanied by ... high treason,” Badawi wrote, the death penalty is still administered --- for high treason. The distinction would not comfort the murder victims, in either sort of fiqh ruling.

Alwalani also serves SAFA Group and its suspected terror-aiding and funding network. In 2003, the U.S. Customs and Treasury departments raided FCNA's Virginia offices within their Operation Greenquest dragnet for terrorist ties and financing.22 Homeland security's senior special Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent David Kane, in Oct. 2003 reported strong evidence of al-Arian's conspiracy with SAFA Group executives to fund and support HAMAS and PIJ. In a late 1988 (or so) fatwa also discovered, Alwalani invoked jihad, invested by Allah's power in Muslims, as “the only way to liberate Palestine,” where “no person or authority” could give Jews any rights at all, much less let Jews settle or live.23

On Mar. 24, 2003 at Islam Online, Abdullah, Badawi and Siddiqi condoned “Seeking Martyrdom by Attacking US Military Bases in the Gulf,” a ruling of anonymous “muftis” mandating maiming and murder of U.S. troops in the Middle East. “[A]ttacking American soldiers who came to launch war against Muslims is an obligation and Jihad, as they are true invaders,” the fatwa commands. Such obligatory jihad, moreover, would deliver “the highest degree of martyrdom” to Muslims “killed” so doing:24 Eternity with 72 virgins.
In 2008, a federal jury unanimously convicted five Holy Land Foundation officers of 108 counts of funding Hamas, money laundering and tax fraud. 25 Prosecutors also pronounced FCNA executive trustee Jamal Badawi and FCNA member, trustee and former Islamic Association of Palestine (IOP) director Muhammad al-Hanooti 26 unindicted co-conspirators (with many MB organizations). A circa 1978 immigrant 27 --- and unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trace Center attack --- Hanooti remains in Washington D.C. 28 A preponderance of publicly accessible evidence prompted the New Orleans 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Oct. 2010 to leave all HLF unindicted co-conspirator designations unsealed and intact. 29 Badawi, Hanooti et all remain highly suspect.


Alysssa A. Lappen, an ACT for America contributing editor and investigative journalist, is a former senior fellow at American Center for Democracy (2005-2008); former senior editor of Institutional Investor (1993-1999), Working Woman (1991-1993) and Corporate Finance (1991), and writes for many print and internet publications. ACT for America commissioned this work.

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February 25, 2011

House members probe $535-million loan guarantee.....

Dana Mathewson

...by Obama Energy Dept. for Solyndra solar plant   http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2011/02/solyndra-obama-biden-stimulus-waste.html#more

You may remember that Solyndra is the outfit that announced, just after the midterm elections, that instead of hiring 1,000 new workers as originally planned, it was closing a plant and laying off 175 workers.  Not quite what was expected.

But the kicker is at the end of the article.  QUOTE: "Oh, one other thing: The majority owner of Solyndra is George Kaiser. He's an Oklahoma billionaire. He was also a bundler, a major fundraiser, for the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

"But that's probably coincidence."

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Is this why Zippy is waffling on the Middle East?

Dana Mathewson

Thoughtful thoughts:  http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2011/02/028455.php

I like the line "I'm already looking forward to Obama's ex-presidency, where he and Carter can duke it out for the championship of worst ex-president. Obama certainly has the chops to be a contender, and make up ground fast against Carter's record."

But he goes on to say "But maybe there is a defense to be made of Obama's reticence?Fareed Zakaria makes the point in today's Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/02/23/AR2011022303232.html that President George W. Bush's democracy agenda, though worthy on its merits, probably backfired in the Middle East:"
"In other words, perhaps we should think of this as akin to the first President Bush's muted reaction to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which was motivated by concern over the sensitivity of the question of German reunification that it raised, or his even more dubious "Chicken Kiev" speech in 1991 http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/may/23/20040523-101623-2724r/, which on the surface seemed to dash legitimate hopes for captive peoples to escape the clutches of the old Soviet Union, but was really part of some careful behind-the-scenes diplomacy to restrain Mikhail Gorbachev from extending his already brutal crackdown of the revolting Baltic states.

"If something like this is really the case in the Obama White House, it suggests the obvious tactic. Washington should put out the word on the "Arab street" that Israel is secretly hoping for Kaddafi's survival. (Who knows--maybe they are.) If that idea were to spread, he'll be gone by sundown."

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Oh, Boy! Expect lots of Voting Rights Act abuse by Holder DOJ

Dana Mathewson

The next two years are gonna seem long to Republicans.  "The redistricting process for congressional and state-legislative seats will soon begin in earnest. All redistricting plans must meet the “one person, one vote” equal-protection standard established by the Supreme Court, which means that districts are supposed to be as even in population as possible.

"But redistricting also must comply with the Voting Rights Act, and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division just released its new “Guidance Concerning Redistricting Under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.” This guidance, which affects redistricting in all or parts of 16 states, is almost guaranteed to cause problems for Republicans."  http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/260303/abusing-voting-rights-act-hans-von-spakovsky

"This new standard seems designed to make it easier for Justice attorneys to label covered jurisdictions as racist. That is a dangerous thing. During my service as a career attorney in the Civil Rights Division, I found that nearly all the lawyers and staff involved in Section 5 determinations see nefarious racial agendas — i.e., discriminatory purpose — lurking at every corner.

"Recent testimony before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights by DOJ whistleblowers Christian Adams and Christopher Coates confirms that attitude still prevails. The new redistricting standards will let the misguided careerists at Justice impose their worldview on Section 5 jurisdictions with little or no proof of actual discrimination."

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Chicago's One-Party Dictatorship Chooses New Leader

Dana Mathewson

Rahm Emanuel may regret his new job.  http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/chicagos-one-party-dictatorship-chooses-new-leader/

All is not well in The Windy City.

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Indiana Education Reformers Take Action

Dana Mathewson

No, really!  "Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett is pushing several concrete reforms: limiting collective bargaining, expansion of charter schools, increased accountability for teachers and administrators, performance pay for teachers and vouchers for middle and low income Hoosiers.

"It is easily the most aggressive education reform agenda in the country.  And the aggressive action will cause the National Education Association to put a target on Bennett’s back in the next election."  http://biggovernment.com/kolson/2011/02/24/indiana-education-reformers-take-action/

I wonder if the goings-on in Wisconsin served as any inspiration for this?

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