June 30, 2009

Pot and Kettle; a Response to Krugman's "Climate Change Denial is Treason"

I found this on CCNET-quite good. Imagine-this from a guy (Krugman) who badmouthed the military and president while we were at war in Iraq!:

Kenneth P. Green
Resident Scholar
American Enterprise Institute


The American, 29 June 2009

By Kenneth P. Green

As people continue to resist draconian greenhouse gas control schemes
that would virtually re-order society around energy rationing and
technocratic authoritarianism, proponents of such an eco-revolution are
ratcheting up the rhetoric of hate.

People such as James Hansen and Al Gore have long been at the forefront
of slandering those who oppose them. As my colleague and I wrote in
"Scenes from the Climate Inquisition":

Anyone who does not sign up 100 percent behind the catastrophic scenario
is deemed a "climate change denier." Distinguished climatologist Ellen
Goodman spelled out the implication in her widely syndicated newspaper
column last week: "Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on
a par with Holocaust deniers." One environmental writer suggested last
fall that there should someday be Nuremberg Trials-or at the very least
a South African-style Truth and Reconciliation Commission-for climate
skeptics who have blocked the planet's salvation.

Former Vice President Al Gore has proposed that the media stop covering
climate skeptics, and Britain's environment minister said that, just as
the media should give no platform to terrorists, so they should exclude
climate change skeptics from the airwaves and the news pages. Heidi
Cullen, star of the Weather Channel, made headlines with a recent call
for weather-broadcasters with impure climate opinions to be
"decertified" by the American Meteorological Society.

At the time, we thought that this jihad against skepticism had peaked.
But a column by Paul Krugman in the New York Times today shows that we
were being overly optimistic. Not content with calling critics of the
abominable Waxman-Markey energy and climate plan skeptics (or even just
"deniers," the previously favored slander of the ecotopians), Krugman
suggests that the very act of questioning whether or not climate change
science may still have a few bugs in it, or questioning draconian
greenhouse gas control schemes such as Waxman-Markey, is outright

Regarding the "debate" over Waxman-Markey, Krugman says:

And as I watched the deniers make their arguments, I couldn't help
thinking that I was watching a form of treason-treason against the

Yes, you read that correctly. Paul Krugman, a Nobel Laureate, writing in
America's paper of record, just accused nearly half of the House of
Representatives, including both Republicans and Democrats, as guilty of
treason against the very planet-along, presumably with the many
thousands of scientists, policy analysts, economists, and
environmentalists who have raised objections to the Waxman-Markey energy

Al Gore launched the drive to remake society into an eco-theocracy in
his 1992 book Earth in the Balance. Gore stated the goal of these
radical environmentalists quite plainly, saying that nothing less than a
"wrenching transformation" of society would be necessary to prevent what
he foresees as an eco-apocalypse brought on by our high-energy,
technological lifestyle.

It is clear that those who hope to re-make America in the name of
preventing climate change are growing frustrated with the public's
aversion to economic suicide. As they see their radical agenda slipping
away, the Gore-ian revolutionaries are reaching for the torches and
pitchforks. Krugman's declaration that skepticism about climate science
or policy constitutes treason is nothing less than an incitement to
violence, and when the extremists of the environmental movement engage
in ever greater acts of violence, responsibility for the damage will
rest with people such as Paul Krugman.

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This is unfortunately, the America I knew

Jack Kemp (not the deceased politician)
People say that the Obama administration, with its self view of European socialist superiority, is foreign to our shores. Mostly I agree with that statement, but in my immigrant extended family, I have to say this administration has recreated an attitude about America that is all too familiar to me.
Growing up with European refugees in New York, I knew too many people who had no real concept of what America was other than a rich nation. I had one older cousin, a man in his fifties named Tsrulek. He had worked on a job and invested his money in real estate, having bought an apartment house in the Bronx. One day when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, I visited his family with my mother. Tsrulek, in a moment alone with me, looked me in the face and said derisively, "You're a richterker Amerikaner (real American)." There was no point in talking to this Old Country adult, as anything I would say would be met with his fat faced sneer. I should, however, have asked him why he came to America if he thought about as little of the country as did Barack Obama's father did, but being around ten years old I was not confident arguing with adults, even when I knew they were wrong.
A few months later, my parents were discussing Tsrulek's situation when they mentioned that his investment, the apartment house, had been badly damaged by fire. Although he had fire insurance, he did not think to take out a RENT insurance policy, so when the tenants weren't then paying him each month and the mortgage was still due, Tsrulek could not stop the "richter Amerikaners" down at the bank from taking away the title to his apartment house. He had to start all over again.
So much for European superior thinking. It was, for my older cousin, a one way ticket to financial ruin - and I suspect the same for the Europhile socialists in the Obama administration who are also quite ignorant of how to run a business.
Many years later, I was visiting Israel and attended a boys' soccer practice with my first cousin. Much to my amazement, one of the kids was named Tsrulek, an Old Country European name which I thought I'd never hear again. Some of the kids on the bench were razzing him when he took the field, calling out, "Tsrulek hoo ben zona." In Hebrew that phrase literally means he is a son of a prostitute but its' general meaning is a person with no upbringing or character.
I didn't know the soccer kids were familiar with my old cousin from the Bronx.


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The Problem with Government

Jack Kemp (not the late politician)

What's the difference between government officials and government bonds?
The bonds mature.

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June 29, 2009

Rebellion in Honduras, and the Obama Silence

Timothy Birdnow

Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, bosom buddy of Chavez and Castro, attempted to override the Honduran constitution by removing term limits on the presidency-the first step taken by all marxist dictators. A popular uprising, coupled with a military coup, has now removed the would be dictator from office.

According to this piece in Net Right Nation:

"Earlier this year, in the face of strong public opposition, Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales declared that he would stage a referendum to have the country’s constitutional term limits law overturned, thereby allowing him to remain indefinitely in power. The people of Honduras had adopted the single, four-year--term limit as part of their Constitution in January of 1982. Significantly, the term limits provision is one of only eight "firm articles," out of 375. By  law, cannot be amended.

The Supreme Court of Honduras declared the Zelaya referendum unconstitutional, his own Liberal Party came out in strong opposition, and the public overwhelmingly opposed his power grab. Despite this, Zelaya, a leftwing politician with strong ties to Cuba’s Castro and Venezuela’s Chavez, scheduled the referendum for Sunday, June 28. At midnight, Wednesday, June 24, the strong-arm president gave a televised speech accusing his opposition of promoting "destabilization and chaos" by attempting to thwart his unconstitutional referendum.

As the situation in Honduras continued to deteriorate, the Zelaya’s attorney general called for his ouster; his Defense Minister resigned; he fired the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for stating that he would refuse to send out troops to put down public protests; the chiefs of the army, navy, and air force resigned; and the country’s Supreme Court ordered the nation’s army and police not to support the unconstitutional referendum.

Through all of this, Barack Obama abetted the Zelaya power grab through his calculated silence. Yet, the brave people of Honduras - enduring almost unfathomable duress - stood firm in support of their Constitution and the term limits embodied in it."

End excerpt

This from Tim:

We shouldn`t expect any support from BHO for the new government; he is all about "the work of remaking America" meaning that he wants to change the rules to suit himself. He could not oppose someone doing exactly what he himself is endeavoring to do. In fact, his Department of Homeland Security report warning that returning soldiers, pro-lifers, and religious people are potential terrorists illustrates that he himself fears just such a rebellion here at home.  Obama knows he is shredding the Constitution, and that there are still people who will oppose that (although much of the younger generation has no clue about what is actually in said constitution).  He cannot afford to recognize a government that has removed a fellow just like him. 

A house divided cannot stand, and those who are engaged in the "work of remaking nation X" must stand together, or fall. Obama shows his true colors here.


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Cool, Clear, Water; Great Lakes Rise as Climate Cools

This from CCNET:

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, 26 June 2009

Russ Harding

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports that Great Lakes water levels are up from this time a year ago. Lakes Michigan and Huron are up 12 inches, Lake Superior 2 inches and Lake Erie 5 inches while Lake Ontario is unchanged. Even Lake St. Clair is up 9 inches. Erie and Ontario (and St. Clair) are between 2 and 6 inches above long-term monthly averages for June. Superior, Michigan and Huron are only 6 to 7 inches below long-term averages for June. While this change in the water levels is pronounced, it is not unusual. The Great Lakes have a history of considerable fluctuation in water levels.

During the last 10 years, water levels in the Great Lakes have been below long-term averages. For 30 years prior to that the levels were above average. In fact, historical water level data indicates there is no normal water level for the Great Lakes. A normal water level and an average water level are not the same thing.

The press has been quick to report on lower-than-average Great Lakes levels over the last decade. Many of the articles quote environmental and other groups predicting the dire consequences of global warming's influence. "Warming saps Great Lakes: Water levels could take big drop as Earth gets hotter" is the headline of an article that appeared April 7, 2007, in The Detroit News. In the article, Scudder Mackey of Canada's University of Windsor predicts that in a worst case scenario, Lake St. Clair's shoreline could recede by as much as 3.5 miles. In the same article George Kling, a University of Michigan ecologist, suggests that within 30 years summers in Michigan are likely to feel more like those in Kentucky today and that by the end of the century, summer weather will resemble Arkansas and northern Mississippi.

Climate change alarmists predicting doomsday scenarios for the Great Lakes are probably not too pleased with the draft report "Impacts on Upper Great Lakes Water Levels: St. Clair River" released May 1, 2009, by the International Joint Commission. The report found that the difference in water levels between Lake Michigan-Huron and Lake Erie of 9 inches between 1962 and 2006 was caused by three factors:

* A change in the conveyance of the St. Clair River, mostly likely caused by a large ice jam that occurred in the mid-1980s;
* Glacial isostatic adjustment (the rebounding of the earth's crust after the melting of the glaciers about 10,000 years ago);
* Changes in climate patterns.

If lower-than-average water levels in the Great Lakes is caused by global warming, then increasing water levels must be caused by global cooling, right? Of course the global cooling connection to Great Lakes water levels is just as spurious as the global warming claims. Maybe it is time to take a pause and understand that as much as we might like to, man does not control nature. At the very least we should not undertake expensive and job-killing policy initiatives such as cap-and-trade of CO2 because of predictions regarding the Great Lakes, which are proving to be wrong.

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Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Jack Kemp (not the late politician)
Congress members call for change after News 8 investigation

12:09 AM CDT on Thursday, June 25, 2009



June 24th, 2009
Byron Harris reports
A News 8 investigation reporting on hundreds of mechanics who can't speak English or read the mandatory repair manual while working on commercial airliners made national headlines.

Now, Congress is asking for changes in FAA rules regarding the English skills of mechanics.

The News 8 investigation began with a look at the way aircraft mechanics are certified by the FAA and quickly discovered repair licenses being bought and sold. That discovery raised safety and terrorism concerns.

It's not necessary to have an FAA license to repair an aircraft.

But, News 8 also discovered hundreds of lower-level repairmen, who may have mechanical skills, did not have the language skills to talk to their English-speaking supervisors or read the English repair manuals. English is the international language of aviation.

As a result of the News 8 investigation, 17 members of Congress are calling for a change in the rules. They wrote the secretary of transportation and called the lack of English among repairmen "an urgent safety matter."

Congressman Brian Bilbray, of California, is leading the group.

"I think that it's a whole safety issue that's been overlooked,” he said. "Somebody thought it was a little more inexpensive to hire somebody that was a non-English speaker. But, in the long run, safety should come first and foremost."

Congressman Kenny Marchant, Lamar Smith and Ted Poe - all from Texas - are also among those asking for change.

"I was shocked to know that reading and writing was not a mandatory requirement,” Poe said. "I think even fast food restaurants require at least that, and we're talking about airline mechanics."

Congressman Michael Burgess, of Denton, said the FAA should know about non-English speaking mechanics if it's doing its job.

"The FAA should be aware of this information and obviously should be aware of the necessity for correcting that when they encounter that,” he said.

Burgess is not among those asking for change.

The seventeen House members asked for a new FAA rule that would require mechanics to be proficient in English, and that the rule be put into effect by March of next year.

E-mail bharris@wfaa.com


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June 28, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for the Welfare State

Melanie forwards this juicy little tidbit:

From a teacher in the Nashville area

"We are worried about "the cow" when it is all about the "Ice Cream"

 The most eye-opening civics lesson I ever had was while teaching third grade this year.
The presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest.  I decided
we would have an election for a class president..  We would choose our nominees. They would make a
campaign speech and the class would vote.

    To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members. We discussed what
kinds of characteristics these students should have. We got many nominations and from those,
Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot.

    The class had done a great job in their selections.  Both candidates were good kids.  I thought
Jamie might have an advantage because he got lots of parental support.  I had never seen Olivia's mother.

    The day arrived when they were to make their speeches.  Jamie went first.  He had specific ideas
about how to make our class a better place.  He ended by promising to do his very best.  Everyone
applauded and he sat down.
   Now is was Olivia's turn to speak.  Her speech was concise.  She said, "If you will vote for me, I will
give you ice cream."  She sat down.  The class went wild. "Yes! Yes!  We want ice cream."
    She surely would say more.  She did not have to.  A discussion followed.  How did she plan to pay for the
ice cream?  She wasn't sure.  Would her parents buy it or would the class pay for it. She didn't know. The
class really didn't care.  All they were thinking about was ice cream.

    Jamie was forgotten.  Olivia won by a landslide.

    Every time Barack Obama opened his mouth he offered ice cream and 52 percent of the people reacted
like nine year olds.  They want ice cream.  The other 48 percent know they're going to have to feed the
cow and clean up the mess."

Remember, the government cannot give anything to anyone ---
that they have not first taken away from someone else!


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June 27, 2009

"Obama`s Failure of Moral Courage" at Pajamas Media

Timothy Birdnow

Welcome Pajamas Media readers!

I have an analysis of the whole Iranian situation, and why BHO refuses to act decisively, at Pajamas Media this morning.

For visitors from Peejays, a hearty welcome and hail fellow well met (and all that).  This site is "raw" meaning that the editor (myself) is lazy and doesn`t bother to polish things much (indeed, my skills with this voodoo machine is nominal at best, and I would find it difficult to polish even were I inclined to do so).  Still, we have some excellent writers who grace these pages, and I always welcome conservative thinkers who want to contribute.  Feel free to e-mail me at tim@timothybirdnow.com if you have anything you would like posted.

For liberals, please post to tim@biteme.com

Actually, I don`t mind arguing with polite and thoughtful liberals, and you are invited to comment here as well.  The key is thoughtful (no Bush sucks dude) and polite (no bad language or mockery).

For those who want to read other articles I have written go to http://tkbirdblog.blogspot.com/2006/07/american-thinker-articles.html for a list of articles I have had at the American Thinker, Intellectual Conservative, Common Conservative, Enter Stage Right, Orthodoxy today, and whatnot. Also, you may want to go to www.americandailyreview.com where I am a regular contributor, or to Canada Free Press where many of my ADR articles are posted.

While visiting Pajamas Media, Mary Grabar has a nice piece this morning
about Mark Sanford that is well worth your time. http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/republicans-should-kick-sanford-to-the-curb/ Be sure to check it out-and the other fine pieces at PJ`s!

Thanks for dropping in, and be sure to come back anytime.

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Letterman Protest on You-tube

Jack Kemp (not the late politician)
I want to post the links to four YouTube videos of the recently held pro-Sarah Palin protest held outside of David Letterman's theater in New York, the one I wrote about here http://tbirdnow.mee.nu/sarah_palin_vs._hitlers_children
The videos are from 4 to 9 minutes each. In the first two segments, we see John Zigler sparring with lib media members who interview him at his streetside press conference. In the third and fourth parts, we see Democrat women, including a self-described Obama voter, taking to the street to protest this attempt to demonize Gov. Palin.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxeA7AYkAZE&feature=related John Ziegler, part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjmKEUQ9Qls&feature=related John Ziegler, part 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwAow9i-e5o&feature=related The Majority United woman speaker, part 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCMehV8DMcU&feature=related Other women's right supporters, part 4


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Pretty in Pink; the Coming Legalization of Gay Racketeering

Timothy Birdnow

My father-in-law forwarded this e-mail he received from Human Events about hate crimes legislation that is stealthily making it`s way through Congress:

"We shall s****** your sons.... We shall seduce them in your schools,
in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your
sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie
theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in
your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with
men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding.
They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore

     Those shocking words come from a manifesto published some years
back by Michael Swift, a radical gay activist.

    Swift's manifesto goes on:

"All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead,
legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men.... If
you dare to cry f*****, f*****, q****, at us, we will stab you in your
cowardly hearts and defile your dead, puny bodies.... There will be no
compromises. We are not middle-class weaklings.... The family
unit-spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and
violence--will be abolished. The family unit, which only dampens
imagination and curbs free will, must be eliminated.... All churches
who condemn us will be closed. Our only gods are handsome young men."

"Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks."

     Swift claimed the manifesto was nothing more than satire. An
expression of his "inner rage"... an attempt to ridicule, through
exaggeration, those who stood up in opposition to the
radical-homosexual agenda.

     In Swift's own words: "This essay is an outré, madness, a tragic,
cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed
desperately dream of being the oppressor."

     But now, the United States Senate may vote within days (or even
hours by the time you read this letter) on so-called "hate crimes"
legislation that many are calling "The Pedophile Protection Act."

      Several weeks ago, Democrats were able to sneak HR 1913 (S. 909
in the Senate Version) through the Pelosi-controlled House of

      And before it came to the floor, Congressman Louie Gohmert tried
to amend the bill to exclude a variety of sex crimes, including
pedophilia, and liberals in Congress went ballistic.

      According to Gohmert:

"When we tried to get the term sexual orientation narrowed down to
where it didn't include something like a pedophile... that was voted
down on party lines... there are about 30 different types of sexual
orientations, and they can include exhibitionism and voyeurism or
things that are so offensive such as pedophilia or necrophilia. The
problem is that the supporters of this bill did not want to exclude
any of those and even voted down the amendment that would have
excluded pedophilia."

      And now, we are hours away from passing a law that could
actually make pedophiles and exhibitionists and voyeurs members of a
protected class.

      Gohmert gave an excellent real-world example, describing what
could happen if a women retaliated against a flasher:

 "The one who did the flashing committed a local misdemeanor. The one
who hit with the purse singled him out because he's an exhibitionist,
and therefore she has now committed a federal hate crime and is
looking at felony time."

      We must act today, because time is short and Barack Hussein
Obama will most certainly sign this Orwellian legislation.

When the Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed this legislation,
your actions... your righteous cries of moral outrage stopped Majority
Leader Harry Reid from fast-tracking this legislation through the
Senate.  You exposed this legislation to the light of day and liberals
in Congress put it under wraps and waited for the heat to die down.

Now, liberals in Congress believe the heat has died down. Disabuse
them of the notion that they can sneak this bill - which Barack
Hussein Obama will most certainly sign into law - through the Senate
before you are any the wiser. You stopped them before. You can do it

Say Hello To The Orwellian State.

"On the whole, hate crime laws unnecessarily blur the distinction
between what might be constitutionally protected, albeit deplorable,
speech and criminal behavior. Eventually, this will spill over into
criminalizing any kind of speech that any official in the echelons of
government deems to be hateful or distasteful. Thus, hate crime
laws... open the door for a whole new realm of prosecutions, namely
thought crimes."

      There are the words of John Whitehead, writing for Dakota Voice.
And he's not the only one sounding the alarm.

      Kevin Theriot with the Alliance Defense Fund says:

"So-called 'hate crime' laws actually serve only one purpose: The
criminalization of citizens based on whatever thoughts, beliefs, and
emotions they have that are not considered to be 'politically
correct.' No one should fall for the idea that this bill does anything
to bring about greater justice for Americans."

      Mathew Staver with the Liberty Council claims:

"In and of itself this law can be applied to speech. The nature of
assault - putting someone in fear of their safety - what will that
mean for someone preaching against homosexuality?"

      Connie Hair with Human Events called the House passage of this
bill, "yet another Democrat move toward the doubleplusungood Orwellian
state" and even President George W. Bush fought this legislation on
the grounds that it could be used to prosecute those whose views are
out of line with those of the radical gay movement.

     In 2000, a conservative clergyman sat in the Supreme Court
gallery, listening as opposing sides argued a New Jersey case
challenging the Boy Scouts of America's exclusion of homosexuals.

      Thinking the clergyman who was sitting nearby was a fellow
liberal, Bill Clinton's liaison to the homosexual community leaned
over and whispered:
"We're not going to win this case, but that's OK. Once we get 'hate
crime' laws on the books, we're going to go after the [Boy] Scouts and
all the other bigots."
     Now, 9 years later, the radical gay rights movement is very close
to getting that wish.

     Make no mistake, this legislation may lay the foundation for the
persecution of any and all people who simply oppose the radical gay
agenda or believe that marriage is between one man and one woman...
orthodox clergy, scientists concerned about infectious diseases and
people of faith.

     And what does that mean?

     It means you better learn to keep your mouth shut. Because
affirming your beliefs is about to become very, very dangerous.

When the Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed this legislation,
your actions... your righteous cries of moral outrage stopped Majority
Leader Harry Reid from fast-tracking this legislation through the
Senate.  You exposed this legislation to the light of day and liberals
in Congress put it under wraps and waited for the heat to die down.

Now, liberals in Congress believe the heat has died down. Disabuse
them of the notion that they can sneak this bill - which Barack
Hussein Obama will most certainly sign into law - through the Senate
before you are any the wiser. You stopped them before. You can do it

"Once we get 'hate crime' laws on the books, we're going to go after
the [Boy] Scouts and all the other bigots."

     The stated purpose of S. 909, the Local Law Enforcement Hate
Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 is to "provide Federal assistance to
States, local jurisdictions, and Indian tribes to prosecute hate
crimes, and for other purposes."

     And S. 909 prescribes penalties for any person who, "willfully
causes bodily injury to any person or, through the use of fire, a
firearm, or an explosive or incendiary device, attempts to cause
bodily injury to any person, because of the actual or perceived
religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender
identity, or disability of any person."

     So what's the big deal? Hate is a bad thing, isn't it? Willfully
causing bodily injury to another is already a crime, isn't it?

     What would cause a radical homosexual rights activist to
gleefully proclaim; "Once we get 'hate crime' laws on the books, we're
going to go after the [Boy] Scouts and all the other bigots." ?

     It sounds like much ado over nothing... or does it?

     Ask Ake Green, a 63-year-old minister and pastor of a small
church in the southern town of Borgholm, Sweden who simply stated in a
sermon that homosexuality was "a deep cancerous tumor in the entire
society" and denounced the government's plan to promote domestic

     He was hauled into court, indicted, convicted, and sentenced to
30 days in jail.  The prosecution asked for six months.

     While reporting the on the Ake Green incident, CBN News made an
interesting observation:

"The hate speech law used to convict Green was first intended to
protect Jews and other ethnic minorities from Nazi sympathizers. But
in more recent times the law was amended to also protect 'sexual

     Can you say slipper-slope?

      Is that why Bill Clinton's liaison to the homosexual community
so gleefully proclaimed:

"Once we get 'hate crime' laws on the books, we're going to go after
the [Boy] Scouts and all the other bigots.

When the Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed this legislation,
your actions... your righteous cries of moral outrage stopped Majority
Leader Harry Reid from fast-tracking this legislation through the
Senate.  You exposed this legislation to the light of day and liberals
in Congress put it under wraps and waited for the heat to die down.

Now, liberals in Congress believe the heat has died down. Disabuse
them of the notion that they can sneak this bill - which Barack
Hussein Obama will most certainly sign into law - through the Senate
before you are any the wiser. You stopped them before. You can do it

Remember The Philadelphia 11?

     Make no mistake, the leaders of the radical gay rights movement
know that this so-called hate crimes bill is really a stepping-stone.

     If this sick bill becomes law, American society will see an
unprecedented uprising of militant homosexuals, demanding that anyone
who speaks against their agenda be hauled off to jail and charged with
a "hate crime."

     Lest you think we exaggerate, it has already happened.

     Whitehead recounts the strange case of the Philadelphia 11:

"Protesters exercising their free speech rights by carrying signs have
been charged with felonies for the messages on their signs, which have
been interpreted as 'hate speech.' In one instance, a group of
Christians were prosecuted under a state hate crime law for 'singing
hymns' and peacefully 'carrying signs' while attending a homosexual
fair in Pennsylvania. Because the signs challenged the morality of
homosexuality, these Christians were charged with three felonies and
five misdemeanors and faced 47 years in prison for attempting to
preach at a homosexual street fair. Incredibly, a state judge
determined that the prosecutions could go forward. His rationale was
that the Christians' speech constituted so-called "fighting words."

     Bob Knight - one of the nation's leading authorities on the
radical gay rights movement - put it this way:

"Homosexual activists have redefined any opposition to homosexuality
as 'hate speech.' Laws already criminalize speech that incites
violence. It's easy to imagine a scenario in which any incident
involving a homosexual can be blamed on people who have publicly
opposed homosexual activism."

     Jennifer Riley, writing for the Christian Post, says:

"Critics of the hate crimes legislation fear that if passed, the
legislation would inhibit pastors from speaking about homosexuality as
a biblical sin and be interpreted in a way that bars speech...
Christian leaders have pointed to hate crime laws in England, Sweden
and Canada, where Christians have been prosecuted for breaking these

     But not to worry! Congressman Barney Frank says the bill "does
not infringe on free speech in any way."

     Do you believe Barney Frank?

When the Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed this legislation,
your actions... your righteous cries of moral outrage stopped Majority
Leader Harry Reid from fast-tracking this legislation through the
Senate.  You exposed this legislation to the light of day and liberals
in Congress put it under wraps and waited for the heat to die down.

Now, liberals in Congress believe the heat has died down. Disabuse
them of the notion that they can sneak this bill - which Barack
Hussein Obama will most certainly sign into law - through the Senate
before you are any the wiser. You stopped them before. You can do it

Standing Falsely Accused...

     According to the FBI only 1,460 out of 1.5 million violent crimes
reported in the United States in 2007 were reportedly based on sexual
orientation - that's under one-tenth of one percent.

     And yet, there is a compelling reason to believe that the mere
existence of hate crimes legislation actually generates bogus reports
- in most cases, by individuals desperate to become victims or
self-righteous ideologues hoping to promote "change."

     If you build it, the allegations will come.

     A Family Research Council report cites just a few examples of
phony attacks:

"In Houston, a homosexual mugging victim was left for dead in a
traditionally 'straight' section of town. The press initially covered
it as a hate crime, but investigators soon found that the man had been
assaulted elsewhere and transported there, 'to make it look like a
hate crime.'"

"In Salt Lake City, a homosexual teacher at first thought bias
offenders had put signs in her yard to intimidate her, but some of her
own homosexual students later confessed to doing it."

"In South Carolina, a lesbian was charged with giving false
information to a police officer for saying that she was beaten; police
contend she hired a man to beat her and then she reported it as a hate

     John Leo, a columnist for U. S. News and World Report, has
reported on bogus hate crimes for years.

     Here are several examples:

"Jerry Kennedy, a gay resident assistant at the University of Georgia,
reported he had been the target of nine hate crimes over a period of
three years, including three acts of arson. But during questioning,
Kennedy admitted that he had set the fires."

"Two weeks after the murder of Matthew Shepard, a lesbian student at
St. Cloud State University in Minnesota said two men shouted antigay
slurs at her and then slashed her face. Outraged students raised
nearly $12,000 as a reward for information about her attackers. Then
the student confessed she had made up the story and cut her own face."

"[A] lesbian student at Eastern New Mexico University said she had
been attacked after her name was included with the names of seven
professors on an antigay 'hit list' posted at a local Laundromat.
Police arrested her after a surveillance camera at the Laundromat
showed her posting the list."

When the Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed this legislation,
your actions... your righteous cries of moral outrage stopped Majority
Leader Harry Reid from fast-tracking this legislation through the
Senate.  You exposed this legislation to the light of day and liberals
in Congress put it under wraps and waited for the heat to die down.

Now, liberals in Congress believe the heat has died down. Disabuse
them of the notion that they can sneak this bill - which Barack
Hussein Obama will most certainly sign into law - through the Senate
before you are any the wiser. You stopped them before. You can do it

Is There Really An Epidemic?

     In spite of the evidence, radical gay rights activists and their
supporters in Congress still  wildly and outrageously claim that
there's an epidemic of attacks that only federal law can address.

     Just how serious? According to this horrendous legislation:

(A) The movement of members of targeted groups is impeded, and members
of such groups are forced to move across State lines to escape the
incidence or risk of such violence.

(B) Members of targeted groups are prevented from purchasing goods and
services, obtaining or sustaining employment, or participating in
other commercial activity.

(C) Perpetrators cross State lines to commit such violence.

     No specifics. No statistics. Just vague, alarmist descriptions.

     Does anyone really believe that vast hoards of people are moving
to other states to avoid the hostility of hate-driven townsfolk with

     Or that these same townsfolk are crossing state lines in hot pursuit.

     Or that anyone is preventing people from shopping in the local
grocery store?

     All this claptrap is thrown into the bill for one reason only: to
justify federal intervention.

     Barack Hussein Obama said on his website he would extend federal
"hate crimes" protection to sexual orientation.

     If no epidemic exists... then why?

When the Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed this legislation,
your actions... your righteous cries of moral outrage stopped Majority
Leader Harry Reid from fast-tracking this legislation through the
Senate.  You exposed this legislation to the light of day and liberals
in Congress put it under wraps and waited for the heat to die down.

Now, liberals in Congress believe the heat has died down. Disabuse
them of the notion that they can sneak this bill - which Barack
Hussein Obama will most certainly sign into law - through the Senate
before you are any the wiser. You stopped them before. You can do it

Floyd Brown

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Simon says...I support Economy Killers

Jack Kemp (not the politician)

Recently, American Thinker has reported that:
Simon Property Group's "Gwinnett Place Mall shut down the Atlanta Tea Party and that "Melvin Simonhas provided large political contributions to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, John Edwards, the DNC and many other Democratsand Democrat organizations."
The South Florida Business Journal reports that:
"Simon Property Group and its Palm Beach Mall are facing foreclosure, an action that could turn the 1.2 million-square-foot retail center over to securities investors.

The long-struggling mall is the largest commercial property in South Florida facing foreclosure. The weak holiday sales season caused additional vacancies.


A Simon representative did not immediately return a call seeking comment."


Well, Dillard's had already left the Palm Beach Mall the previous year. Simon Properties' business model seems also to be hurting, in part to online shopping, according to the stock picking Motley Fools http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2009/06/26/throw-this-stock-away.aspx . But I happen to have spent some time at the Palm Beach Mall from the 1990s and up to 2002, when I visited my late father. The crowed there is decidedly non-upscale and there are a number of youth oriented clothing stores that would not be hurt by impersonal internet shopping. In my humble opinion, the Palm Beach Mall has lost its downscale customers to either lower priced discount stores or to people not having the money to go shopping as a result of the current Great Recession.

So what can we conclude? Simon Properties is hurting because people can't afford to shop as much because they have less disposable income - and Melvin Simon is angry at his customers who want to protest to keep more of their income away from the federal taxman. You could say that Mr. Simon is angry that his customers want to have more money to go shopping, among other things. Perhaps someone could help with this, but I don't believe berating your customers for wanting disposable income is a business model they teach at Harvard or Wharton. Or even at a flea market.

Last September, Simon Property's stock closed at 100 and the recent price is just under 52. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=SPG&a=08&b=14&c=2008&d=05&e=27&f=2009&g=w

In September 2008, the Market was expecting an Obama victory. Today Mr. Simon has the fruits of the victory he supported and donated to. And local management at the Palm Beach Mall can't even ask the advice of their former winter neighbor http://www.palmbeachpost.com/localnews/content/local_news/epaper/2009/01/26/0126tpmadoff.html?imw=Y  and fellow Democratic Party donor Bernie Madoff on how to retool for a downscale market.

But then again, the Cross Country Plaza and Palm Gate Plaza probably have better 99 Cent stores.

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June 26, 2009

The One's Eye in the Mirror as He Watched Himself go by

Dana Mathewson

"Barack Obama -- Narcissist or merely narcissistic?"  http://www.globalpolitician.com/25109-barack-obama-elections

Very interesting.
"Obama's early life was decidedly chaotic and replete with traumatic and mentally bruising dislocations. Mixed-race marriages were even less common then. His parents went through a divorce when he was an infant (two years old). Obama saw his father only once again, before he died in a car accident. Then, his mother re-married and Obama had to relocate to Indonesia: a foreign land with a radically foreign culture, to be raised by a step-father. At the age of ten, he was whisked off to live with his maternal (white) grandparents. He saw his mother only intermittently in the following few years and then she vanished from his life in 1979. She died of cancer in 1995.

Pathological narcissism is a reaction to prolonged abuse and trauma in early childhood or early adolescence. The source of the abuse or trauma is immaterial: the perpetrators could be dysfunctional or absent parents, teachers, other adults, or peers."

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Al Gore-Al Gore Please Call Your Office

Dana Mathewson

Temperatures in the Arctic have still not gone above freezing yet -- the latest date in fifty years of record keeping.


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June 25, 2009

Let He who is without Sin Cast the First Stone (Obama to toss First All-Star Pitch in St. Louis)

Jack Kemp (not the politician):

Barack Obama, a lefty, to start
All-Star baseball game 
Los Angeles Times, by Andrew Malcolm    Original Article 
Posted By: GaGardener- 6/24/2009 7:55:47 AM     Post Reply 

Major League Baseball announced today that known basketball fan Barack Obama, who never got around to going down the street in Washington to see a hockey playoff game, will travel all the way to St. Louis in three weeks to be the starting pitcher in baseball's annual All-Star Game.(Snip)The league has dedicated this 80th All-Star Game to calling attention to and raising money for volunteer community service. 

End excerpt

A note from Tim, whose city will be befouled by the appearance of Obama:

I wonder if The One will be visiting the Bowling Hall of Fame, which is very close to Bush Stadium downtown. Given Obama`s disgraceful bowling average, he would likely be tossed out on the spot!

Let`s hope he can pitch better than he can bowl-or golf!

On to St. Louis` Dog Museum after that!

(I sure hope he eats in a local restaurant instead of flying in live Maine lobster. Try some toasted ravioli, for crying out loud!)

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The VERITAS of Hope and Change

Jack Kemp (not the late politician)

Despite all the lip service to progressive causes and sharing the wealth, Harvard faculty are refusing to cut their own salaries enough to keep on staff 275 members (secretaries, guards, librarians, etc.) caused, in large, by a 30 percent Harvard Endowment loss for the year. If they are "the smartest guys in the room," then why didn't Harvard's financial managers short the Stock Market? Could it be that they couldn't accept that an Obama presidency could hurt the Market? After all, they could have blamed the need to short stocks on George Bush and no one would complained at the Boston Globe. But then again, the Boston Globe has its' own layoff issues with their parent company, the New York Times.

I have to add that Mr. Lifson of American Thinker suggested that I read an article in Boston Magazine at http://www.bostonmagazine.com/scripts/print/article.php?asset_idx=251494 . From that article, I got the additional impression that a cut in faculty salaries at the university would result in mass defections by professors for other jobs, be they in academia or business or government.

But it also seems like Dr. Faust, (how's that for a name?), the Harvard President, seems a bit bored with the necessity of overseeing - albeit indirectly - an investment endowment fund full of...filthy lucre. How gauche and pedestrian. Not what she expected.


Major "money" quotes:

"The fact that this is happening at Harvard, who is still sitting on a chest of billions and remains the richest university in the world, shows it is pursuing this incredibly narrow path of naked self interest,’’ said Geoff Carens, a library assistant and union representative who is organizing a rally tomorrow to protest the cuts. "They’re using this drop in the endowment as an excuse to justify really terrible cuts that will have a disastrous impact on the surrounding communities.’’


Facing a projected 30 percent drop in the value of its endowment, Harvard had already made the decision to withhold raises for about 9,000 faculty and non-union staff members for the next school year. And it has offered a voluntary early retirement program to about 1,600 staff members that ultimately shed more than 500 employees. But the savings were not enough, Faust said.

The Harvard Law School dean, Howell Jackson, said in his e-mail that he was able to avoid deeper cuts because "members of the faculty and senior administration staff have pledged to contribute several hundred thousand dollars in cash.’’


The Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers, which represents a wide range of employees including security guards, library workers, lab technicians, administrative assistants, and faculty secretaries, expects many of its members to be affected, Carens said.

The foreboding cuts have prompted several university groups to embark on a "no layoffs’’ campaign in recent months, including a protest during Harvard’s commencement ceremony. The Harvard Crimson, a student labor group, and some law school staff members and law students have called for Faust and others to take a voluntary pay cut to save jobs. An associate professor in anthropology began organizing a campaign to ask faculty to donate 1 percent of their salaries to avoid staff layoffs.

"It’s outrageous that Drew Faust and others in the university administration have not seen fit to reduce their salaries to ameliorate the economic circumstances that the university is in,’’ said Stephen Helfer, a law school library assistant who took an early retirement after 22 years. Helfer and his colleagues collected 120 signatures on a petition to the law school dean last month asking for temporary salary reductions to reduce layoffs.

Faust made $775,043 in the 2007/2008 school year, according to university tax filings.

"Harvard has a choice,’’ said Colette Perold, a junior and liaison to the Harvard Progressive Alumni Network. "With a few previously unexplored changes, Harvard could be charting new territory and standing as a leader for the rest of the nation to follow. A no-layoffs stance . . . also could pave the way for how institutions responsibly deal with crisis.’’



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Fear Factor; Now Kerry insults Gov. Palin

Jack Kemp (not the late politician)

It seems that now Democrats are bypassing David Letterman to insult Gov. Sarah Palin directly. And who better to do it than John "I married a millionaire - twice" Kerry. Today Kerry, who in the past insulted young people who joined the military, now joked to a crowd that Sarah Palin should have been the governor who got lost.http://news.bostonherald.com/news/us_politics/view/20090624john_kerry_says_wrong_gov_missing_for_four_days/srvc=home&position=0 I think Kerry should have gotten lost in Indochina circa 1973.

These remakrs by the snotty senator show that the Democrats are very frightened of Gov. Palin. And that's even without her inviting him to go moose hunting. Maybe he's afraid her rifle is longer than his.

The Boston Herald said that Kerry was joking, but I'd call it by another name. Kerry was throwing a bitchy hissy fit.


Full Story:

Sen. Kerry jokes: ‘Too bad’ Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t go missing

 By Rachelle Cohen
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. John Kerry must have been channeling his inner Letterman yesterday.

The Bay State senator was telling a group of business and civic leaders in town at his invitation about the “bizarre’’ tale of how South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford had “disappeared for four days’’ and claimed to be hiking along the Appalachian Trail, but no one was really certain of his whereabouts.

“Too bad,’’ Kerry said, “if a governor had to go missing it couldn’t have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin.’’

The Democratic-centric crowd laughed.

Of course, Kerry couldn’t know that 24-hours later the Sanford story would get even stranger when the Republican governor confessed he had actually been in Argentina over Father’s Day weekend – a long, long way from the Appalachian Trail – and with his paramour, no less.

So if Palin is keeping count of potential GOP presidential rivals, well, another one just bit the dust.

Kerry and David Letterman will just have to cope with that.

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June 24, 2009

Not so Sorry, Uncle Albert

Jack Kemp (not the late politician) forwards this for our consideration:

Last weekend I attended my niece's high-school graduation from an upscale prep school in Washington, D.C. These are supposed to be events filled with joy, optimism and anticipation of great achievements. But nearly all the kids who stepped to the podium dutifully moaned about how terrified they are of America's future -- yes, even though Barack Obama, whom they all worship and adore, has brought "change they can believe in." A federal judge gave the commencement address and proceeded to denounce the sorry state of the nation that will be handed off to them. The enemy, he said, is the collective narcissism of their parents' generation -- my generation. The judge said that we baby boomers have bequeathed to the "echo boomers," "millennials," or whatever they are to be called, a legacy of "greed, global warming, and growing income inequality."

And everyone of all age groups seemed to nod in agreement. One affluent 40-something woman with lots of jewelry told me she can barely look her teenagers in the eyes, so overcome is she with shame over the miseries we have bestowed upon our children.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that graduation ceremonies have become collective airings of guilt and grief. It's now chic for boomers to apologize for their generation's crimes. It's the only thing conservatives and liberals seem to agree on. Mitch Daniels, the Republican governor of Indiana, told Butler University grads that our generation is "just plain selfish." At Grinnell College in Iowa, author Thomas Friedman compared boomers to "hungry locusts . . . eating through just about everything." Film maker Ken Burns told this year's Boston College grads that those born between 1946 and 1960 have "squandered the legacy handed to them by the generation from World War II."

I could go on, but you get the point. We partied like it was 1999, paid for it with Ponzi schemes and left the mess for our kids and grandkids to clean up. We're sorry -- so sorry.

Well, I'm not. I have two teenagers and an 8-year-old, and I can say firsthand that if boomer parents have anything for which to be sorry it's for rearing a generation of pampered kids who've been chauffeured around to soccer leagues since they were 6. This is a generation that has come to regard rising affluence as a basic human right, because that is all it has ever known -- until now. Today's high-school and college students think of iPods, designer cellphones and $599 lap tops as entitlements. They think their future should be as mapped out as unambiguously as the GPS system in their cars.

CBS News reported recently that echo boomers spend $170 billion a year -- more than most nations' GDPs -- and nearly every penny of that comes from the wallets of the very parents they now resent. My parents' generation lived in fear of getting polio; many boomers lived in fear of getting sent to the Vietnam War; this generation's notion of hardship is TiVo breaking down.

How bad can the legacy of the baby boomers really be? Let's see: We're the generation that spawned Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Google, ATMs and Gatorade. We defeated the evils of communism and delivered the world from the brink of global thermonuclear war. Now youngsters are telling pollsters that they think socialism may be better than capitalism after all. Do they expect us to apologize for winning the Cold War next?

College students gripe about the price of tuition, and it does cost way too much. But who do these 22-year-old scholars think has been footing the bill for their courses in transgender studies and Che Guevara? The echo boomers complain, rightly, that we have left them holding the federal government's $8 trillion national IOU. But try to cut government aid to colleges or raise tuitions and they act as if they have been forced to actually work for a living.

Yes, the members of this generation will inherit a lot of debts, but a much bigger storehouse of wealth will be theirs in the coming years. When I graduated from college in 1982, the net worth of America -- all our nation's assets minus all our liabilities -- was $16 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve. Today, even after the meltdown in housing and stocks, the net worth of the country is $45 trillion -- a doubling after inflation. The boomers' children and their children will inherit more wealth and assets than any other in the history of the planet -- that is, unless Mr. Obama taxes it all away. So how about a little gratitude from these trust-fund babies for our multitrillion-dollar going-away gifts?

My generation is accused of being environmental criminals -- of having polluted the water and air and ruined the climate. But no generation in history has done more to clean the environment than mine. Since 1970 pollutants in the air and water have fallen sharply. Since 1960, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh have cut in half the number of days with unsafe levels of smog. The number of Americans who get sick or die from contaminants in our drinking water has plunged for 50 years straight.

Whenever kids ask me why we didn't do more to combat global warming, I explain that when I was young the "scientific consensus" warned of global cooling. Today's teenagers drive around in cars more than any previous generation. My kids have never once handed back the car keys because of some moral problem with their carbon footprint -- and I think they are fairly typical.

The most absurd complaint of all is that the health-care system has been ruined by our generation. Oh, really? Thanks to massive medical progress in the past 30 years, the chances of dying from heart disease and many types of cancer have been cut in half. We found effective treatments for AIDS within a decade. Life expectancy has risen and infant mortality fallen. That doesn't sound so "selfish" to me.

Yes, we are in a deep economic crisis today -- but it's no worse than what we boomers faced in the late 1970s after years of hyperinflation, sky-high tax rates and runaway government spending. We cursed our parents, too. But then we grew up and produced a big leap forward in health, wealth and scientific progress. Let's see what this next generation of over-educated ingrates can do.

Mr. Moore is senior economics writer for The Wall Street Journal's editorial page

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CCCP, er, CCSP Climate Change Report Raw Review Part I

By Timothy Birdnow

Barack Obama, the One (or, as they say in Italian Il-Duce), the new Messiah and Man About Town, has long been a supporter of Cap-and-Trade legislation to fight the scourge of Global Warming.  Obama believes in his little green heart that human industrial emissions are changing the climate by increasing levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, thereby trapping heat under a "doomsday shroud" (to borrow a term from the great Peter Sellers film Dr. Strangelove) and that this trapped heat will bring forth the plagues of Egypt, titanic curses poured over our cringing heads. With ragnarok just moments away, the Obama Administration-most especially his Gang Greenous science advisor John Holdren (once a strong believer in Paul Ehrlich`s apocalyptic "The Population Bomb")-is pushing for "Cap-and-Trade" legislation that would set limits on how much carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases can be emitted by industry and establish a trading scheme whereby businesses that fall under their quota can sell their leftover rights to greater "polluters". Somehow the Greens have been able to convince people (notably Newt Gingrich) that this is somehow free enterprise; law is used to restrict what was a free exercise and then allows this alleged commodity to be traded. Nothing is produced-rather, production is limited, and some will become wealthy by producing more of nothing. Oh, and it`s been an abyssmal failure in Europe which is in revolt against the economy-wrecking idea.

Obama and the Democrats want this, because the power to control emissions is the power to control industry. There is an old tale about the parts of the body arguing over who is most important; the brain says he is, the heart he is, the liver, etc. all claim prominence. All of the organs laugh at the colon`s claim to importance until the dirty bird goes on strike and THEN the importance of ridding ones-self of waste becomes paramount. These green socialists understand this, and know that control of waste means control of the means of production; it is backdoor fascism.

And so, as is too frequently the case with this Administration, a sense of a "planetary emergency" has to be fostered in order to panic people into accepting draconian measures. That is the real purpose behind the recently released U.S. Synthesis Report by the Climate Change sCience Program (CCCP, er, CCSP), an arm of the U.S. Global Change Research Program (2) (USGCRP-I agree with those last letters; it IS crap!); to send the American public and her servant masters in Congress into lemming mode.  Given the shabby quality of the report I can see no other purpose for this document.

The report can be downloaded in pdf form here. (3)

Don`t bother; the report is nothing but a rehash of the old arguments used by James Hansen and the Realclimate people, only in a repackaged, apocalyptic form designed to frighten the ignorant. That this report was commissioned under the Bush Administration is immaterial; I could have written the thing in under three hours. Most of what is presented is recycled in different chapters of the report, so we are told over and over the same dire things; sea level rise, hurricanes, droughts, famine, pestilence, crop failure, tornadoes, landslides, certain doom are coming later this afternoon if we do not take immediate, desperate action.

But much of this is a crock. For example, in the executive summary we are told  that "observations show that warming of the climate is unequivocal. The global warming observed over the past 50 years is due primarily to human-induced emissions of heat-trapping gases."

Really? Are they basing this observation on land-based temperature stations? Meteorologist Anthony Watts has shown through his survey of American stations just how poorly they are situated and checked. (4) The U.S. is considered the gold standard for temperature recording, yet Watts` survey suggests we have no way of knowing if ANY warming has occured, due to proceedural error. Are they basing this on direct measurements of the oceans? If so, I would like them to show us their data sets, as according to this piece in NPR (4) as of last year we aren`t seeing any ocean warming based on deep-sea probes.

Exactly what is their basis for making such a remark?

This goes much further; the report predicts a rise between 2 and 11.5 degrees F. !!! by 2100, and says that "If emissions continue to rise at or near current rates, temperature increases are more likely to be near the upper end of the range."

Ri-ight! 11 and a half degree rise!

Here is a paragraph chock full-o nuts;

"Climate-related changes have already been observed globally and in the United States. These
include increases in air and water temperatures, reduced frost days, increased frequency and inten-sity
of heavy downpours, a rise in sea level, and reduced snow cover, glaciers, permafrost, and sea
ice. A longer ice-free period on lakes and rivers, lengthening of the growing season, and increased
water vapor in the atmosphere have also been observed. Over the past 30 years, temperatures have
risen faster in winter than in any other season, with average winter temperatures in the Midwest
and northern Great Plains increasing more than 7ºF. Some of the changes have been faster than
previous assessments had suggested."

Note that none of this is well documented; that is the tenor of the entire report. The fact is none of this is true. As I pointed out, air and water temperatures have only been shown to rise based on some dubious measurements. In fact, there has been no global warming at all since 1998, and according to Richard Lindzen GW stopped in 1995 with the exception of the El Nino year of `98. Yes, the Arctic did experience a great melting in 2007, but that was the result water and wind patterns, and had little to do with surface temperatures. Arctic ice is now back to normal. (5) It is natural for the northern polar cap to disappear occasionally, by the way. (6)

Another point made by the report that is completely false:

"Coastal areas are at increasing risk from sea-level rise and storm surge.
Sea-level rise and storm surge place many U.S. coastal areas at increasing risk of erosion and flooding, especially
along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, Pacific Islands, and parts of Alaska. Energy and transportation infrastructure
and other property in coastal areas are very likely to be adversely affected. (p. 111, 139, 145, 149)"

Sorry, but sea levels have been rising for 10,000 years and the RATE of melting has not increased to any great degree-with the exception of the spike in 1998 as a result of the El-Nino'. World Climate Report deals with the points made in the CCCP, er, CCSP report quite effectively (7)

Here`s an untruth:

"Sea level is rising
After at least 2,000 years of little change, sea level
rose by roughly 8 inches over the past century.
Satellite data available over the past 15 years show
sea level rising at a rate roughly double the rate
observed over the past century.37
by about 200 feet. Complete melting of these ice
sheets over this century or the next is thought to be
virtually impossible, although past climate records
provide precedent for very significant decreases in
ice volume, and therefore increases in sea level.42,43"

2000 years of little change? How about these Egyptian cities found underneath the Mediterranean (8) or the city found in the Gulf of Cambay in India.(9) When did these cities become part of the sea, and why? Egyptian cities Menouthis and Heracleion are said to have submerged around 800 a.d. (during the Medieval Warming Period) (10); if this report is accurate, how did this happen?

This from my own article in Pajamas Media Rumors of the Death of Arctic Ice Greatly Exaggerated (11):

" December 20, 2008 - by Timothy Birdnow <- Prev  Page 2 of 2

This is interesting because it logically ties in with sea level rise. Sea levels have been rising for the last 10,000 years - since the end of the last ice age - and an increase in ice melt should coincide with an increase in the rate that the sea level is rising.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report from 2001:

No significant acceleration in the rate of sea level rise during the 20th century has been detected.

And in 2007 the IPCC reported:

Global average sea level rose at an average rate of 1.8 [1.3 to 2.3] mm per year over 1961 to 2003. The rate was faster over 1993 to 2003: about 3.1 [2.4 to 3.8] mm per year. Whether the faster rate for 1993 to 2003 reflects decadal variability or an increase in the longer-term trend is unclear.

(Hat tip: World Climate Report)

According to the University of Colorado, the short-term rate of sea level rise has been leveling off."

But what this report is doing is data smoothing to create the illusion of a steadily increasing rate of sea level rise. This is a fiction, a lie.

Again, the report states;

"Recent global sea-level rise has been caused by the
warming-induced expansion of the oceans, ac-celerated
melting of most of the world’s glaciers,
and loss of ice on the Greenland and Antarctic ice
sheets.37 There is strong evidence that global sea
level is currently rising at an increased rate.37,126 A
warming global climate will cause further sea-level
rise over this century and beyond.90,105
Human-induced sea-level rise is occurring globally.
Large parts of the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico
Coast have experienced significantly higher rates of
relative sea-level rise than the global average during
the last 50 years, with the local differences mainly
due to land subsidence.127 Portions of the Northwest
and Alaska coast have, on the other hand, experi-enced
slightly falling sea level as a result of long-term
uplift as a consequence of glacier melting and
other geological processes. page 41"

Yet the Antarctic ice sheet has actually grown and Antarctic ice shelves have been stable for six years (12). Granted, there is ice loss in Greenland, but there was less ice when the Vikings settled then now. 

Here is another point they have been making:

"On a seasonal basis, most of the United States is
projected to experience greater warming in sum-mer
than in winter"

Gee, who would have thought it would get warmer in summer than in winter! (I know, I just couldn`t resist poking fun.)

They say;

"Precipitation has increased an average
of about 5 percent over the past 50
years. Projections of future precipitation
generally indicate that northern areas
will become wetter, and southern
areas, particularly in the West, will
become drier"

Again, how do they know? Precipitation measurements were a bit spotty in, say, the Congo or Mongolia in 1959. Can we trust the readings given by the old Soviet block? In a society with central planning it is always helpful to report bad news-like low rainfall-in order to receive more help from the central government. That is why Siberia showed such a sudden temperature spike after the fall of the U.S.S.R.; local officials reported colder weather to get more heating oil. This is based on projections, not data.
















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Brownouts, Global Warming, and Cap-and-Trade

Timothy Birdnow

I have been engaged in a discussion at Steve Mcintyre`s website about the CCCP report, er, CCSP (Climate Change Science Program) that the Obama Administration has been ballyhooing which claims Global Warming is here. The discussion at Climate Audit centers on claims made in the report that the electric grid is vulnerable to GW and, in fact, has suffered a number of outages as a result of problems directly linked to climate change.

This is, of course, so much balderdash, and Steve and his readers have been picking this apart with much relish (as is the custom of readers of Climate Audit).  For those who do not remember, Steve was the statistician who debunked Michael Mann`s infamous "hockey stick" graph not once but twice, and also discovered the statistical error in NASA GISS data forcing James Hansen to retract claims that 1998 was the hottest year on record in the U.S. (it was 1934).  This is a website for debunkers.

At any rate, the report had a very dramatic graph showing "weather related" power outages surge in the last couple of years.

I left the following comment:

"Hi Steve! Great post.

A couple of points to ponder here:
1.Energy usage in the United States has gone up considerably since 2000, making the power grid more likely to crash as there is more of it.

2.Hurricanes are a result of cold, not warm, air, and hurricane-type phonomena account for the lion`s share of the increase in the graph. Global warming seems to be causing a cooling planet, which temperature data sets are in agreement with.

3.If GW is causing more wind, why have there been so few problems as a result of wildfires in recent years? An increase in wind would logically mean an increase in wildfires. We should have seen this particular part of the graph spike.

4.Isn`t the "undefined weather" category rather suspicious, as it gives a healthy boost to last year but makes no difference in previous years. What exactly is "undefined weather"? How can one determine how much damage this specteral phonomenon is causing?

5.Given the absolute refusal of California and other "soft energy" states to build new power plants and upgrade the system it should come as no surprise that the electric grid is more suseptible to weather-we have to move more power around the country than ever before.

6.According to the synthesis report

"In the summer heat wave of 2006, for example, electric power transformers failed in several areas (including St. Louis, Missouri, and Queens, New York) due to high temperatures, causing interruptions of electric power supply."

Here in St. Louis the temperature did spike up over 100 degrees, something not at all uncommon in the River City. The reason that it was a problem was that Ameren UE had failed to repair power lines from a spring storm (because of a dispute with the Public Service committee over raising prices)and so the system was running too many bipasses. The summer heat was hardly unusual, and it would not have been an issue had the power company acted more quickly to repair old damage.

Best regards!"

A reader took umbrage with me:

"Scott Lurndal

Uh, a new 750mw gas-fired plant just opened in San Jose 18 months ago. Several others have also been built and opened since the mishandled attempt to deregulate in 2000. California is fortunate in that it gets a lot of hydro, some geothermal, some nuke, and the rest is gas-fired. Very little coal. It also gets a lot of sun, and there are several solar-thermal plants in planning and a couple in development."

I made the following reply

"Scott, it should be pointed out that two plants-the Calpin and Sunrise both closed in 2009. Calpin closed its 811 mw delta gas plant may 22 2009 which opened in 2002 in Pittsburg outside San Francisco and Sunrise power closed a natural gas plant 545 mw on May 31 2009 so there is 1355 mw`s lost to the state. The rest of California is being strangled through environmental regulations.

As for your assertion that "deregulation" was at fault for the brownouts in 2000-2001 I refer you to this website: http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf65.html

Here are the relevant passages:

From 2002 to 2006 'in-state' generation from coal dropped by 36% due the closure in 2005 of the Mohave plant (out of state but Californian-owned, hence deemed 'in-state'), and that from natural gas rose by 18% in line with 26% increase in installed capacity (after dropping back to pre-2000 levels in 2002). Supply from hydro rose 59%, evidently due to seasonal factors, there being no increase in capacity.

2000-2001 energy crisis

Several plants, totalling 2700 MWe, had used up their annual pollution credits so could not restart without severe fines. In particular, three gas-fired plants (2000 MWe) were shut down after the south coast Air Quality Management District required them to install emission control equipment for NOx. As the crisis developed, the state's Independent System Operator (ISO), which operates most of the state's power grid, called them back into service, but they were required to obtain NOx emission credits to cover the short-term impact of this. The price of such credits soared.

The shortfall in generating capacity is widely seen as being due to years of weak government appeasing extreme environmentalism. Defending proposals for new plant against advocates of renewables and demand management as being the total answer to provision of power, means that it takes up to seven years in California to turn a proposal into a functioning power station, compared with three years in Texas. This is despite price levels which would enable an operator in Northern California to pay off a new gas-fired power station (@ $600/kW) in a year.

Much newspaper coverage of the Californian crisis has pointed to deregulation as a factor, if not a cause.

Before "deregulation" electric utilities, which have a legal obligation to serve their customers' demands, could build plants regardless of the expense and recover costs from customers. In 1996 utilities owned 81% of the total generating capacity and the average retail price was 9.5 cents/kWh, the tenth highest in USA. This arrangement locked in certain inefficiencies, and when deregulation loomed it raised the question of how utilities would recover their "stranded costs", mostly the capital component which could not be amortised with expected lower electricity prices. Elaborate mechanisms were put into place to cover these, but there were conditions imposed to ensure that utilities did not exploit the situation.

Under the Electric Utility Industry Restructuring Act in 1996 the Californian government put into place a deregulation scheme sought to bring competition into generation - attracting needed investment, while leaving transmission and distribution as regulated monopolies. This required the major utilities to divest at least half their major generation assets, so that their ownership fell to 46% of the total capacity.

The scheme also prevented them from entering long-term hedging contracts that would limit the risk of large price movements, forced them to buy electricity at market rates from a centralised pool, and on top of all this committed the two main utilities to retailing the electricity at fixed 1996 prices until March 2002 regardless of the cost of wholesale purchase. The price cap provision incorporates a transition charge which is the mechanism for utilities to recover stranded costs.

Thus there was not so much deregulation as a much less effective form of regulation. The need for long-term contracts enabling generators to build and maintain adequate capacity was emphasised, as was the need for adequate reserves which consumers had to be prepared to pay for maintaining."

end excerpt

In short, deregulation consisted of being permitted to generate as much as they saw fit provided they obeyed draconian emissions regulations and did not raise their prices. That is rather like saying the USPS is a private business because it can fund itself by selling stamps.

California and the other "environmentally friendly" states have to import a large amount of power, and that means a greater strain on the grid."

End comment

This new from Tim

Notice that pollution credits were at the heart of the 2000-2001 energy crisis in California, and these credits bear a surprising resemblence to the Cap-and-Trade that Obama is offering. His way out of the California trap is to impose it nationwide, so someone would likely have some credits available somewhere. Of course, when everyone is capped, the government Energy Czar will be the deciding factor, and if that particular person misjudged we could have a nationwide brownout. Granted, prices could be capped by Carol Brownout or some other such, but that would mean a zero maintenance and reinvestment on the part of the cash starved utility companies. Either we must have higher prices or shortages-just like the old Soviet Union used to enjoy.

This administration`s energy policy is ghastly in so many ways. These types of schemes have been tried repeatedly and found wanting, but of course Obama is not one to be put off by a little failure "if at first you don`t succeed, try, try again!"  Socialism has been a failure worldwide, but that is because the right people weren`t in charge! Keynsian economic stimulus failed for Franklin Roosevelt, but with Obama running it in much larger numbers it`s sure to work! 

Get ready for a long, hot summer if this thing goes through.

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June 23, 2009

How an Alaskan Bald Eagle was "named" by New York City Politics

Jack Kemp (not the late politician)3

In the Queens County Zoo in New York City, there is a female Bald Eagle from Alaska that was injured by an airplane, I believe in the early 1990s. After recovering somewhat, the bird couldn't make a living hunting and fishing in Alaska, so the US Fish and Wildlife Service decided to send it a  zoo to teach city people in the Lower Forty-eight about nature and our National Bird. Claire Shulman, the first woman Borough President of Queens, NY, was instrumental in getting the Bald Eagle for her county's zoo and the bird was named after her.

Like a famous Alaskan woman in politics, Claire started out with no interest in politics, working as a nurse. She began her political life as a PTA President.  http://www.nytimes.com/1993/02/08/nyregion/political-miscalculations-threaten-fernandez-s-job.html Ms. Shulman also has a daughter involved in national service, i.e., she is:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claire_Shulman
"Dr. Ellen S. Baker, an astronaut <SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-1>[2] and a veteran of three Space Shuttle voyages, including one that docked with the Russian space stationMir."
So how did Claire Shulman wind up being in the position to acquire an Alaskan Bald Eagle?
Shulman, then the second highest official in Queens County government, was chosen by the New York City Council in 1986 to be the new Borough Presidenthttp://www.queenstribune.com/anniversary2003/1986.htm when her predecessor, Donald Manes, resigned suddenly after being connected to a scandal involving a close associate who was head of the New York City Parking Violations Bureau. This was followed by Mr. Manes's second - and fatal-attempt to take his own life. Claire Shulman later ran for the office and was repeatedly reelected until her retirement in 2002.
New York City, at that time, was considering purchase of hand held parking ticketing devices. The two main competitors were Motorola, one of the finest electronics companies in the world, and a shadow company with a post office box number in New York that had no engineers and no working prototype to show. In fact, it was a shell corporation for crooked New York politicians. Guess which one the City first chose? Hint: There was no capital "M" in their logo.
A few years later, I actually met a laid off New York City engineer whose job it was to evaluate these competing parking ticketing machine bids. When I asked him how he could evaluate a phony company that had no schematic diagrams or working prototype of their device, he replied, "Well, that was the problem." It seems he should have crossed out the word "engineer" on his resume and written down "designated fall guy."
There you have it, in a nutshell. That's how Queens got a new Borough President and an Alaskan Eagle. Since that time, Claire the Eagle has been joined by a male Bald Eagle named Mel, named after the former Borough President's husband. In fact, the pair were walking around their wooded habitat at the Queens Zoo today, enjoying a Sunday afternoon. I could have sworn that Claire was posing for my camera.
"Which one is Claire?" I asked the zoo keeper.
"The one on the left. The females are bigger than the males. The males do the screeching. The females are quiet."
Hmmm. Kind of like David Letterman and the Alaskan Governor.

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