July 05, 2018

American March on the Halls of Montezuma Again?

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Should We Invade Mexico?

From the article:

":One fact a lot of Americans forget is that our country is located right up against a socialist failed state that is promising to descend even further into chaos – not California, the other one. And the Mexicans, having reached the bottom of the hole they have dug for themselves, just chose to keep digging by electing a new leftist presidente who wants to surrender to the cartels and who thinks that Mexicans have some sort of hitherto unknown "human right” to sneak into the United States and demographically reconquer it. There’s a Spanish phrase that describes his ideology, and one of the words is toro. Mexico is already a failed state, crippled by a poisoned, stratified culture and a corrupt government that have somehow managed to turn a nation so blessed with resources and hardworking people into such a basket case that millions of its citizens see their best option as putting themselves in the hands of gangsters to cross a burning desert to get cut-rate jobs in el Norte. It is a country dominated by bloody drug/human trafficking cartels that like to circulate videos of their members carving up living people. They hang mutilated corpses from overpasses and hijack busloads of citizens to rape and slaughter for fun. Whole police agencies are owned by the cartels. Political candidates live in fear of murder. The people are scared. And this chaos will inevitably grow and spread north."

Read the rest at Townhall.

From Fay Voshell:

"Schlichter is spot on concerning the failure of Mexico, which is in the same incipient death throes as Venezuela has been going through.

None of the things he mentions will stop, however, unless our administration recognizes we are at war with Mexico as it is presently constituted and then puts into effect a counter attack rather than sticking to what is essentially trench warfare. "

This from Tim:

Mexico presents a thorny problem because most actions we could take would likely make things worse for us. Of course, we've acted as a safety valve for Mexico for decades, and now they have elected a hard leftist. Why? Because we took their problems on ourselves.

I think an aggressive containment policy like we used against the Soviets may be the best bet. Rock solid border walls, no entry AT ALL from anybody south of the border, and we squeeze them economically. The drug cartels flourish for the same reasons the Soviet leadership flourished - because of OUR MONEY.

Mexico exports over eighty percent to the U.S.; a staggering amount. And of course the expatriated Mexicans working in the U.S. allow Mexico to enjoy one of the world's lowest unemployment rate - and to obtain American dollars in the process. Wikipedia says Mexican illegal aliens remitted 28.5 Billion dollars last year to Mexico. That is a huge social welfare program being offered by America to Mexico.

I read this little tidbit in Wikipedia as well:

"Several state governments, with the support of the federal government, have implemented programs to use part of the remittances to finance public works. This program, called Dos por Uno (Two for every one) is designed in a way that for each peso contributed by migrants from their remittances, the state and the federal governments will invest two pesos in building infrastructure at their home communities."

End Excerpt

So the Mexican government is taking money sent home by migrants and using it to build stuff.

And this doesn't count the $438 million in direct foreign aid. And the money we spend fighting their narcotics cartels.

If we put pressure on all this the Mexican authorities will have to take notice. How long will Carlos Slim stay at the top of the richest men in the world if we squeeze the Mexican economy? He'll demand change, and if Slim demands change it is likely Mexico will oblige.

I suspect Trump is actually working in this direction with his tariffs and his wall. I think we need to be more proactive, but the media would have a meltdown if we do; taking the candy from babies and the food from starving Mexicano children!

Speaking of Carlos Slim, he's been heavily involved in the Clinton Global Initiative and his Foundation promotes

"With a high sense of social responsibility, efficiency and opportunity, Carlos Slim Foundation develops programs in many different fields like education, employment, health, nutrition, social justice, culture, human development, support in natural disasters, economic development, protection and conservation of the environment; which contribute to improve the quality of life of people of all ages, promote the formation of human resources and create opportunities that foster the integral development of individuals and their communities.

Our approach to solving social inequalities is the same as in business. First, identifying and finding solutions. Second, providing the necessary resources to solve the problem. This approach is different from first providing the resources and then defining how to use them.

Modern society is based on the welfare of others and therefore the best investment is to fight poverty.

Many social problems are handled more effectively when foundations are supported by the infrastructure that companies can provide."

End excerpt.

I rather suspect he's in part behind the invasion of the U.S. by Central Americans. He's at least part of the problem. Here are some the causes he champions.

In a 2017 interview Slim said:

"The best border wall is investment and jobs in Mexico, Slim reportedly said, adding that people would go wherever there are better employment opportunities."

It should be remembered that Slim is the largest public shareholder of the New York Times and was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton.

At any rate, we cannot fix the problem with the border if we do not address Mexico, and the problems that infest Mexico.


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