November 05, 2018

Alien Invasions - a Matter of Mathematics

Timothy Birdnow

Writing at the American Conservative, the inestimable Patrick J. Buchanan rightly argued against Birthright Citizenship There were some in the comments section making the open borders arguments, and I decided to take one to task.

BobS says:
November 4, 2018 at 12:32 pm

"Imagine is we continue to accept 1 million legal immigrants per year and our nation joins India and China as nations with over 1 billion people.”

The replacement birth rate in the US is 2100 births/1000 women- it’s currently at 1765 births/1000 women (it’s been falling since Pat Buchanan was a young man missing out on the fun in Viet Nam). Without immigration, population growth in the US would be entirely due to older & relatively unproductive people hanging around longer than they already do. Given current birth rates and immigration rates, it would be several hundred years before the US population reached 1B.
The mostly old white guys that comprise the majority of TAC readership should realize that your Social Security (and the Social Security of the mostly old white readership that come after you) is dependent on a robust immigration (since this country seems averse to performing the most logical fix to Social Security- removing the cap on earnings subject to the tax).


And here is my reply: Bob S. you said:

"Given current birth rates and immigration rates, it would be several hundred years before the US population reached 1B."

I beg to differ. So do the good folks at Yale.

Their prediction is a 1 billion population by 2060 assuming a continued 1.2 million annual immigration rate. That's 42 years, not centuries.

Actually think about the numbers. 1.2 million is the size of a major metropolitan area added to the United States annually. These people have to be housed, fed, have to use all the services - water, sewer, trash, police, firefighters, etc. Hospitals have to treat them, for free if they can't pay (and so many of them won't be able to). Environmentalists now complain about the damage to the ecosystem caused by us, but how much worse will it be when we add all those extra people? The solution will be more restrictions, more restraints, more control. The government will have no choice. And with people coming from a high fertility area and being in a much better position to reproduce, how long do you think the current fertility rate will last? Our population will rise in a geometric progression.

In 2016 the population of Canada, the Earth's second largest country in area, was 35,151,728. The U.S. currently has more immigrants residing here than the entire population of Canada. Think about that.

And, the need to maintain employment for all these people will necessitate a reduction in technological innovation. Consider this.

Part of the reason the South lost the Civil War was that it suffered economic malaise, a result of slavery. Slavery depressed wages, depressed prices, depressed economic growth. Free working people could not compete with slave labor since slaves worked for room and board. As a result, the North prospered, the North innovated, the North was vital and vigorous, while the South declined. It can be seen as a direct function of the destructive nature of slavery. But what is slavery other than cheap labor? Once you have cheap labor you cannot go back, and in the end it prevents you from finding new ways to do things. Why bother inventing a cotton picking machine if you have slaves to do it? In the end this will destroy you.

But, but, but the immigrants will assimilate and move out of the bottom jobs! Yes, and that only means we will have to import more of them, as nobody is going to be willing to pay market rate for workers and the immigrants are eventually going to want more from their lives than picking crops or cleaning houses or cutting grass. So these older immigrants (nee invading aliens) move up the ladder, unionize, become good Democrats, and their jobs are filled by - drumroll please - more illegal aliens. It's a machine, one designed to displace the American People. Who cares if any of these people are paying into the "social safety net"; they are taking from it, too, and quite a bit. They are sending money out of America. They are bringing whole communities with them. In the end the aboriginal population will disappear as surely as many of the native Aemerican tribes did. It didn't take long for THAT to happen, did it?

I rather suspect that is what the Left has wanted all along.

In the end, America will not continue as the shining beacon on the hill, but will become just another impoverished third world hellhole. It's a matter of mathematics.

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