November 26, 2010

A THANKFUL Thanksgiving

Timothy Birdnow

I had a most welcome Thanksgiving this year. Thanksgiving is intended to be a time of, well, giving thanks, and most years I devote my thanks to the same things; thankful for my family, my friends, for owning my own home, for my wonderful wife, my cats (I have three), my property in the country - the fabled Ozark Hilton, for having enough to eat, clean water to drink, heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, etc.

I am most thankful for the salvation of my soul; God himself thought me of such value that He created me, and then Jesus came and died for me, then the Holy Spirit led me to Him. God has intervened directly in my life repeatedly, granting me more than one not so small miracles.

One such miracle was illustrated yesterday. I didn't think my mother was going to live through the summer. She had a stroke in June, and was at death's door through July and August. She had double pneumonia, and a bladder infection. The antibiotics she was given in the hospital killed all of her stomach flora, and she developed a nasty infection of CDIFF. Her weight dropped precipitously, and her mind wandered to that strange hinterland that the dying inhabit. She only got out of bed to go to the bathroom, and she did that at least twelve times a day. She had terrible diahrrea, and she blew out her rectum as a result of the contractions, which she likened to labor pains. They had to operate on her, pushing the rectum back into her body and stapling it to her spine.

I was convinced she was going to die.

But then a powerful conviction came over me that I would be granted yet another miracle, that she would heal and live. She has healed, and is living!

We went to a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. It was her first time going out since her illness (outside of going to church on Sunday).

She is still not completely better; she is very week on her left side, and she has swollen feet as a result of blood clots. She had to wear bedroom slippers to the restaurant, as her feet no longer fit in her shoes. Still, she was in a wonderful mood, and she ate two large plates as well as desert - not 2 month ago she had to be forced to drink ensure, which was her only sustenance. She even had a glass of wine!

I have personally witnessed more than one miracle in my life, and this is but the latest. I know; medical science saved her life, but there was a moment when I knew that she was being given to me as a gift for a time yet, and that moment was clearly a moment of miracles.  Miracles do not always have to be supernatural occurances; sometimes they can be quite small, but that only increases their power.

So this Thanksgiving was special, and I find myself thankful for the many blessings I have received, and especially thankful for the gift of my mother, who has always been a good and loving person. In fact, I have both parents, and, although they are elderly, are in remarkably good shape.

I am one lucky man.

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