June 14, 2018

A Climate Change Free Lunch?

Dana Mathewson

Power Line's Steven Hayward dangles this one in front of us, tantalizingly. I know, I know; climate change is that will o' the wisp the leftists love to hit us over the head with, mainly hoping to take our gas-powered cars away from us, and if somebody ever comes up with something that really works, they won't be able to do that, as Hayward points out at the end here. But this is worthy to read, and not all that long.

This from Tim:

Well, there is no more stupid idea than to filter the Earth's atmosphere for a trace gas, but then the whole environmentalist movement is predicated on stupid ideas. And Hayward is right; the enviros will oppose it bitterly because this has never been about the environment but rather about controling the population and how we live. Oh, and there is no global warming anyway, so it would be a solution in search of a problem.

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