February 15, 2020

A Cool and Modest Proposal

Timothy Birdnow

This from the Captain Obvious department; dams slow down the flow of rivers and cool the water.


From the article:

Using 30 years of satellite data, the team discovered that within one year of the opening of a major dam, downstream during the dry season dropped by up to 3.6 degrees F (2 degrees C). The cooling persisted where the rivers meet the Mekong River, which showed, at most, a 1.4 F (0.8 C) cooling. The researchers published their findings Feb. 13 in the journal Environmental Research Letters. The team is also speaking about related research Feb. 15 at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Seattle.

Anybody who has ever visited Lake Taneycomo in south-western Missouri knows about this; the lake used to be good for bass fishing but is now only good for trout, as it grew very cold after they dammed just above it to create Table Rock Lake. Now the water is cold and the trout plentiful (thanks to a hatchery.) 

So, what's my point? If the Earth is warming so much from carbon dioxide, maybe we should start damming up all the rivers with hydroelectric plants; kill two birds with one stone!  Generate non-carbon dioxide emitting energy and at the same time cool an allegedly warming world.

Why don't I think the people pushing the Climate Change meme will agree to this?

BTW more trout would be a delight in my humble opinion.

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Don't unpack your Bathing Suit Yet

Timothy Birdnow

A temperature record has been recorded in Antarctica. An island station charted a 69.35* F. record high.

But don't get your panties in a bunch yet, Greta.

First, it is summer in Antarctica.

Second, it is just one station. The article admits:

"We'd never seen a this high in Antarctica," Brazilian scientist Carlos Schaefer told AFP.

He cautioned that the reading, taken at a monitoring station on an island off the continent's northern tip on February 9, "has no meaning in terms of a climate-change trend," because it is a one-off temperature and not part of a long-term data set.



"We can't use this to anticipate climatic changes in the future. It's a data point," he said.

"It's simply a signal that something different is happening in that area."

Third, this was on an off-shore island, not on the continent itself. It was on Seymore Island, off the much warmer Antarctic Peninsula. It's just off Graham Land, which is a highly volcanic region (which may well influence temperatures there.)

Jack Dini writes at Canada Free Press;

The fact that Antarctica is the coldest place on earth has nothing to do with a temperature record at a single weather station. Esperanza is located at the warmest, most northerly part of the mountainous Antarctic peninsula, and is most sensitive to El Nino warming and to the southward flow of warm moist subtropical winds. And Esperanza’s topography always amplifies temperatures when winds form the northwest cause wind events. What happened at Esperanza has nothing to do with Antarctica’ overall climate trends, never mind any global warming trend

Fourth, there is a lot more in the way of data collection now on the frozen continent. Our records are far less complete now than in the past.

And finally, the rest of the continent remains bone-ass cold. McMurdo Station saw an average of minus 5.2 degrees F. yesterday. At the height of summer. It is currently forty below zero at Amundson-Scott
at the South Pole. And it is currently minus 51 F. at Vostok Station.

Ten years ago in August NASA satellites recorded a thermometer-breaking low of -135.8 degrees F. If this is global warming then it is a capricious warming indeed.

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Google to license Mainstream News

Timothy Birdnow

Hmm. I find this quite interesting.

Apparently Google is thinking about paying news organizations for content.

From the article:

A licensing deal would likely be welcomed by that contend Google derives profits from ads alongside their , including "snippets" in search results.

Contacted by AFP Friday, Google indicated it is seeking new ways to help publishers.

"We want to help people find quality journalism—it's important to informed democracy and helps support a sustainable news industry," Google vice president of news Richard Gingras said in a statement.

I'll bet they do!

This means they will place legacy media news in prime position and spike news sources that cannot afford to pay - meaning the largely volunteer conservative citizen journalists.

In my humble opinion this is a backdoor way to shut our side out of the debate. 

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Climate Change Alarmists in their own Words

Timothy Birdnow

Jassy May forwards this from Penelope Arcana Copeland. I've covered some of this before, but this is a nice compendium of Global Warming comments from movers and shakers proving it's not about the science:

Big thanks to Chet McAteer for rounding up these great quotes

"We've got to ride this global warming issue.Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy."
- Timothy Wirth,
President of the UN Foundation

"No matter if the science of global warming is all phony...climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."
- Christine Stewart,
former Canadian Minister of the Environment


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The Fall of Voluntary Socialism at Panera

Timothy Birdnow

From each according to his ability to each according to his need usually reveals a lot of needy and not many able.

From the article:

The basic idea behind Panera Cares was simple. The restaurants would serve food similar to the fare at other Panera locations. However, patrons would only pay as much as they thought themselves able to pay. In this way, Panera would be able to provide food security on a small scale to the needy.


In 1875, Karl Marx penned his most famous line, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” The idea was not original, but his precise wording is seared into the consciousness of every socialist and pseudo-socialist in the world.

It sounds so good. It is so logical, and yet so altruistic. It goes well with other platitudes like, "the wealthiest nation in the world ought to be able to feed its people.” One can almost hear an elevator music version of John Lennon’s Imagine playing in the background.

Intentionally or not, Panera Cares tested Marx’s premise. Mr. Shaich believed that those who were able would happily pay something extra to provide food for those who could not afford to pay the full price. He also believed that those who could not afford the full price would pay what they could.

Unfortunately, Mr. Shaich’s faith in this premise proved overly optimistic. Eater Detroit describes Panera Cares’s short history. "The restaurants weren’t financially viable… Panera Cares was reportedly only recouping between 60 and 70 percent of its total costs. The losses were attributed to students who "mobbed” the restaurant and ate without paying, as well as homeless patrons who visited the restaurant for every meal of the week.”

Gee, whoda seen that coming?

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India Builds a Wall

Timothy Birdnow

So the government of India, a poor country, can build a wall to hide a slum from a foreign dignitary (Donald Trump) but that same dignitary can't build a wall to keep uninvited aliens from invading our home?

A Wall Is Being Built in Ahmedabad to Block a Slum From Donald Trump's View

From the article:

The wall is being constructed on the road leading from the Ahmedabad airport to Gandhinagar as part of a beautification plan that has been rolled out ahead of Trump’s visit. He is scheduled to address a huge gathering at the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad at the end of the roadshow.

The ‘Kem Chho Trump’ event is being seen as Modi’s reciprocative gesture to the US president for joining him at the ‘Howdy Modi’ gathering in Houston last year.

As part of the preparations for the event, a lot of infrastructural work has been undertaken all around Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

"Howdy Modi"?  That is hilarious; would make a great parody  song!

Maybe Donald Trump ought to sell the wall as a beautification project on the southern border?  After all, most of the border area in Mexico is probably fundamentally no better than the Ahmedabad slums. And if a brown skinned Third World leader says it's o.k. who are WE to disagree?

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McCabe Speakum with Forked Tongue

Willis Eschenbach had this to say about McCabe:

From the Inspector General's report:

Oct 31, 2016 - McCabe lied to Comey
May 9, 2017 - Lied to FBI INSD Agents - under oath
July 28, 2017 - Lied to IG - under oath
Nov 27, 2017 - Lied to IG 2nd time - under oath

As Scott Adams commented, I'm thinking of becoming a Democrat so I can lie to the FBI if I need to ...

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Grating Greta Scoldilocks Nominated for Nobel

Timothy Birdnow

Scoldilocks - also known as Greta Thunberg and The Great Assperger, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

We all knew this was coming.

The snotty teen with the Cindy Brady hairdo appears fast-tracked to get an honor generally reserved for great scientists and scholars, or those who have actually accomplished something. Thundering Thunberg appears to be getting it for scolding and snotty remarks, thus being the second recipient of this new category (the first being Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon  him!)

Actually, the girl is a victim; she is being used by the Gang Green to promote panic and create a new socialist order. And she is losing her teen years, arguably the best in anyone's life, to be the face of an angry Green Goddess. It's cruel what they are doing to her.

See this Youtube video about "Thunberg Inc." and how there is a lot of money being made off the ditzy chick.

Once again, the left is hiding behind women and children, in this case both. They are using a kind of archetype, too, to do their bidding here; a mentally handicapped kid who is being portrayed as a kind of goddess, or at least a prophetess.

There was an old adage "children should be seen and not heard" and that was because they knew little and thus had little of value to contribute to a discussion. Of course Greta isn't a child; she's a teenager, a creature that believes it knows absolutely everything and that the adults are idiots who were fortunate to survive with their pea brains. Teenagers know just enough to be dangerous, and nowhere near enough to contribute anything useful.

The Left figured that out a long time ago and so started the cult of youth because they could whisper in the young people's ears and steer them. The cult of youth has us believing that young brains are better (they can learn to use gadgets more quickly than us older folks) and that the older people are ossified and senile, thus we should look to the young for the future. It completely ignores the value of WISDOM, something quite different from raw intelligence and rarely acquired without a great deal of experience. Older people used to run the world because they had the experience to do so. The young turks often got killed or otherwise destroyed themselves in a foolish rush to succeed, and the elders were revered precisely because they were elders and knew HOW to survive and succeed.

No more; now we worship the young, who know very little and think they know a great deal. There's a reason why a second year student is called a sophomore (wise fool)...

Scoldilocks is the perfect front woman for something like Climate Change, which is bought hook, line, and sinker by the young people because their public school-educated teachers told them it was true and they believe their parents are, were, and always will be idiots. So they trot out Cindy Brady here and she has "great credibility" because she can whine and throw a tantrum out of "concern" for the Earth (as if worry ever added one second to anybody's life, or accomplished anything of any value - look up the Bible passage on that.)

St. Greta the Grating is now to be given a coveted prize for whine and worry. Wonderful!

The Nobel committee should take a page from Donald Trump and give the prize to Rush Limbaugh.

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McCabe Exonerated but not Trump?

Warner Todd Houston

Liberals are all over social media slamming news that the Dept of Justice is still looking at ways to charge Andrew McCabe after one investigation of him has resulted in nothing... they say that he's now "cleared" and should be left alone... these are the same liberals who want a brand new impeachment of Donald Trump despite that he was cleared of the last one

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Feminists Hoisted on their Own Petards

Selwyn Duke

I explain in the second half how feminism brought us the MUSS agenda

Girls Suing to Stop ""Trans" Boys from Conquering their Sport

From Tim :

As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

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Liberal Lost Marbles

Selwyn Duke

You may find the latter part most interesting.

Sickness to Socialism; Leftists are More Likely to Have Mental Problems, Survey Shows

A word from Timothy B.:

Nietzche went mad before he died for the same reason; he looked into the abyss and his mind was recoiled in horror. That's what so many in our modern era are doing; looking into an abyss where neither Nature nor God have any place. It's a terrible thing to stare at.

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Corona Hurting Fine Dining

Timothy Birdnow

We don't want the General Tso's Chicken to be infectious, do we?

Cats are Wearing Coronavirus Masks in China

I just hope it isn't transmittable to rats...

Hat tip; Warner Todd Houston

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February 14, 2020

Republicans to Join Democrats in Backdoor Amnesty

Timothy Birdnow

Republicans are joining Democrats in a scheme to backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens.

According to Conservative HQ:

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019, H.R. 4916, introduced by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA-19), would grant amnesty - including work permits, green cards, and a path to citizenship - to illegal aliens who have been unlawfully employed in agriculture during the past two years. In fact, illegal aliens who spent just most weekends working in agriculture over two years would qualify, since only 1,035 hours or 180 workdays are required according to analysis shared with us by our friends at NumbersUSA.

Editor’s Note: Rep. Zoe Lofgren was one of the House Democrats’ impeachment "managers” in the recent Senate trial which acquitted President Trump of both articles of impeachment.

The purpose of the bill, ostensibly, is to ensure a stable and legal agriculture workforce. Naturally, the first step would be to reform the H-2A guest worker program that allows employers to import an unlimited number of workers each year for temporary, seasonal agricultural work. The current H-2A program, while used successfully by many growers to obtain agricultural workers each year, is bureaucratic and cumbersome. But, no, unfortunately, that is not the primary focus of H.R. 4916. Rather than simply streamlining the H-2A program, Title I of the bill is all about amnesty.

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act fact sheet

The Amnesties of H.R. 4916

Special Treatment in H.R. 4916

Congress knows that giving amnesty to illegal agricultural workers will fail to produce a stable, legal workforce because they’ve tried it before.

So how are they going to do it?

Under H.R. 4916, if an alien worked unlawfully in agriculture for at least 10 years prior to the date of enactment, that alien will be granted Certified Agricultural Worker (CAW) status for 5½years with an employment authorization document that allows him or her to work for any employer in the United States, in agriculture or not. After four years in CAW status, the alien can apply for a green card and the path to citizenship, if the alien worked in agriculture for at least 575 hours or 100 workdays in each of those four years. So these longtime illegal workers are "only” indentured for four years.

However, if an alien worked unlawfully in agriculture for fewer than ten years prior to enactment, that alien also will be granted CAW status but will be required to work in agriculture for the next eight years. Aliens in this category cannot apply for a green card and the path to citizenship until they have had CAW status for eight years and can show that they worked in agriculture for at least 575 hours or 100 workdays in ​each​ of the past eight years. So these aliens who worked unlawfully for less time will be indentured to agriculture for eight years before they can completely abandon farm work. Like the first category, though, they will still have an employment authorization document that is not limited to agriculture.

So they want to reinstate serfdom. Or indentured servitude, if you prefer.

And the use of e-verify is only mandatory for agricultural workers, and does nothing to stem the flow of illegals.

Republicans are on board with this, too:

Now that the Lofgren bill has passed the House our sources on Capitol Hill tell us that there is growing interest among some GOP Senators to pass this monstrosity. The latest information is that Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and James Lankford (R-OK) are also on board. Tillis is expected to be the lead in introducing the Senate version. What’s even more amazing and disheartening is that Vice President Pence’s PAC organization is rumored to be prepared to spend $30 million on an ad campaign to promote this despicable attack on American workers.

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Rapist Gets Probation

Timothy Birdnow

Now this is an example of being soft on crime.

A middle aged high school principal has been given probation for statutory rape.

From the BND article;

Elizabeth "Beth” Giesler is the former assistant principalat Ste. Genevieve Middle School in eastern Missouri, The Kansas City Star reported. In 2018, she was charged with sexual contact with a student, statutory sodomy and statutory rape, according to the newspaper.

Giesler was accused of a having three sexual encounterswith a 16-year-old boy, including performing a sex act on him and engaging in sexual intercourse twice in her home in Ste. Genevieve County, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

She took an Alford plea on Tuesday, court records show. In an Alford plea, the defendant doesn’t admit guilt but accepts that there’s enough evidence to find guilt if the case goes to trial.

In addition to the two years of probation, Giesler agreed to voluntarily surrender her teacher’s license, records show.

Ste. Genevieve County Prosecuting Attorney Wayne Williams said he considered Giesler’s lack of criminal history and losing her teaching license in accepting the plea, according to the Daily Journal.

"Some people might not understand the bargain that was struck in this case unless they really understand what she had to give up voluntarily to get that bargain,” Williams told the Daily Journal. "That was basically her livelihood, and she had to surrender that.”

Uh, wouldn't serving prison time have the same effect? Giving up her right to teach children doesn't seem like much of a sacrifice on her part at this point.

This is an amazing double standard. If this were a male principal he would be heading for the state pen.

I don't know but I'll bet the prosecutor and/or the judge are Democrats.

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No Right to Quarantine Foreigners over Coronavirus

Timothy Birdnow

The Center for Disease Control is overreacting, according to some "experts".

From the Belleville News Democrat:

Law professors Lawrence Gostin and James Hodge write that the federal response to COVID-19, as the virus is now known, goes beyond how authorities responded to earlier crisis such as SARS, swine flu and Ebola.

The coronavirus had infectedalmost 47,000 around the world as of Thursday, according to the World Health Organization, and 1,368 had died. Most of the people infected with the virus have been in and around Wuhan, a city in central China’s Hubei province.

Since the outbreak started, public health officials have set up quarantine centers at military bases for U.S. citizens evacuated from Hubei. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ordered 200 people quarantined for 14 days after they were airlifted from Wuhan in late January.

The CDC has instituted a mandatory two-week quarantine for anyone coming from Hubei province.

Those quarantines, the scholars write, "may be justifiable.”

"Hubei is currently a ‘hot zone’ of contagion where individuals have significant risks of exposure. The quarantine period also is justified by epidemiologic data placing the outer limit of asymptomatic transmission at 14 days,” they said.

But quarantines for anyone arriving from China "appear excessive,” they said.

That is right. I had bitter arguments when the Ebola epidemic was raging about letting people come here from West Africa. I thought it a terrible idea. But now the CDC is cracking down on a flu bug.

I was a lot more worried about Ebola.

The article continues:

"Although meaningful, these due process measures are constitutionally insufficient. The Supreme Court requires ‘clear and convincing’ evidence (not reasonable beliefs) for civil confinements, with the right to appeal to independent tribunals,” the professors said in the journal.

The article also argues that banning entry to non-U.S. nationals who have visited China "are overbroad because there is no individualized risk assessment.” These people could be given health screenings and monitoring instead of being banned from the United States outright.

"World Health Organization officially recommends against widespread travel restrictions under the International Health Regulations, including the US entry ban,” they said.

Horse poop. We can ban non-nationals for any reason we so desire.

This notion that we have to let people come here is a very modern idea, and a very dangerous one. It presupposes national sovereignty doesn't really exist, that we are all "citizens of the world" and have a right to go where we will. It would have been an alien concept as little as fifty years ago.

So, does that mean we SHOULD impose strict quarantines? Depends. But I have far greater trust of this process under the Trump Administration than I did under the Obama junta.

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Where are the Islands? Maybe they're Here!

Timothy Birdnow

I've been writing about Global Warming Climate Flatulence Climate Change for a long, long time. And I've been writing about atolls just as long, at least since the old Birdblog days. As I pointed out back then, low-lying islands are not disappearing; on the contrary, some actually have grown since the supposed warming of the planet has been supposedly in overdrive. That cannot happen; the sea levels are rising, we were told, and the small islands would disappear.

Well, they haven't been. I wrote about them here, here, and here.

Well, now you can read about it here.

From One News Now:

Despite what many climatologists report concerning rising sea levels, research conducted by New Zealand scientists on Tavalu’s nine atolls and 101 reef islands between 1971 and 2014 indicates that the Maldives and other coral islands in the region are actually getting larger – not shrinking and sinking.

"The Pacific nation of Tuvalu – long seen as a prime candidate to disappear as climate change forces up sea levels – is actually growing in size, new research shows,” a report on a University of Auckland study revealed in February. "It found eight of the atolls and almost three-quarters of the islands grew during the study period, lifting Tuvalu's total land area by 2.9 percent – even though sea levels in the country rose at twice the global average.”

In fact, Paul Kench – co-author of the research – argued against climate change alarmists’ assertion that low-lying island nations will soon succumb to rising seas and be completely submerged.

"We tend to think of Pacific atolls as static landforms that will simply be inundated as sea levels rise, but there is growing evidence these islands are geologically dynamic and are constantly changing," Kench contended the scientific report on the study. "The study findings may seem counter-intuitive, given that (the) sea level has been rising in the region over the past half century, but the dominant mode of change over that time on Tuvalu has been expansion – not erosion."

This argument for island expansion – as opposed to island shrinking that global warming climatologists often claim – is corroborated by other research, as well.

"The results [of the Kiwi study] echoed a 2015 study by the same lead author that also found coral island expansion,” Bastach noted. "Study lead author and scientist Paul Kench told The New Scientist ‘that the Maldives seem to be showing a similar effect.’”

Told you so!

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And the Hits Keep Coming

This from Warner Todd Houston:

Another Democrat Arrested for Physically Attacking Trump Supporters

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An Empty Love

Mark Musser

Leftists refuse to believe in the Biblical God, but demand utopia on the earth. They have secularized biblical eschatology and the apocalypse, i.e., Bible prophecy and the Kingdom of God, with their own political idealism of evolutionary progress together with the global warming apocalypse that used to extol humanism and atheism, but have since drifted over into postmodernism, identity politics, and the worship of nature which is well on its way in deconstructing the very foundations of western society with a vengeance - all the while presuming technology will become so technologically advanced that such infrastructure can be discarded without any serious consequences.

While they make fun of Christianity and mock, isolate, and sue Christians into submission, they have replaced Judeo-Christian values that built the West with moral and sexual madness which has gone so far so as to annihilate the sexes with a presumed message of oneness - all the while they sow discord and division that has hardened into a intractable political divide not seen in America in many years.

Worse, in the vacuum of Judeo-Christian values left behind, they are offering us a lifestyle that resembles the "silly love songs" of the Beatles in the fearful face of the the end of the world due to rising CO2 counts that are calculated in the parts per million which demand turning western society upside down in order to resolve with a new crusade of political totalitarianism .

Yet when the Beatles sang "Love, Love, Love, Love is all you need" back in the 60's all doped up on eastern mysticism, Leftists yesterday and today remain completely unaware that such an emphasis is actually a secular-mystica l distortion of the God of love that is historically presented everywhere on the pages of the Bible - even in the Old Testament. The Bible wrote the book on love. Contrary to popular opinion, the Hebrew word chesed, which is translated as "lovingkindness ," is not only the virtual Old Testament word for "grace" in the New Testament, but shows up very frequently.

Missing in Leftism singing enthusiasticall y about love, of course, was/is the discussion about sin that is also very prevalent in both the Old and New Testaments. What the Left has always refused to understand is that the opposite of love is sin, and that it is impossible to talk about love without talking about sin. Sin is hatred toward God and hatred toward people. The Left's emphasis upon love, therefore, is an empty love that will not deliver precisely because it expects the least likely of all entities, the government, to usher in that love through politics, coercion, legalism, and lawyerism.

Even more foolish, politics of the leftist variety today are childish secular fantasies which will neither will be able to pay the bills when they come, and in fact, will prevent those bills from being responsibly paid precisely because they think money itself is evil rather than the people who use it.

Enjoy one of the silly love songs of the Beatles brought up to date just in time for the election season. And by the way, the Beatles all got divorced in 1970 so that their love songs were just as silly as we all knew they were all along.

Remy: All My Loving (Beatles Parody)

Proverbs 17:26, "It is also not good to fine the righteous, nor to strike the noble for their uprightness."

Proverbs 13:18,"Poverty and shame will come to him who neglects discipline, but he who regards reproof will be honored."

Leviticus 19:15, "You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly."

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February 13, 2020

Stem Cells May Rejuvenate Kidneys

Timothy Birdnow

This is great news! My mother in law died from renal failure. She was on dialysis for several years before she died. She would probably have lived quite a bit longer had this technique been in place.


From the article:

A treatment using a patient’s own stem cells could rejuvenate ailing kidneys without dialysis, transplantation or immune rejection.

That is the conclusion of a groundbreaking Israeli study recently published in Cell Reports by researchers from Sheba Medical Center and Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

"This treatment is aimed at the millions of patients who have yet to require dialysis treatment, and focuses on improving and stabilizing their renal function in order to avoid the need for dialysis,” said lead author Dr. Benjamin Dekel, chief of pediatric nephrology and the Pediatric Stem Cell Research Institute in the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital at Sheba.

The newly developed technology, so far tested on mice, generated new tissue to replace damaged kidney tissue. The mice’s kidney function improved as a result.

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Methanepocalypse Not Now

Timothy Birdnow

One of the cornerstones of catastrophic global warming theory is a warming Arctic will lead to a release of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas and thus will lead to a runaway greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is ultimately negligible in the theory; it is simply the fuse. The explosive is this methane.


Seems the Arctic isn't cooperating.

Researchers from Stockholm University looked into claims that catastrophically large amounts of the gas were being released into the atmosphere from the Indian Ocean, although the releases had not been spotted by atmospheric monitoring stations.

The scientists used data from an icebreaker in the eastern Arctic Ocean to directly measure the methane sea-to-air flux, the exchange through which the ocean and atmosphere interact.

"By understanding the airflow over the sea surface, and simultaneously measuring methane concentrations, we can determine how much methane is coming out of the ocean,” Stockholm University researcher Brett Thornton told Science Daily.

The researchers saw hotspots of methane emissions from the bubbles coming from the seafloor that were up to 25 times higher than emissions from onshore wetlands.

"The peak emissions are indeed large, but at the same time, they are also extremely limited in area,” Thornton said. "Yes, there is methane leaking from the Arctic Ocean to the atmosphere. But, at least for now, it is not globally important to atmospheric methane and global warming.”

Nobody expected NOT to find some methane leaking; it's going to happen in the Arctic, where much is frozen in the permafrost. Methane is a naturally occurring gas that is the primary component of natural gas. It is a ubiquitous bi-product of chemical and biological processes and it is often seen in swamps where it produces a fetid smell.

In the Arctic is freezes into the ground.

Methane is a much more efficient greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, trapping much more heat in the atmosphere.

So the fear is that if the polar regions melt a large, sudden release of methane will then lead to an overall atmospheric warming which will lead to more methane release, which will lead to more warming...

But it looks like Nature is not cooperating with the theory.

And why should it?  Overall there has been no planetary warming outside of the natural increase from the ending of the Little Ice Age since the latter part of the last century.

So researchers have found that something stinks, but it's not the swamp gas...

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