December 05, 2023

Climate Panic Coming Apart

Timothy Birdnow

Will wonders never cease?

The whole filthy scheme is unraveling.

From Redacted Latest:

Cop28 president doubled down today and says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels. UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber says phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’. Woke climate nuts are freaking out!

LEFT1STS freak out after COP28 Leader SL4MS Climate SC4M in Dubai

Hat tip: Angela Emn

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Persecutionsof the Church

Jerry Rainforth

The two tier justice system pyramid keeps getting higher.

Christian Trucking Company Fined $700K by Biden Justice Dept. - Todd Starnes

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The Word

Bob Clasen

Human beings like to believe they have the word of God written down in a book, handed down from their ancestors, given by God to Saints or prophets or Sages of old. Since there are quite a few holy books handed down throughout the world in quite a few very different religions, it is a little hard to tell which book(s) is the right one. And members of the same religion also have their quarrels, some quite heated, about the true meaning of their sacred book(s) and which parts qualify.

I find it interesting to read these various books and contemplate the mysteries of life that my ancestors have also tried to understand. I like some ideas in these traditions but think others not worthy of God.

I personally suspect that the actual word of God is Reality, and who else but God could have written it? Reality is open to all people in all times and places. It has no favorites.

My peculiar theory has the advantage of resolving any possible contradiction between science and religion.

But if clinging to your favorite Holy Book makes you happy, I am happy for you. If it satisfies you completely and answers all your questions, that is wonderful.

With respect to morality, I treat this as a matter for reason more than revelation (reason is also God given). Moral actions are actions which are voluntary and mutually beneficial. Immoral actions are inflicted on others by force and not mutually beneficial. This is simple enough idea for most children to understand. The difficulty is with government which uses compulsion but claims it is for the "greater good.” This is where most of the disagreements come.

Tim replies: more...

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A RINO is Known by Many Names

Timothy Birdnow

The term RINO is a bit of a misnomer, for sure, but we lack a better term. The RINO is a creature of D.C., a politician beholden to the machine that keeps the status quo. The RINO wing used to be called Country Club Republicans or Rockefellar Republicans. They are what Angelo Codevilla called the Ruling Class (and we are the Country Class, those whom these people want to rule.)

The thing about the Ruling Class is the Republicans are as much a part of it as the Democrats. But they play the role of losers. It is their job to act as foils for the Democrats and the Left in general. That is who they are - the Generals and the Democrats are the Haarlem Globetrotters. Republicans are there to give the illusion of a two-party system, to offer an image of an opposition. That cools the anger of so many who waste so much time chewing on the edges while the country moves ever leftward. The RINO Republicans understand this is their roll, ultimately to lose. But in the meantime they make a lot of money and enjoy the perks of being in government. It's a nice living. And they they advance the interests of the wealthy class, the internationalists, the NGO's, and those who seek to "make a better world" by ridding it of capitalism and our Jude-Christian culture.

Immigration is a prime issue. RINO Republicans all want to leave the borders largely unsecured. Now why do you think that is? And they blocked the impeachment of Mayorkas, a man who should be prosecuted for what he has done to this country.

What we are witnessing is a cold war,and the RINO wing is on the side of the Left/Democrats. They think of us in "flyover country" pretty much the same way the Democrats do - toothless hillbily racist imbeciles "clinging to their God and their guns" as Obama sneered. Obama isn't much different from Liz Chaney or Mitt Romney. But they are VERY different from us.

The RINO wing is no loyal soldier either. They demand we knuckle under when they have their preferred candidate, but when they lost control of the party to Trump and MAGA they voted with the Democrats. And Rona McDaniels and Mitch McConnell pulled funding for MAGA candidates in the last election so they could blame Trump. They prefer losing to the Dems to losing to Middle America.

These Progressive Republicans/Country Club Republicans/RINO types have been with us through most of the 20th and all of the 21st centuries. The history of the GOP has been this split between the two camps. The RINO wing usually controls the money and so has come out on top. And America has been dying the death of a thousand papercuts as those who are supposed to be representing our interests side with those who are stealing the nation.

That is what a RINO is. Like Satan he is known by many names.

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The Incredible Stretching Rights

"It's not an endlessly expanding list of rights — the 'right' to education, the 'right' to health care, the 'right' to food and housing. That's not freedom, that's dependency. Those aren't rights, those are the rations of slavery — hay and a barn for human cattle.”

- Alexis de Tocqueville

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December 04, 2023

Masks Increase Covid Risk

Timothy Birdnow

A recent study shows that those who wore masks during Covid had higher incidents of infection than  those who did not.

That makes sense; they took in less fresh air into their lungs than the unmasked.

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Deaf Sec.

Timothy Birdnow

59% of Palestinians "strongly support" the Hamas sneak-attack on Israel, according to   according to a poll conducted by Birzeit University’s Arab World for Research & Development .

Yet Sec Def. Lloyd Austin warned Israel they MIGHT radicalize Palestinians if they kept bombing.

Reminds me of the knight in Monty Python and the  Holy Grail who kept attacking Arthur after losing both arms and a leg. Eventually, completely denuded of limbs, he offers to call it a draw.

That's how rabid the Palestinians are and how a man at Austin's level is ignorant of that is beyond me.

He's not; he's saying what Biden's handlers want him to say.

All this touching concern for Palestinians is fake and phoney. These people want this war to burn on and on.

Given Austin's inability to hear and understand, I think instead of Sec Def he should be Deaf Sec.

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Harris Wants a Stronger PA

Timothy Birdnow

Kamala Harris, speaking at the U.N. COP 28 climate conference, said we need to "revitalize the Palestinian Authority."

She also called for:

"dedicate significant resources” to rebuilding hospitals and housing. Electricity and clean water must be available, while bakeries must be able to reopen, she said."

Yeah; the problem is the Palestinians don't have a good bakery.

I guess they chant "death to Israel" in protest for not having any good bagels!

The Baroness of Greymatter is in charge of combating "Islamophobia", put in said position by the the eternal sunshine of the vacant mind himself, Joe Biden.

We need to highlight this for everyone too see. Let American Jews know who they support.

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Little to no Warming

Timothy Birdnow

Lookie here; the EPA's own data show no warming except at a few data stations.

This is courtesy of Gregory Wrightstone.

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"Ringing" Gravity Waves

Richard Cronin

Thanks Dallas Stephens

Gravitational waves from mega black-hole collision reveal long-sought ‘ringing’

Yes, this is very interesting. GW170817 (Gravity Wave, Aug. 17, 2017) was the first known observation of gravity waves, both via Caltech’s LIGO observatory and the European Virgo observatory. The gravity waves they observed were due to the tremendous gravity event of a Neutron Star Merger (NSM), at a distance of 23,000 to 25,000 light years away. The much more powerful event that your article describes (GW190521) was observed on May 19, 2021. The article describes a "ringing”. This is a wave set launched from this huge gravitational event. Wave sets coming at us.

The velocity of gravity waves is not limited by such features imposed by the speed of light.

Rather, as a gravity wave moves away from its source (the gravity event), the wave encounters time dilation. The increments of time become smaller and smaller. Well, velocity is distance over time so the gravity wave continuously accelerates. Gravity waves are ripples in space-time. They behave much as a tsunami. In Feb. 2010 there was an 8.8 Richter submarine volcano offshore from Chile. It took less than a day to reach Japan.

Gravity Waves are much the same.

As the gravity wave approaches a region with gravity wells (our Solar System), the amplitude of the wave increases. The gravity wave rears up to crash down upon the planets. These stresses induce great stresses on Earth to foster volcanism. Earth’s crust is thinnest across the South Pacific and submarine volcanism is greater. The kicked up water vapor comes down in the North Hemisphere as snow. Ergo, glaciers and an Ice Age. Note how such past Climate Change epochs are a series of up and down. The gravity wave sets provide this feature. A "ringing”.

Per the Starburst Foundation, the speed of GW170817 will have a cooling period in store for us. Probably modest, like the Little Ice Age, arriving in a few decades.

GW190521 sounds like a much more powerful gravity wave.

Golfing will be a b1tch.

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Protecting Hamas

Jerry Rainforth

"I think the second-guessing by the Biden administration, the efforts to prolong the pause to turn it into a full ceasefire, are objectively pro-Hamas because it denies Israel the self-defense right it has to eliminate the terrorist threat.”
John Bolton

"We know why the Biden Administration is now pushing for a long-term ceasefire,” Mr. Pompeo added. "It is an attempt to placate its political base, which is increasingly dominated by antisemitic, anti-Israel activists.”
"Supporting Israel right now isn't about politics. It's about enabling the triumph of good over true evil,” Mr. Pompeo stated.
Mike Pompano

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"Time Running Out" for Israel - and US

Jerry S Rainforth

"Sadly, it’s a boiling cauldron of hate, anger, intolerance, greed, narcissism, disrespect, vulgarity, willful ignorance, mental disorders, lack of decency, morality, patriotism, spirituality, improper parenting, absence of exemplary leadership and a rejection of all that is good and godly.

So, while America is sending the ominous message to Israel that we don’t have much time left, it could be that given all that’s brewing on her own streets will result in her having less time left than Israel when it comes to which country can survive the ravages of those who are committed to its demise! In the end, fighting off outside enemies might prove to be easier than the ones who are citizens of a country they actually hate."

America to Israel: You don’t have much time left to dismantle Hamas

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Current Warming Trend CameBefore Rise in c02

Lew Ricker forwards this from Socjologia ilustrowana:

The British Royal Society has published the results of the analysis, that the temperature on Earth began to rise before the increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, and this is the very reason for the increase in CO2, and not the other way around as climate models suggest.

"All evidence from the analysis suggests a one-way, potentially causal relationship with temperature as a cause and CO2 as an effect"

Scientists firmly claim that climate change can't be attributed to the human factor alone. Moreover, such a suggestion doesn't explain 4.5 billion years of climate change. The authors note that the natural changes in CO2 caused by the rise in temperature are three times greater than the 4% produced by humans.

Translated from Polish

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December 03, 2023

Scientists Say Religion Is Unnecessary for Morality

Selwyn Duke

"Let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion,” warned George Washington during his farewell address in 1796. Increasingly, however, this supposition is indulged....

Claim: It’s "Official” — Scientists Say Religion Is Unnecessary for Morality

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The Foolish Parson

Timothy Birdnow

The Missouri state legislature is considering a bill that would prevent the state from taking Palestinian "refugees". Unfortunately Missouri's idiot Republican governor is threatening to veto the bill.

Parsons, an Evangelical Christian, no doubt believes it is our Christian duty to take these thugs in because, like, refugees and all. He understands only one half of the passage in the Gospel of Matthew:

" be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves"

He's obviously lovey-dovey but his wisdom seems sorely lacking.

Even if any of these people are in fact real refugees there will be a large admixture of terrorists coming in with them. We have no way to vet any of these people.

Also, it does nothing but increase the number of Muslims in America. That is not a good thing; when Muslims reach 10% of the population, history has shown, they invariably start demanding Sharia Law be imposed, and in fact impose it themselves. The nations of Europe that have allowed a lot of Muslim in - France, Sweden, etc. now suffer from Islamic abuses - terrorist attacks, murders, rapes, etc. Britain too.

Furthermore these are just more people who do not love or believe in America coming here to "do the work of remaking America" as Barack Obama used to say. We don't want American remade into an Islamic hell-hole.

America does not need any more immigrants. There are 49 MILLION of them here now - more than Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, and a host of other countries. We cannot enculturate the ones we have. Joe Biden has let over 8 million in himself. And now we're going to bring a bunch of Palestinians?

Why can't we build a settlement camp somewhere outside the U.S. to temporarily house these people? Why must they come here and be shipped to Red State Missouri?

I was watching a "point/counterpoint" show called Hancock and Kelly. Both men seemed to agree we need immigrants (we don't). Hancock, a former Speaker of the Missouri House, was a bit more reluctant to take these people than was Mike Kelly, but both pretty much thought Missouri had no right to deal with this "immigration is a Federal issue". The Feds control the BORDER but have no authority over the state in this regard. OF COURSE Missouri can ban these people!

I once wrote a piece for American Thinker about Missouri's strict immigration laws and how they helped keep Missouri from being overrun (as is happening to neighboring Illinois). At the time the Biden DOJ was suing Arizona for laws that were almost identical to Federal laws on immigration - and very similar to ones in Missouri. Arizona lost in court, but not because they were enforcing laws inside their state but because they were enforcing border laws. Missouri never faced any legal action over it's residency laws and those laws are still in place.

So the Governor has no real legal justification to oppose this, and Hancock and Kelly are wrong in saying the state has no right to stop certain people from coming.

We did this before. During the Obama Administration there was a move to bring Syrians to Missouri. St. Louis wanted them because the city is losing so many people and they hoped to repopulate decimated communities. Catholic Charities never met a dirtbag they didn't want to settle next door to good people. And the International Institute here has always been a big advocate for anyone who hates America.

And this didn't just happen in Missouri, but all over the country.

That was just a few short years ago. Now the political class thinks we can't do such a thing. Amazing how much the thinking has changed in those few years.

The sad thing is Missouri is cherry red. The Governor, and both houses of the legislature, are Republican. In fact the GOP has a supermajority in Congress. Yet the Governor is rubber-spined and cowardly and won't fight for Missouri.

Parsons became governor when Eric "the shutterbug" Greitens was forced to resign in a shameful act of political terrorism by Democrats and no Republican pushback. He won election easily, for reasons that are baffling to me (the man has the personality of a turnip and his RINO leanings make him a feckless and pale champion for the GOP). Fortunately the Big Zero is term-limited since he served more than two years of Greiten's term.

So he's going to take Missouri down with him, I suppose.

At any rate, there is no sane reason to take a bunch of Hamas-loving Palestinians into our state.

We should resettle them at Guantanamo Bay. The prison at Gitmo is closed anyway. Why not send these folks there for now, until they can be repatriated? This was will end in months, at most.

After the Mariel Boatlift in 1979 Jimmy Carter realized he'd been duped by Castro, who sent a bunch of criminals to America rather than dissidents. Carter at least realized his mistake and after that made refugees go to Gitmo. Thousands of Cubans were housed there awaiting admission to the U.S. There is no reason we can't do that with Palestinians.

In fact we should be able to use a number of military bases outside the U.S. Guam perhaps. Or build a camp on one of the Aleutian islands. But we should not in any way just ship them into the interior of the U.S.

The population of the U.S. is 330 million. We are the third most populous nation on Earth, behind China and India.That was before Biden took in eight million illegals (and probably more we don't know about). At what point do we turn the "No Vacancy" sign on and close?

Christian charity is not a suicide pact. We do not have to lose our nation to be like Jesus.

Immigration control is in fact Biblical.

When the prophet Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem with the blessing of the Persian king the first thing he did was build a wall to protect the city. Walls were fairly common in those days, and for a reason; to keep unwanted people out.

The Israelites also absorbed many groups by forcing them to become Jews or die. So this notion it is somehow unbiblical to not allow the country to be overrun and that we had to take in people who undoubtedly will include terrorists and do so at our expense is not justifiable. God Himself told Israel to do it that way.

Yes, the ancient Israelites were ordered to treat resident aliens as they would themselves. BUT A gertoshav - resident alien - had to follow the 7 Laws of Noah which included prohibitions against blasphemy, idolatry, adultery, bloodshed, theft, and eating the blood of a living animal . In other words, they had to behave like Jews to no small degree.

That isn't happening here and won't as these Islamic peoples have no intention of being Americans.

I wish Mike Parson and the other wishy-washy meek Christian republicans would actually read the WHOLE Bible and understand it. We are under no obligation to settle potential terrorists in the middle of our country. Nor are we legally required to help the Biden Administration in it's quest to erase the America we knew.

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December 02, 2023

Is God fighting on Israel's side? It would seem so!

Dana Mathewson

Found this article on World Net Daily:

Rabbi Yigal Cohen related a story of a miracle that happened during the current war that soon spread. According to the rabbi, a group of soldiers in Gaza had a break in their fighting, and some of the soldiers took the opportunity to sit and have a meal together while others were chatting. Some of the soldiers were cleaning their weapons, a routine and necessary task that requires constant attention.

Soldiers are trained to treat any weapon as if it is loaded and should never be pointed at something they do not want to shoot. Before cleaning, a rifle must be checked which requires removing the magazine, cocking it twice, and pulling the trigger while pointing the weapon away from any people. This should eject any bullet that was in the chamber and if in the unlikely chance a bullet is still in the chamber, it should fire, leaving the weapon empty.

In this case, one soldier checked his weapon. He removed the magazine and cocked it twice. No bullet ejected. In theory, there should not have been any bullets in the chamber. But adhering to the safety routine, he pointed the weapon towards an empty field and pulled the trigger.

To his surprise, the gun fired. The soldiers were unaware that a pair of terrorists had just exited a tunnel in the adjacent field. One terrorist was aiming a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) at the group of resting soldiers. The stray bullet hit RPG, causing it to explode and neutralizing both terrorists.
Also this:

The rabbi also presented a video of an IDF Seren (captain) relating yet another story from the battlefield. The Seren told of a group of soldiers traveling through the battlefield in Gaza in an armored personnel carrier (APC). The Major in the APC told his driver to advance. For some inexplicable reason, the driver put the APC into reverse and drove backwards. The officer repeated his order to drive forward and advance.

The captain relating the story noted that it was bizarre for a soldier to ignore a direct order from a Major.

"Why would he do the exact opposite?” he asked.

Suddenly, the soldiers in the jeep felt a bump and heard a grinding noise. The jeep had just run over a terrorist who, unbeknownst to them, had succeeded in sneaking up on the jeep and was about to attach an explosive device to the metal body.

"This is a tactic used by the terrorists and can, unfortunately, be successful,” the captain noted. "But in this case, there was no longer a terrorist or an explosive so the IDF soldiers were safe. You might think that the driver saw the terrorist but in these APCs, the driver can only see forward, and even that, not very well. So why did he go backwards?”

At this, the captain pointed up to heaven and nodded.

"The driver had a navigator guiding him from above,” the captain said.

There's more here which I urge you to read; especially if you are so misguided as to think there is any moral equivalence in this war (but surely none of you think that). There are no stories like this on the other side.

Mazel Tov to the IDF!

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How AI works

Carlos F Velázquez

Not good.

Google Researchers’ Attack Prompts ChatGPT to Reveal Its Training Data

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China's Decline

Timothy Birdnow

Chna's industrial output is circling the drain these days.

China has to see robust economic growth or they lose ground, and Xi cannot afford high unemployment lest he public rise up to overthrow him. He knows this.

China will need a diversion. If I were in Taiwan I would be worried.

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J6 Tapes Disappear

Timothy Birdnow

Jan. 6 Committee Tapes Have Disappeared, Says House Republican

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.), who chairs the House Administration Oversight Subcommittee that is currently investigating security lapses connected to the Capitol riot and potential ramifications for upcoming criminal trials, is questioning the disappearance of the video evidence.
"All of the videotapes of all depositions are gone,” Mr. Loudermilk told the "Just the News, No Noise" television show Thursday night.

"We found out about this early in the investigation when I received a call from someone who was looking for some information off one of the videotapes, and we started searching, and we had none,” Mr. Loudermilk explained. "I wrote a letter to Bennie Thompson asking for them. And he confirmed that they did not preserve those types. He didn't feel that they had to."

According to Mr. Loudermilk, the videotapes met the requirements for congressional evidence under House rules because some of the segments were shown at hearings, and the now-defunct J6 committee, led by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss), ought to have kept all of the recordings.

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